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♥하루 65 - Food Review: Nihon Kai & Dingtea, Kota kemuning

Honourable food critics: Huiching, Jesslyn & Nicole

Hello there! Yesss, I'm doing the second food review in a row because of certain error I've faced (stares at Joyceet ಠ_ಠ) but it's okay thou. Everyone loves food reviews right? hohoho. Oh and I REALLY thankyou for the support for my previous post. You guys totally made my day. I'm super thankful. Super. To the maximum. *cries tears of joy* T___T However, I'm not a food blogger (but a glutton, yes hahaha) so in this coming post I've asked for my friend's PROFESSIONAL critics, hoping that it could help you out! ☺

Recently Kotakemuning has been going through the fast-growing phase where suddenly loads of new shops/restaurants popped out of nowhere and "WAH. NEW SHOP!" seemed like a familiar phrase to loads of Kotakemuning-ians. But there's this one shop opening which fully grabbed my attention.



Super happy when I heard the news! Areecca used to go to their branch at old klang road and said it was quite affordable and yummy. It got me looking forward to it's opening with such enthusiasm and excitement! I guess alot of people are probably agreeing right! Japanese food ftw! If you're doubting whether to eat there or not, let me assist you with some comments you would like to take in mind here. ♡^▽^♡  So I decided to try it out with   of the toefu's. Farah couldn't make it last minute. ☹ Ok, let's see what we found out!

Front view. Yeappp, the name's Nihon Kai. Situated right next to Dotz Cafe (behind chatime), if some of you are still wondering. We went on the second day it opened so I guess they're still lacked of staff and adapting to everyone's jobscopes. Friendly service but apparently chingster raised her hands up for 18 seconds for the bill. HAHAHAHAHA. ok I think they're all trying their best. :') Nihon Kai has tatami seats too as well as private room if you want to hold some functions. It is also slightly different compared to that of bigger Japanese chain restaurants, they do not have conveyor belts and there's limited choice of sushi.

It's chingsterrrr! ヾ(゚∀゚*)ノ彡

Green tea! Jane said we're supposed to SMELL the GREENTEA with our MOUTH. But I'm no teaism and cultural people like that and my green tea STINKS when I smell it with my NOSE. ☹ Smells like egg white and cement and paip water or something. Hmm. However, Jesslyn got a refill and after that it was okay. I didn't want to drink it so I no get refill. >:'(

 Comments: "I am deeply saddened by this experience in which I had to injest this pathetic excuse for green tea whereby it's foul odour and bland taste truly displeases me." -Chingster

 Waited for 45 minutes for our food. Jesslyn ordered Katsu don (RM14) 

"It was okay but too much onion slices! It's nice overall. I like the chopstick. I like brinjals. hahahaha" -Jess

Jane and huiching ordered Ebi don (RM 13)

"Very filling and I don't like brinjals." -Jane
"It was filling and there's ALOT of onions. The prawns are deep fried to golden perfection, it's excellent. When you stir the misosoup, the residue from the bottom rises up and clouds the soup."- huiching

I had Tenzaru Soba (RM13). I have no idea where to put the egg. hahahaha. I was my first time trying soba (thin noodles made from buckwheat flour). And incase you're a noob like me, here's a tutorial on How to eat  soba noodles.

Soba noodles are served either chilled with a dipping sauce, or in hot broth as a noodle soup. As you can see I figured out where to put the cute egg in. (ok actually I asked the man in charged. LOL). so yeah you dip the noodles in. and eat it. LOL.

Nicole overslept so she was late and we waited for another hour for her ramen, which is probably the easiest thing to cook in the entire world. T___T We asked and they kept saying "yours is the next order". The order before nicole's is probably three hundred bowls of donburi's and two hundred pots of ramen or what. 

Food critic in the midst of brain storm! hahaha.

Nicole gave her opinions on her ramen (which took all of us an hour of patience).
Is it nice? "NO. The noodle is not fully cooked and tasted like flour, it's disgusting. The soup's horrible too!" -Nicole lee

There's this weird pedo guy in red which kept STARING at our table with this weird pedo stare so we decided to take a picture of him, very discreetly. HAHAHA.

They've a 30% discount for two weeks (starts at May 30th do the math yourself) so our bill for five is super cheap! I think it's worthed it the first two weeks since it's japanese food right. LOL. They also have set lunch and dinner, pricing around RM19->25.  

I googled Nihon Kai and apparently they're the Top 10 of 2641 restaurants in Kuala Lumpur! They've alot of good reviews too and the food is known as darn good and reasonably priced, A place definitely worthed trying. I enjoyed my meal and decided that I shouldn't be too quick to judge now as it's only the second day they opened. 

Ratings (out of 5)
Food:  ★  ★  ★ 
Pricing:  ★  ★  ★ 
Service:  ★  ★ 
Atmosphere: ★  ★  
Probably going there again for their donburi and japanese noodles. (´・ω・`)

After that, we headed to Ding tea (back entrance situated right behind Nihon Kai, walking distance) which also kinda just opened. Hahaha I'm also looking forward in trying Ding tea cause I heard it was cheaper than chatime but less tastier so we can't wait to try it out ourselves! Hoping for a cheaper pleasure of pearl milk tea beverage because I'm kiamsiap that way. LOL.

They're basically almost the same as chatime but they've this ice-cream series! (refer to blue title at left end of menu) Anything to do with ice-cream catches my eye.  (゚´▽`゚)  I ordered ice-cream milk tea + pearls. Ice-cream milk tea basically means they put a scoop of vanilla ice-cream into the usual milk tea. LOL

Left to right: Ovaltine + Pearl, Ice-cream milk tea + Pearl , Hokkaido coffee + Grass Jelly, Aloha fuit tea, Grapefruit juice + Pearl.  We decided that we like dingtea more because apparently according to chingster, they've softer & smaller balls compared to chatime. And to prove her point,

yeah. she did this. LOL.

and the Aloha fruit tea jesslyn ordered was also officially my favourite! However Jess asked for pearls but somehow the cashier girl didn't hear her so she had to go back and her cup became like that. HAHAHA. I recommend the Aloha fruit tea too if you're craving for anything refreshing and sweet. ♬

Ok I think that's it for today! sorry if anyone of you does not like food reviews. >:'( Hahaha. Thanks for viewing! and btw, ice-skating yesterday was funnnnn. I got myself a big fat blister on my ankles thou. And it broke. In my skating shoes. ☹ Ouch. 

Oh we also watched Men In Black 3! At the starting I was all "Eeeyerrr I hate this movie" but it turned out to be REALLY good! Laughed till I had tummy ache and there's also sentimental touching moments which clutched my emotions greatly. ☹ and also super scary parts where I cannot stop blabbering and sukkie was "oi you know the whole cinema can hear you ah" ☹ Okayface.jpg We also saw Dennis yin & his girlfriend! but more about that next time. HAHAHA.

Okay! I'm going off now. Ball tournament today. Sigh. Have I mentioned how much I hate ball games. But I'll still try my best for my team. Have a great weekend ahead! #Bliss one more week of holiday & M4J coming up! (*⌒∇⌒*)


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