Thursday, 28 June 2012

♥하루 74 - ½ Food review: Murni, Subang

So weeks ago on a beautiful saturday night after a very hectic evening of iron chef, we went to sunway for some certain reasons. and by we I meant euniceet, kanglim, keathin, aaron, stephanie, mei yee, sukkie and me. Sukkie stayed over at my house that night. Anw we were so worried we might not be able to find parking on a saturday night but turn out we were right there when a the car owner came to get on the car and leave. Found parking in less than 5 minutes! fuyooooh. Happily headed to the mall then sukkie and me separated and went to look for our things! ♡^▽^♡  I'm supposed to get a birthday present for kylie tee and I took ALOT of time. HAHAHA. thanks sukkie for being so patient ~

Btw speaking about kylie's party, it was awesomeeee! yeap we had loads of fun. and sore at the feet cause of heels. T__T It was extremely fun overall. And kylie's very touched by our performance! HAHA. more about that next time. Ok I really owe you guys alot of posts. hahaha right let's resume with my (almost) food review. 

"Why did you add the ½ sign?" It's cause I only tried a few dishes and I think the review isn't really complete. Hoping to go there again to try the other stuffs cause they all look seriously yummy!

Went to this place Murni for late dinner where euniceet heard about but has never been to the subang branch. (Their main restaurant is at SS2!) At first I thought it was a mamak but when I walked in the restaurant I'm surprised I see people eating meatball marinara spaghetti and weird food everywhere. Turned out that their most famous food is claypot lou shu fen hahaha. They sell roti's too like usual mamak but they also have all kinds of western (Cabonaraaaa! mutton! ), chinese, local, thailand cuisines. Do not worry if you're not sure what is certain things on the menu cause they provide short descriptions about the food too! Pricing for western cuisine are very reasonable too 

Longan milk! HEHEHE. but it's not really nice thou they should've blend it or something. oh and they give alot of longans! Put loads of them into kanglim's teh ais cause he likes them. ಠ_ಠ 

I know I know. You'd be extremely mystified by this strange existence of a giant curry puff too. I saw alot of people eating this and was really curious so I ordered. Apparently this dish is called "Dinosaur" for obvious reasons of a dino's back and a Murni signature dish! hehehe let's see what's inside (´・ω・`)

k in my opinion the portion should be shared between two people cause it's super filling k! Fat dinosaur. all the meat, cheddar cheese, ham, meatballs etc etc inside idk how much calories but once in awhile then ok loh. They baked everything inside and this is served with some kind of sauce which I suspect is bolognese sauce.  They taste good together! Anw murni's service is really good too they serve really efficiently. 

Mei yee's omelette hahahaha everyone went for her french fries. I didn't try the omelette cause having a hard time trying to kao tim my fat dinosaur.  ╭(╯ε╰)╮

Euniceet's maggie goreng! The taste is just right not like some other mamak darn salty leaving us dehydrated afterwards. ☹ Oh and their food portion is really super big so if you're not very hungry, take note to only order a little and share with the orders! Do not waste food! You know all the african kids suffer and starve - ok you should know. HAHA

kanglim and keathin had some good old friend working there and we got free pandan chicken! It's really nice and cooked to the golden perfection. Euniceet said this pandan chicken is also a very famous dish there too! Only ate a small bite cause I'm so full going to explode in the most unappealing way. (╬゚д゚) 

Ratings (out of 5)
Food:  ★ ★ 
Pricing: ★ ★ 
Service: ★ ★ ★ 
Atmosphere: ★ ★ 
Paiseh not much details on the pricing cause I wasn't sure but I remember it's pretty reasonable. A sneakpeek of the menu here: click here!

 Murni Discovery,
Jalan PJU 1/3B
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor 

Alright my food review ends here. you can see why it's ½ a food review now? HAHAHA. ok I promise I'll go back there someday I give you guys more feedbacks. but I guess you should probably go to try out the dinosaur kan cause it looks so yummy. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I also hope you're not very hungry when you read this post. HAHAHA. 

Wokay done and over with sports day. I did horribly for my individuals events and I'm sorry for disappointing my rumah sukan. ☹ Got alot of hugs from Pn. Alages btw eeeee! She's actually kind of nice. (゚´▽`゚)  I feel very unworthy as a runner but I guess I should be happy for being in a school with so many professional athletes. Top 3 for both long distances, thank God. Gold for relay thanks to cool team mates isabel and poh imm! Congratulations you guys are awesome! (*⌒∇⌒*) Anw I guess I should just stick to marathons. T__T or long distances where you just jog and relax. 

Also, thankyou God for teaching me such an important lesson today. Thankyou for all the support and cheering too. I'm super touched. And sorry I couldn't hear you guys from the tracks. HAHAHA. And we all know pandu puteri deserved the first place for their kawat! Screw the results k everyone thought so! Pandu puteri's FTW! And congratulations to rumah kuning for winning first for pembarisan too! The transformer mascot was so creative! hahahah You guys will always be the first to me. ok seriously no idea how/why blue and red got the overall prize.  ಠ_ಠ Peliknya. Oh wells. 

p/s I remembered I didn't dance very nicely but some people from the bleachers said it was great so ok yay! HAHAHAHA Lee han's sneakers was really loose too I'm so afraid it'd fly off and hit on somebody when I kick. ☹ but it didn't happen! yaaaay! Thanks all choreographers Jill and Isabel and all my fellow dance mates it's time to go back to class after recess. T___T LOL hahahahah


Monday, 25 June 2012

♥하루 73 - A random Monday & Sunday ♪

Hello! Happy monday evening! There's SO many happenings in this fateful month of June where fat, lazy grace is going to run for 800m and 1500m tomorrow and 200m, 400m, 4x400m in two days time. #gg. Didn't run for a long time already due to hurt thigh muscles and also me being a pig and glutton. -.- *cries* Anw I ran with charmaine today! Had a heart to heart too, I love talking to charmaine hahahah. Sigh chiong last minute training! I don't think it helps but to make myself feel better, ok. HAHA. ☹

So this is a random monday where Joyceet amazingly has holiday and stayed home! I came back from school then she scammed the laptop from me and I was really sad and idk how suddenly we decided to go shopping, just like that! HAHAHAHA and there we went ~ 

Joyceet couldn stop laughing over this she's all "RETURN TO WORK CONFERENCE? AHAHAHAHA WHO WANT TO GO? HAHAHAAHAHA" ಠ_ಠ 

shopped for a long while then we had's before going home cause Joyceet has a voucher! yay! 

dilemma level infinite╭(╯ε╰)╮ 

my green tea frappe and Joyceet disgusting bitter latte. or is it latte. hahahaha sorry I don't remember cause its been awhile but I DO know it's tasteless and we threw it away in the end.  ㅎㅅㅎ

Then Joyceet went here to buy crepe cakes for her friends! hahaha just so you know Ochado (old wing, opposite mahattan fish market I thinkk) sells crepe cakes!  and also some kind of explosive pearls euniceet's been wanting to try out for a long time.

only vanilla and chocolate flavour left that day! (Rm 9.9/pc) No review on this cause it's kind of pricey and the cakes are for Joyceet friends so I didn't get to eat it! but I probably won't buy it myself too cause I came to realization I should not spend so much on edible products!

first time paying for parking ticket HOHOHO! (´・ω・`) I'm the one having a to-buy list for this trip but ended up I spend on food and Joyceet got herself some clothes. -.- 

favourite! tira-miss-u LOL ok that's the name of the doughnut I'm not being lame! ☹

otw home ~ next post will be shopping trip with euniceet! hahahaha loads of shopping trips recently idk why but that doesn't make me a horribly un-thrifty person cause I usually only window shop until I find something REALLY nice ok! I don't simply throw my money around. HAHAHA. (*⌒∇⌒*)  

Then dinner last sunday with youngest aunt who's home from australlia! What a merry night! Baby hugo is so big already and he has loads of michelin arms and legs. ಠ_ಠ  HAHAHAHA Euniceet said we'll have to unfold all the layers in order to bath the baby LOL. Also, we had durians for the night *hides post from Jit Yang* HAHAHA. 

chloe and my other niece doesn't like durians hahahaha they got forced to taste them and lucas was so reluctant to eat cause they want to continue their game of running around and counting people in the room and screaming in this excited, funny way. ♬

Aunty's caterpillar-like dog eats durian. Well actually my aunt ate the durian and threw him the seed to lick. LOL. super cute! has loads of stories with this old dog hahahahaha. he even has durians for supper! LOL

Learned alot of taking-care-of-baby/maternity tips from cousin sheet yeen when she's giving advices and tips to big less! hehehehe now I can help big less take care of baby junior koh! ♡^▽^♡  Then I can be an experienced nanny. I heard this year all local nannies fully booked hor. CAN COME TO ME LAH. HAHAHAHA. JK. don't come I want your baby to live happily and healthy forever. T___T Anw went to tropicana city mall for the first time with euniceet, kanglim, jacky and sukkie yesterday! It was such a fun night, more about that next time! (゚´▽`゚) 

p/s Kylie pee's sweet sixteen was a great successss! so happy for her! Waiting for the people to upload pictures ~


Thursday, 21 June 2012

♥하루 72 - Nike Run Club/ Happy B'day Kanglim!

bye big treeeee. 

Jeng jeng jenggg! Hello there! I'm back again! There's just so many happenings going on in this idyllic week, where everyone is full of bubbling excitement for Kylie's glamorous sweet sixteen this Saturday, ♬ skipping class on Wednesday for MSU field trip, ♪ dance practices for sports day (ouchhhh I can't even) and overflowing afterschool activities. 

Not to mention my consideration to apply for OKU papers now sobsssss. Thigh muscles ached  like mad since the first dance practice on Tuesday till now and I had to drag myself EVERYWHERE and annoy everyone with all my noisy complaints and winces. T__T I'm very sorry for annoying all of y'all. Even fell on my butt at the MSU stairs but thank God butt is very bouncy and reliable. ☹ LOL Stairs is my new enemy!!

It's so ironic the way I'm supposed to RUN on sports day and still yet to train the stamina more but I hurt myself through DANCING which is entirely irrelevant! I feel so stupid. They told us it was Aerobic dance but turned out a hundred times harder than we thought.  (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . )\ Anyhooo it's too late to quit and I really like my fellow dance mates so okay I will just embarrass myself terribly this time. :(

Nike also came to our school on Wednesday! It was kind of a bad news for me cause it's after the MSU trip, and ofcourse, for my sore muscles. And you know right it's nike. so I bet there'll be alot of leg-related physical activities, which I'm completely incapable of right now. (╬゚д゚) but I just went with it cause already signed up for several things. T__T thought I'd sit aside and sulk for the rest of the afternoon HAHAHA

It was an extremely hot afternoon my goodness and I guess now I'm a few more tones TANNER. T___T  Tan lines on my arms and thighs are so clear I bet if I wore a black sleeveless shirt it'd look like as if I'm wearing a black t-shirt instead. *cries*

Was choosen for shoe trial but I don't really like the shoe. e___o It's supposed to make me feel like I can fly or something but I guess I prefer more bouncy cushioning and thicker soles. I love the bright/neon colour series thou! I wanted the bright pink one but it was fate that brought me together with this shoe. (´・ω・`)

Everyone got this badge with different quotes at the end of the session! Surprisingly muscles felt alright and I didn't sit aside and sulk but joined the mini "bootcamp" we had where we go eight stations and did all kinds of physical trainings. It was until I'm home and done with everything, the pain came crashing at me like a tsunami grade wave. -.- Nike have slogan boards/badges written "IGNORE THE PAIN"! I was like "omg that is made for me" hahahahahaha ok.

We also had a competition they call "Sing the run" where three groups of 10 people run two rounds around the field sambil sing a specific given song! First group sang We are young, Second group sang the school song and third group was So what. Areecca registered our names a few days ago cause they say can win free nike merchandise!! but at the end somehow we didn't get to join.  And their prize is a freaking cute nike shoe USB! T____T Btw congratulations lagu sekolah team! FTW! They got a PAIR of those cute USB's and the other two teams got one shoe each person. Grace is sad. ☹ But fine at least I got nice badge! 

We also took picture with some handsome trainers but the picture I've is very ugly and I very ai mian zi hence you're not going to see it. HAHAHA. Lost track of time and came out late from school bout 23 minutes. Momoke was really mad at me. ☹ Homed, grabbed some strawberry hokkaido cakes and prepared for steamboat buffet dinner tonight! you ask "eh why got steamboat buffet??" because it isss

*drum rolls*


Wishing you abundant blessings from God in whatever you do! And I really thankyou for being such a great leader all these times, and also such a great friend and G-bro, never failing to brighten up my day and make me laugh with your red bean head. HAHAHAHAHA JK you're very handsome!!

Keat hin very "sam fu"-ly planned a surprise party for him! Apparently Kanglim's favourite is steamboat, but recently he has a big ulcer so we went to Yuen's, where there won't be any BBQ service. We'll all go there earlier to wait and whilst kanglim fetches euniceet, she will try to drag the time until everyone is here!

Went with poh kin! big bro, big less and keat hin's already there. Waited for quite some time then only knew Aaron, who's fetching juin jer and mei yee missed the alternative entrance (a junction is blocked) and went straight to Federal highway LOL. Rachel came afterwards and we were super hungry already! >:( Ok in the end aaron reached safely anyways and then we chit-chatted while waiting for the birthday boy and euniceet to arrive ~

Then he came! and he super innocent didn't know what was happening then we're all  (つ.と) SURPRISE!!!! と( ° . ° )つ  HOHOHO. I love giving people surprises! HAHAHAHA once he sat down we couldn't contain the hunger anymore and bro rocketed to the food section HAHAHAHA. 

There's SO many fish/meat balls omg I kept eating the same thing over and over again until I was like "big less you want to see what I ate for breakfast?" ╭(╯ε╰)╮ LOL. Even at the end there's still ALOT of  fish/meat balls but thank God we've those guys like aaron and keathin who probably has a cow's digestive system hahahaha moo

The famous Yuen's chicken wing! Everytime they bring out a new container people from all sides'd go that direction and the chicken wing will be gone in the matter of minutes. However, a few of us commented that it's not amazing-ly yummy, just an average chicken wing. I kind of like it thou and I also found a more convenient way to eat chicken wing! but no, I'm not going to tell you it's a secret. HOHOHO ヾ(゚∀゚*)ノ彡


Hello there euniceet and big bro hunting for food in the background hahahaha!

This is always whenever during a steamboat party, when everyone's belly is filled and we've nothing better to do then we'll make egg puddings! This is mine! but kind of failed anw. ☹

Big bro's prawn shell mountain and keat hin's corn core hill. LOL keat hin super loves corns! he took a plate full of it and it is also he who finished them all! 


Yayyy to ice-cream! but the raspberry flavoured one tasted like cough syrup/antibiotic and it's disgusting so I didn't want to eat it. sigh wasted ice-cream. ☹


 Happy birthday to youuuu
Happy birthday to youuuu
Happy birthday to Kang limmmm
Happy birthday to youuuu!  

Always the traditional green tea red bean cake from RT! red bean! HAHAHAHA. 

Such a satisfying night overall! & by the end of the night I actually decided that I'll hate fish/meat balls forever but I know I won't be able to do so. e__o Already craving for some cheesy meatballs now!ㅎㅅㅎ hahahahaha! Oh and happy birthday again Kanglim! May all your wishes come true! ngek ngek. 

Dancing practice again tomorrow! less than a week to official performance idk how to cope. ☹ Can barely walk, how to go jogging! T____T I'll pray hard that by the weekends my muscles will become strong and healthy again so at least I can get some points for rumah kuning! YELLOW HOUSE FTW! (゚´▽`゚)   Alright, signing off now!