Tuesday, 11 November 2014

♥하루 126

Hey there!

I'm currently blogging from the Lim Kok Wing library (free wifi thanks!) as my friend Charmaine is busy sewing dresses for her barbie in a workshop 4 levels above me.

I'm studying chemistry (finals is next week! die die die die) and I just completed chapter two. 4 more chapters to go yeeehaaaa!

Progress is extreeemely slow with what, blogging in between breaks mhm

Anyway I  just witnessed a confession (They think I wasn't listening muahaahahaha) This guy from the table next to mine (He's pretty good looking!) He went and sat at this girl's table further away from mine. (She's beautiful!) And he talked about how he's always sitting somewhere near her.. during lunch.. going outside.. (That's just plain creepy.)

Well in the end she sort of waved him off and put him in the friendzone? Bleh.

Now, where did that come from?

Let me get back to chemistry.