Sunday, 29 April 2012

♥하루 52

Hello! wow I've the upgraded version of Blogger now. Geee It look so cool (macam rusa masuk kampung) but yes it does and Blogger's more user friendly now. hahahah. Anyway, It's Lee Han's sweet 16th today! yayyy! and so we went according to tradition, as always, to bake a cake (with a burnt top and icing sugar decorations) and this time it's a piano chocolate cheese cake with chocolate Ganache icing!

Yeap. In every cake the top part will zhao da so we've to cut it off and usually our cake's always a tad bit short rofl 

stucked on the piano key foils (credits to Joyceet) the night before! It DOES look like a piano right #hopeful cause lee han couldn't guess what is it -.-

"SURPRISE!" と( ° . ° )つ

I like this picture alot!


 A very beautiful and creative card made by Andrew! Too bad we didn't get a picture of it hahah has loads of angry birds and crying pigs. ☺

 And a LINSANITY t-shirt! hahahah 

May God bless you in all you do and btw your current hairstyle really cute HAHAHA.

Bits and Pieces of the week~

Reasons why I love layered cakes. (*⌒∇⌒*)

I skipped school on Thursday (*yay*), and decided to stay up late. AND I also set my alarm clock into the normal waking up time and mock at it kaokao when I can resume my sleep. (life time revenge #completed) I've tweeted alot of things I'm going to blog because I think I'm funny. Bear with it. HAHAHA.

Revised sejarah with iced honey and le patrick star 

Otw to promise home on friday! 

I cannot believe the kids has this (I think someone gave it to them). They're definitely a lively and fast learning bunch, already knowing how to shuffle and street dance HAHA! I always got free performance wan (Y) LOL.

Sukkie slept over my house on friday and saturday! hahahah made her this for breakfast on sat then head off to chi yan's place to bake lee han's birthday cake. 

Joyceet's favourite kind of egg #pro. Tried to wake her up but fail -.-

Euniceet finally fulfilled her horlicks McFlurry wants on sunday after lunch at face to face with kanglim and aaron! To be honest the McFlurry tasted really good! but it's so filling omg. and sweet. But I guess we can live with that :p

Alright. done with the pictures. aaah, I felt so uncomfortable and stressed today, being reminded of mid terms several times and all. I'm so worried about the exam as I've really no idea what kind of questions am I gonna face in the 3 papers and not to forget essay questions in which requires an enormous amount of memorizing. 

It's an entirely new thing for me and I guess it takes time to adapt to a MONTH long of exams and no more last minute revisions (HAVEN'T STUDY YET AND I ONLY HAVE A WEEK LEFT!!!). I pray hard to God for more wisdom (extra pleeease for science and maths papers) and strength to overcome temptations during the exam period (May 7th->23rd wah lao eh) 

But I don't declare myself on hiatus cause I'd probably go online on weekends too so ok. see you guys soon. keep all those who has exams in prayers please, thankyou! ☺

bye! xx

Sunday, 22 April 2012

♥하루 51 - My popo and our adventure.

This is my grandma on momoke's side, we call her popo. She is 91 years old this year and I like her cause she's really cute ☺ She has alzheimer's and only speaks cantonese. My family is actually closer to momoke side relatives cause pap's family stays at Johor. Even then, I rarely see popo. She stays at my youngest uncle's house (alam megah) but it's always like maybe four times half a year or so. Occasionally she'd come over to my house when my uncle has to go outstation but that is only once a year or maybe not at all.

I've learned my cantonese from her (and half from momoke who starts yelling in cantonese when she's mad) since young, when she's healthier mentally and took care of my siblings and me. I remembered her destroying our 'tunnel' made from sofa pillows when we ignored our meal times and she will be holding a bowl of her egg porridge (IT'S ALWAYS EGG PORRIDGE HAHAHA) and make us eat before we can play again.

Along the years, she was admitted in the hospital several times due to a fall in the toilet on her head which I believe did nothing good to her growing alzheimer problem. It was okay before (Just the same question repeatedly -- "WHERE IS MY WALLET??!" / forgets that she showered and bathed again, her record was 4 times a day / Tries cooking everytime where once she put momoke's rice cooker on the stove and turn on the gas until the plastic melted and momoke had to throw it away lol / Watching tv and kept making comments esp about it's raining when the screen is actually grainy hahaha) 

And I've never really gave special notice on this problem and always take it for granted as if nothing bad will ever happen. Just sometimes going to my uncle's house and realizing she lost her fake teeth again and stuff which is kind of funny in a way cause they found their dog (Lucky the noisy dog) biting/playing with it one day hahahah. Or some hilarious cantonese comments from her randomly.

Until Thursday night, where I was just going to do my chem experiment report after a satisfying dinner and the phone rang. It was my uncle and he sounded urgent so I handed the phone to momoke. Popo was missing. It was near 9pm already and she was lost since 6pm. We immediately headed out to search for her.

My first thought was, what? It's been 3 hours already! and popo's so old! trying hard to block off all pessimistic thinking.We drove round and round the area and prayed so hard. I've to thank everyone who called and prayed for us too☺The tension is unmistakably strong, us being so worried and stressed. I realized that I'll miss my grandma so much if anything bad happened.

Even so, we seeked help from God and I knew everything's going to be fine. It was comforting but still it was really hard cause we don't see popo anywhere at 11pm. Went back to my uncle's house and realized there's  many puchong church uncles and aunties helping out to search!  Momoke, my aunties and cousins broke down as the growing urgency increased dreadfully, knowing that we won't know where is popo sleeping for the night.

We prayed before we went home and gave up everything unto daddy Lord father's hands for we know He will protect and nothing can harm my grandma. Slept soundly for the night and woke up for school (yuck) as always, praying through my day. Amazing enough, when I came home momoke told me popo was found and she's safe and sound! She spent her night in a tamil school and woke up the next morning blabbering to the guard in cantonese hahahah!

God is great. I'm so thankful that popo is back in a perfectly well state and also she could attend my newest nephew baby hugo's (almost) 1 month old birthday party today!

I love my grandma. 

Okay, that's all for today, school tomorrow!  (╯._.)╯ ┻━┻  Better stop being such a procrastination king and start revising tomorrow. Mid term in 2 weeks time wah lao super fast.


♥하루 50


after-read thoughts: eh I think not really alot of camwhore la. just alot of teeth lol

Hey hey hey. what's up? Lol what a freaking hot sunday, half-roasted in my jeans already geeeee. Anyway I'm gonna rush this post before dinner tonight! guess what? It's baby hugo's (almost) 1 month old birthday party today! so excited, finally getting to see him! He's probably darn cute x958253746 like chloe and lou kat zai hahahah

So I didn't get to attend service at church today! ☹ Went to SJK (C) Puay chai to get my PMR scholarship from the teo chew association. Joyce brought me there and amazingly enough we reached there safe and sound without making any wrong turns and stuff ahahahah

 I get extra money cause got distinction for chinese. SEE perfect reason to continue our studies in chinese even when we're in form 4! So many people quitting omg I darn sad (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . )\ All my persuasions fail like mad lol

So happy every year the association give out free KFC lunch set for us!  ^▽^

 Never realized my hair grew to such length already! flipshair.jpg << geddit geddit wahahahah

Joyceet treating me starbucks! Cravings 100% satisfied. Thanks joyceeeeet!  

yeah I should stop staring at my camwhore pictures and deciding which looks nicer cause now starting to 越看越丑 shitttttt. Anyway I think I look nice today. wahahahahah /thick-skinned/ LOL OK.

Btw I'm really sad that they gave me cheque instead of cash.. HAHAHA I know I'm freaking unappreciative but yeah I'm still really glad I got such blessing lah! Maybe it's a good thing too so I won't spend it shopping and stuff. Which I already planned to do so ( ̄^ ̄)  hehehehe

Bits and Pieces of my week

 Got the habit to take photographs of different mornings everyday! God's so amazing and creative. He paints and sprinkles clouds over the skies beautifully and put them into different modes everyday in the most unique patterns!

 saya sudah besar panjang :o

 stupid BM ULBS! Supposed to do on that day but got not enough time. and I prepared so well ady! Had a hard time scrubbing all the ink off my palm (╯._.)╯ ┻━┻ 

 Miki wrote me a letter on friday during chem. hahaha she wants us to go KL during the holidays! and she also complained about her foster family. Sighhh her family sounds horrible. ☹

Was craving for subway one fateful night so I made this :

 How does it taste like? ok what I can say is that let's stick with subway *Laughs*

Okay going to get ready now! Still extremely excited to see baby Hugo! See you guys soon. Have a great week ahead! xx



darn (Y) !