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♥하루 117 - Food Review: Three Little Pigs* & The Big Bad Wolf (Tropicana City Mall)

mannn, my hair could use some conditioner.. "you wash hair first la" ahem.

Hi everybody! Honestly, this post has been sitting here unpublished for a very, very long time. "Grace Koh! What you busy doing huh?! What happened to your spm-over-update-everyday!" Wait, listen to me! Actually I'm currently working as a teacher in a daycare (I'm enjoying my job very very very much! never thought I would love pri school kids that much!) so everyday when I come home in the afternoon I'd doze off with a novel after a shower. "Is that even a valid excuse?! how about your nights?!!" Errrr. that. during night times I'd be busy playing with the cutest baby nephew on earth. 100% valid reason. HAHAHA. 

However, on this day still bedazzled with festive celebration feels after the Chinese New Year holiday (speaking of which, how was your holiday?), I decided to sacrifice my nap and finish up this food review now! Can you guess which lucky restaurant is on the list today?! 

*this is a non halal restaurant*

*Dora The Explorer dumb expectant pause*

You are correct! "Stupid ah you title also you write already" Anyway I went online and did more research regarding this restaurant with a punny name - 

The most classic story of our childhood's classics Three Little Pigs, alongside The Hare and The Tortoise or Red Riding Hood. Hahaha. Anyway I really like the name of the restaurant, whoever thought of relating it to the succulent bacon and having two different menus for day and night - Three Little Pigs menu (early until 6pm) for the early risers with breakfast, brunch and lunch specialities and when the night falls, The Big Bad Wolf menu (6pm onwards until late) brings us *hooowls* creamy cabonara pasta, BBQ ribs and more!

It was a beautiful Christmas day morning, and blessed as alwaysKang lim and Eunice brought me for a fun day out to watch the most recent police story! I didn't know where we were heading and it turned out that we're going to Tropicana City Mall(TCM)! This is one of the malls with lesser visitors (= less jam) cause we're trying to avoid the public holiday mall traffic plus it has a comfortable cinema! 

Thank God we went a step earlier, once we are seated a long line started forming outside! The place is already packed when we arrived at 11am but we only had to wait for a little while. Do head out earlier if you're seeking for a good brunch there during holidays! as the saying goes, "早起的鸟儿有虫吃" leh! However road to TCM usually won't jam one, the thing that eats time is the queue! Be reminded that they will only seat you if you are in full party.

 Anyhoo I wasn't really hungry that time cause we had an early christmas breakfast with the family at Old Trafford beforehand  but upon being seated the Recommendations written neatly on the chalkboards above the counter caught my eye!

Super love the Three Little Pigs menu - bright red hard cover with lots of pig sketches and watermarks surprises on each flip. Menus are tidy and not conteng-ed or stained too!

After a hard time picking what to order and finally settling on something that seems promising, I went off to take photos of the restaurant's interior!

Spot spelling mistake in this picture!

I felt deceived when I realized what seemed to be rough classic red bricks on cement walls are actually smooth wallpapers (sigh) I know that's not a big deal but.. I just felt deceived. However overall ambience is good, lots of loose laughter and happy chatter about  the place and busy clank-clank-clank from the kitchen and serving counter. 

Sufficient and focussed lighting for photos. Despite some very bad reviews regarding the place, almost every table in the space is filled with people and there's more queuing up for seats outside. I was pretty worried about the service in that place but it turned out pretty good, waiters and waitresses hustling about with orders and servings, we also got our food in 15 minutes-time range. Most of the workers there speak english (though some not fluently), overall for service I'd give a thumbs-up! 

We were seated nearest to the serving counter lah then I noticed amidst the hustle it's quite messy there with used glasses and trays and unfinished drinks with soaked tissue balls everywhere on display. The above picture is still alright but it got worse when we left. Wrote this down on the feedback slip hope they would improve on this aspect!

Did not expect anything special from the dessert counter since we were thinking of concentrating entirely on the pork hahaha but it seemed not bad so we got a slice of cake for after the meal!


Mighty Piggy Burger | Rm 24 
Juicy pork patty, cheese, tomato, greens, fried egg, herb mayo served w/ cheese

First to arrive! Needless to say everybody stretched out their hands to grab some fries hahah it was a generous portion of thick, crunchy, golden crispy fries. I did not get a try of the burger but seeing kang lim's expressions I'd bet on it was really good! He poked the burger around with his fork before digging in "how to eat ah mouth not enough big" This has been a huge problem for me too everytime we visit a burger place! How to eat a burger with all the fillings in one bite without creating a mess and sauces spilling out from corners of my mouth with a fork and knife?! 

I didn't find any solution lah but this is some super cool invention leh! can open your mouth to an obscene size to munch on huge burgers but still look pretty. mhm. 

Comments: Kang Lim The Experienced Burger Judge gave it a thumbs-up. Pork patty isn't the loosely grinded kind but its texture is good-to-go. Fried egg is cooked in a mould and isn't runny like most people prefer but free range eggs - that's cool with everyone! Based on appearance, I felt like there's too much mayo to my liking but I guess I got to give it a try someday - How about their main branch at Bangsar

I'm So Hungry I Could Eat A Wolf | Rm 28

Eunice and I weren't THAT hungry so we decided to share this! A classic full english breakfast, it looks absolutely appealing, a huge clean plate filled with sauteed mushrooms on some greens, bacon strips, glimmering (literally) sausage, grilled half-a-tomato, hashbrown (suspiciously the frozen store-bought type), two pieces of toast and a bowl of baked beans, an island in the middle of all delicious stuff.

Physique of the yolks of poached eggs never failed to impress me "wahhhhh" sometimes even more than the taste itself. Glorious golden yolk flowing out with a poke with the fork, soaking up toast and wrapping it fully with the wonderful flavour. Yum! 

As for the bacon - wasn't as good as I thought it would be. Alas, it has an overly chewy texture and wasn't crispy enough.  ☹

Comments: Sausage tasted great, though alot of reviewers have mentioned about it being low-quality ones. However, I loved the poached eggs - don't forget to wipe your plate clean with the last square of toast on a fork! This dish would be incredible if only everything was warmer, especially the meat and baked beans. Actually, mushrooms, hashbrowns and toasts too, please. Do try this out and tell me what you think!

Advertisement break: 对面的女孩看过来; 看过来; 看过来 ♪♬

Tiramisu Rm 14

Wooo! as always it's impossible to resist dessert to make a perfect meal. Attracted by the generous blanket of candied nuts topping we went for this slice of cake right away. After wiping our plates clean (duh, with toast ofcourse! hee hee) and had our table cleared "Yes, you can serve the dessert now". After I busied myself with the camera, Kanglim and Keathin took a bite of this and immediately wrinkled their faces "Aiyo can taste the alcohol aiyo don't like you guys eat lah" 

Oops. Eunice learned something new! Haha but it's okay we're more than willing to polish this slice of cake off. I love the tinge of rum and espresso in it (it's not too strong), it isn't the traditional kind of tiramisu with layers of savoiardi or pavesini (lady fingers - a kind of spongecake specially for tiramisu) but it is an ensemble of layers of light sponge and mascarpone cream! For the non-traditional version, the rich beautiful flavours of this cake blends really well. ╭(╯ε╰)╮

RATINGS (out of 5)

Verdict: Great ambience, but not a very comfortable hang-out place! If you're looking for a dim lovely place for good food, pork, and to chat for hours - I'd recommend the Bangsar village branch. Food are not absolutely delicious, mainly generic, but worth a try for their quirkiness! 

Bangsar Village (03-2283 2270)
Address:  Ground Floor, Bangsar Village 1/
No. 1, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
Operating hours: Daily, 9am - 11pm. 

Tropicana City Mall (03-7722 3561)
Address: G-35, Tropicana City Mall (TCM), No. 3, Jalan SS20/27, Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya
Operating hours: 10am - 10pm (as per TCM) 


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