Tuesday, 11 November 2014

♥하루 126

Hey there!

I'm currently blogging from the Lim Kok Wing library (free wifi thanks!) as my friend Charmaine is busy sewing dresses for her barbie in a workshop 4 levels above me.

I'm studying chemistry (finals is next week! die die die die) and I just completed chapter two. 4 more chapters to go yeeehaaaa!

Progress is extreeemely slow with what, blogging in between breaks mhm

Anyway I  just witnessed a confession (They think I wasn't listening muahaahahaha) This guy from the table next to mine (He's pretty good looking!) He went and sat at this girl's table further away from mine. (She's beautiful!) And he talked about how he's always sitting somewhere near her.. during lunch.. going outside.. (That's just plain creepy.)

Well in the end she sort of waved him off and put him in the friendzone? Bleh.

Now, where did that come from?

Let me get back to chemistry.

Monday, 19 May 2014

♥하루 125 - Aloha Singapore! (Day #2)

Read here -> Hi Singapore! (Day #1)

*Closes facebook and twitter tabs to focus on blogging* I'm pretty horrified to discover that I'm diagnosed with the virus that has infected most people in this generation, which I have, fortunately, been free of for a long while until now. The etiology of this certain virus had started from when touch screen machines were invented and gone viral, rapidly becoming part of the human's hierarchy of needs. The day I've gotten Peter I told myself that I wouldn't be like everybody else, those I've had strong disapproval on cause they're always, ALWAYS staring down at their phones and scrolling and typing and laughing at whatever they see on the screens when I just sit there and glare at them and suggest the Phone Stack game.

But now I'm like them. Oh gosh.

The bad news is, there are no antiviral drugs, treatments or vaccinations that will do your work for you. Your body's first line of defence is unconscious to this morbidity and will not confer protective immunity to the host. IN FACT OUR BRAINS WILL GET OVEREXCITED DUE TO SENSORY OVERLOAD. We need to acquire initiative to impede such infection.. I've decided to turn off my data whenever possible and always set a time limit to the usage and never take Peter out during a gathering (except if circumstances are awkward). 

I never thought that this would be hard. It actually is! My subconscious mind is always thinking of taking Peter out and checking for updates + reply stuff. Step by step I will try! I don't want to miss out so much in life. ☹

OK let me start on our Day 2 itinerary at Singapore! I was woken up by the sweetest sound in the world = Javen boy's cute baby gurgles aiyoo I really, really adore his voice right now! Got to appreciate it before Javen boy grows up and sounds manly. ;/ #weirdaunty #mynephewisgonnafreakoutwhenheseesthis

Washed up sleepily, then headed off for breakfast at a restaurant nearby recommended by our hotel receptionist earlier yesterday. Yay to cheap and delicious Indian food! 

The crowd yesterday has thinned out though the place is still as busy as before. Most people are back to their daily grind and elbow grease, and the bangladeshi workers moved back to their hostels. The sun is already out and streets buzzing with early activities, nevertheless the weather was cool and pleasant.

Javen boy why are you so amusing! He always reads the menu with such concentration and seriousness. Hahaha! Then a second later tear it up (if the menu happened to be made of paper) 

My hot milo and fluffy roti prata, which is also known as roti kosong! It's good. Roti canai is always good. 

Javen boy making friends. "Javen wave to uncle!" He's greatly loved by strangers everywhere cause he's always smiling at people and chatting in his adorable baby talk and flirting around "Wow, he's such a ladies' man!" I was told, when in a conversation with this girl on the MRT. An entire row of girls were playing with him! HAHAHAHA.

Ready to go! The entire country of S'pore is linked by MRT, if not then you can always take the public bus or taxi. It makes travelling so convenient! You just have to grab a map and follow the instructions, which are very clear and direct. It's hard to get lost in S'pore cause there are so many people ready to assist you in the public stations and there are many signboards to lead your way! (Y)

The MRT stations everywhere are clean and tidy, always with some sort of fascinating art to spruce up the place. This is an extensive wall, like a huge canvas, with a beautiful panorama artwork made up of tiles and stones. 

We're at the Singapore Zoo! (Javen boy is asleep)

Switched MRT twice, then took Bus 138 at Ang Mo Kio to the Singapore Zoo with a fee of $2.10 per person. The journey on bus is about half an hour, with the bus stopping at lots of places to pick up and drop people off. Almost every bus station is situated below or nearby HDB's (Housing & Development Board - Public housing, low cost flats under the government to cater to various housing budgets) which 85% of the singaporeans live in. So well-planned and time saving!

Safari themed toilet. 

I love doing all sorts of touristy stuff! e.g Visiting zoos and taking photos with monkeys and zebras. Hahaha! This is a whole lot of excitement for me cause I heard how good is the Singapore zoo, with 315 species of animals in which 16% are considered threatened etc etc. First thing I noticed is that the place DOES NOT STINK. Not at all! It's very shady with plenty of trees and lots of animal chatters but no, it doesn't stink at all. 

Secondly, there are many teenagers working there, probably for community service or moral project or something like that. It's pretty cool! Plus they're very serviceable and friendly. Why don't I get to work in the zoo when I was in highschool? ;/ 

Javen boy is still sleeping soundly ~

Super playful otters chasing each other and rolling around! Can't stop squealing at their cuteness. HAHA!

The malayan tapir! It's a first being able to look at it so closely. Never knew they're so huge! I always thought they're tiny creatures..

Here's a very interesting folklore about the malayan tapir! Folklores are so amusing, and our predecessors are super creative if you ask me. and if you read the SPM bm literature book. LOLOL. 

Javen boy woke up! There he is with the ballerina hippo! Hippos are very entertaining indeed and they mix so well with all those fishes! These hippos just kept swimming round and round and round. There are three ducks in the tank which act like the boss of the place and scaring the hippos and fishes gosh entertaining is the word for it. 

The hippos are like ballerinas cause they're too heavy to float hence they swim on tip-toes and look genuinely like ballerinas on their toes. Hehehehe.

Javen boy doesn't fancy Mr. Kangaroo

Paper made out of elephant poo! Preserve trees! Make paper from elephant poo! 

A pair of mummy and baby monkeys which look like 孙悟空!

They sure do! Anyway the baby monkey is super lively and keeps running around with mummy monkey on his heels. hahaha!

Lunch at Ah Meng Restaurant. In case you're wondering, Ah Meng is not a name of a person. It was the name of a female Sumatran orang utan, tourism icon of Singapore. She passed away on 8 February 2008 and the restaurant of the zoo pays homage to her. There are many photos of Ah Meng at the entrance, and huge soft toys of the orang utan in the restaurant. It's admirable to see how much they still treasure her.

The prices for food is surprisingly affordable (in the 1:1 ratio) Nasi lemak was awesome, a perfect couple of coconut, pandan flavoured fragrant rice and tender baked chicken. I love how well-cooked is the chicken, ah excellence! I had beef curry briyani rice, which is pretty average but I fancied those sweet and crunchy stuff in the rice. Heh. 

Dai sou got us Ben & Jerry's ice cream for dessert! Yaaaayyyyy! We had cream cheese & carrot cake, banana walnut, and coffee ice cream with espresso bean fudge chunks. It is heavenly though a little too sweet to my liking. Aah, such indulgence. Thank you dai sou and big bro! ☺

After our bellies are filled and ready to continue our journey again, we visited the.. 

Orang utans! This cheeky orang utan was lying there on its belly and spitting some sort of seed from his mouth to the grass. Hahaha! Orang utans can do lots of funny yoga poses and they don't move much! Most of them just lie there scratching their armpits or have their arms behind their head. 

A honey bear savouring its lunch! 

An adorable squirrel savouring its lunch! (as you can see I'm getting pretty lazy now lolol)

A frowny chimpanzee father. 

And a very playful chimpanzee son.

Proboscis monkeys looking for their lunch!

Ducks taking bath. Hehehe.

Ooo! Then big bro, dai sou and Javen boy went into a mole hole! 

And we saw a lion rolling on its back ~ ♪♬


We just need to grab a pic of EVERYTHING we see. And I just need to grab a pic of dai sou grabbing pics of EVERYTHING we see + big bro and Javen boy. #picgrabbingception This is the reason why I've 992 photos under the file "Singapore Trip 2014".

Anyway, HERE COMES THE SUPER INTERESTING PART. :D We got to meet the cast of my most, most, most all-time favourite movie! Literally. I've watched Madagascar 1 and 2 and 3 for more than 10 times, I've already lost count. Especially Madagascar 1. I don't really like Madagascar 2 (moto moto wahahaha) but Madagascar 3 is awesome! Anyone has DVD I can borrow? :/ "I like to move it, move it" I love madagascar! But I'm not sure whether I love Madagascar or Toy Story or Barbie movies or Ratatouille more. I like watching cartoons! We don't have to grow up so fast. :p 


Anyway these giraffes are like statues. They are completely stationary during the 5 minutes period we stared at them and went "hey giraffe hey melman heyyyy why are they not moving". They're probably asleep. Do you know that giraffes sleep while standing too? #nerdtimealert

All hail King Julian! 

This ring tailed lemur and its friends are running loosely about the butterfly park (which I didn't want to enter in the first place eeep!). They're are not afraid of people at all and tend to just sit in the middle of the road / climb on branches overhead us. Hahaha! Javen was pretty fascinated by these funny looking animals with plenty of dark eye circles. LOL. 

Meet Marty the zebraaaaa! 

Well they don't run on treadmills while imagining themselves in the wild or spit water and then catch it like Marty but I guess standing around and eating grass will do.. Hahah. And Look! Javen's a poser!

Omgosh I mistaken Gloria as a rhinoceros. #omgyousuck But it's okay I guess Gloria took a walk to visit her friends? #nerdtime Do you know that hippos and dolphins are from the same order of Artiodactyla? Hmm. 

Hey there! Meet our special guesttttt, Pumba from Lion King! \o/ Babi hutan, basically. They were all asleep and dried out in mud so when we first visited the compound, "what is this?" HAHAHA.

It was a gorgeous day, the weather was clement and not too hot, though sunny. 

Javen boy loves playing with mummy's hair! ♥♥♥♥ Can't help smiling at this photo, such a preciously adorable stage.

After completing the track on feet, we took a ride in the safari bus that goes around the zoo! *Wiggles toes* Initially we wanted to visit the african penguins but we missed the stop ;/ But it's okay, We were right on time for Inuka the polar bear's feeding time! Yaaaay! Love the podium and the shiny turquoise blue water reflecting the glass. 

He didn't like the rough part of the floor! When big bro made him stand on that area of the floor he'd squeeze his chubby toes together to get out of it. HAHAHAHA.

Here goes!

There are SO many photos I took during the feeding show (Burst mode: ON) and I do not know how to post them all without boring you to death.. Hehehe. This was an awesome experience! I've always thought polar bears are snow-white in colour though but in fact Inuka has already turned yellow + growing moss on his fur. LOL. 

There was a school trip to the zoo, the kids are probably lower primary level and ALL OF THEM own some sort of branded smart phone. Sigh beh tahan. I only had Peter for two weeks.. I would be over-subjective if I said I really pity the children and their future but seriously. This is so unnecessary! 

I'm so fond of this photo! So many happiness and loved ones in a picture. (That includes Inuka! So cute!) 


Javen boy was so amused! He sat there and laughed and kicked his legs. 

I'm undoubtedly impressed by our stamina ok! After walking the whole day at the zoo, we met up with dai sou's cousin, David and continued walking at China Town, Pagoda St. 


It's kind of similar to the Petaling Street at KL except much cleaner. Heh. I'm a huge fan of night markets! I relish the bustling of crowds and cheap stuff with negotiable prices (Heh heh) The sun has not yet set and already the streets are filled with endless stream of people and sprinkling of tourists from all walks of life, vendors beginning a brisk day of business. 

Chinatown Food Street 美食街, 牛车水. 

One of the most historical district of Singapore decorated with lots of brightly lit lanterns and lively streets buzzing with tourists and people on the look out for good food! A few turns and you'll be able to purchase lots of souvenirs in bulk with startlingly cheap prices.

 This is like the "Wai Sek Kai" of Singapore! Wai Sek Kai means Glutton Street in cantonese (I do not know how to make it sound more pleasant in english I kind of direct translated it LOL). Anyway over here got all sorts of asian food you can ever imagine! The S'pore government did an awesome job preserving these historical construction (The carvings! The colours! Those windows!). This place underwent renovation recently, and I'm really in awe of those shades that provides shelter for you to dine even if it's raining cats and dogs. That every stall (esp the roasted chicken wing one) has their personal.. smoke sucking machine (?) above the stoves. (THANK GOD!!!). That every corner of the stalls has a basin for you to wash your hands (after eating roasted chicken wing). SUPER CONSIDERATE!!! It's like a dream come true. 

It's so thrilling! There's a hugeeee variety of famous tasty food from everywhere! Dai sou was craving for the 田鸡粥 (frog porridge) particularly. The porridge itself is pretty good nevertheless I didn't eat the frog cause I.. don't want to eat any amphibians. x( Take note that the prawn mee is deeeelicious! 

A little while later Tango and his wife arrived too! Hahaha so thankful to have them! This is kind of what happens if you're guided by people you know (esp the Tang family - super nice one T_T) in new places! They're the definition of generosity and will not save hands to order every kind of food available until the table also not enough space to put liao.  Chiak ho liao ftw! 

why wazzup glorious, tender, honey-infused drummet!

Hahah after we're done and our buttons close to popping, we took a walk around the market and went off to buy some kind of lemon and ginger cookies Wai Kuan has been talking about from a well-known bakery store nearby. Big bro and dai sou got lots of ginger products and macau almond cookies for momoke and pap too! ;)

Woop! Finally back to our hotel! This is probably the favourite part of Javen boy's day hahaha I will talk more about that in the next post, it needs some diagrammatic explanation plus this post is long enough! Are you still awake? Hahaha! 

The bed has never felt so comfortable before! My legs ached like maaaadddd but my insides are plainly blissful. ;)

See you in the Day #3 post! We went to the Universal Studios and the world's largest aquarium wheeeeee! I'm still super enthusiastic even when I think about it now eeeep. View post Hi Singapore! (Day #1) here. It took me dayyyss to type up this post and I've been facing the laptop for more than 6 hours a day. Gosh I think my brain is going to explode. Momoke said that my butt is going to be real big. T_T It's impossible to imagine how the bloggers post up a post each day!