Wednesday, 17 July 2013


1/6/13- Shing yi & Poh kin's wedding 

No amount of capital letters can scream how pressured am I, racing against time who seem like it had a boost of stamina omggggg. (╬゚д゚) Sounds like I've buck up and study study study day and night right? NO. I HAVE NOT. I'm still procrastinating and eating and like doing all those things in that category ب_ب It's feels like only yesterday I've just sat for PMR and was all, "eh, SPM? still got so long to go chillax lah" AND NOW IT'S ONLY THREE FREAKING MONTHS AWAY WHAT ON EAAAARTH. 

I am never the kind of person who starts studying a month before an exam, nor am I the kind who revise my homework consistently, or pay attention in class cause I'm always sleeping or reading novels. I'm spoilt by the blessings and comfort of my results which are still considered good and forever convinced by thousands of my own excuses to slack. ( ̄^ ̄)  And right now I realized that my add math is close (terribly close!!!) to failing and I know practically NOTHING about physics or chemistry.

You say I die anot?!


I have to start studying really, really, really hard now. There's just so many things I'm juggling with both my hands (and my feet haha) which unfortunately are all not academically related. Gah. I know my blog has been pretty dead for a loooong time (I know la!!) and now I'm officially declaring HIATUS for Ya at least you know what am I doing now!  (́≖◞౪◟≖‵) On the brighter side, I'm very grateful to have God who I know is walking with me through the up's and down's (and right's and left's hahaha), the thought of it really make me feel much, much better about life. And also knowing He's ALWAYS there whenever I need someone to complain to, share stories and laugh or cry with, He will listen and respond in the most amazing way, is like the moooost comforting feeling ever in my heart. He's my daddy God father, praise Him! (゚´▽`゚)

p/s Also good luck luck luckk to all SPM batch '13 students!  ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ we're so ooold 

I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.
-Phillippians 4:13

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