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♥하루 118 - Food Review: O'Viet by Du Viet (Sunway Pyramid)

 Hey everyone! One day when I asked chi yan what to update next,

"you like lah. *pause* but don't update about food anymore lah!!!!!!"

Paiseh ah but I'm obliged to write about this. I NEED TO
you will know why! 

The very night on the same weekend, I went to sunway with le sister Joyce to have a welcome home + farewell dinner for our sister-from-a-different-mother Shing Yi, who recently came here from east malaysia for her PHD conference and will be going back shortly. (she's one of the smarrrtest and funniest person I know! depressed that she will be leaving us so soon ). We were also there to look for new flats to wear cause ours are dirty and old (and stinky)

Joyce felt a fever coming and she's got an enormous ulcer somewhere under her tongue so I couldn't satisfy my thai or indon food cravings. However! I'm soooo glad we decided to check out this restaurant - O'viet, directly above the skating rink, neighbour to Dragon-i and Esprit (thanks to sunway GPS Mr Ryan Wong)

Throughout 18 years of my life, in my countless visits to Sunway Pyramid (That night was the second time in 3 days), I've never thought of entering this restaurant and always, always end up dining at Sushi Zanmai or Nando's. I don't know, probably because its location and interior from the outside seemed too pricey, plus I rarely head to that area of the mall. The only time I would ever go there is for Dragon-i to fulfill lao sar pao cravings, or get some sensual spicy szechuan noodles!

It's a good thing Joyce was feeling sick I'm happy that we stumbled upon it yesterday, and I realized all that dilemma "WHAT TO EAT?????" will never have to occur ever again. Ok maybe not. But it's definitely a no-brainer! Vietnamese food is healthy and nobody could resist the wholesome yummy pho (pronounced as fuh) or banh trang cuon (pronounced as beng jang kuon)!

The exteriors actually looked very forbidding with its black walls and red double doors, but surprisingly the interior was more homey and less classy than I expected (in a good way). It is comfortably set with blue walls behind the counter and a red-brick wall on the other side; while the lime green chairs and bright ornaments are lightly illuminated by the warm glow of incandescent lights. 

I love the clusters of beautiful lanterns made of wood and rice paper; so simple yet brings a soft luminous light to the theme! 

real red brick walls this time hahaha (inside joke: view here to know why)

when we entered the restaurant, a waiter who's all smiles guided us towards a 8 seater table (there were only 3 of us). Even though the restaurant was pretty empty but it's still not quite right to have such a huge table I hate distances at dining tables. So I glanced around and saw there was a quiet zone at one side, closed off by some screens. 

"oh can we sit there???"

"yes yes ofcourse you can, anything you like!" 

I was quite surprised by their friendliness! Usually at sushi zanmai they'd be "no it's probably reserved please sit here thanks" (but I do understand sushi zanmai is always overflowing with customers) while they swiftly guide us to a table in the secluded area where it is decorated intricately with bamboo ceilings and  a variety of Vietnamese table settings on wall shelves. 

Upon being seated, we checked out a worn out wooden handicraft box used to place silverwares. It reminds me of the kemahiran hidup wood project I did my dad did for me in form 2. Hah.

I've already had my mind set to get the dish considered most significant of Vietnamese cuisine - pho. In my opinion that's the most ideal dish to judge a Vietnamese restaurant! aghhhh the wonderful aroma of clear, tasty broth infused with the sweetness of herbs and tender meat with chewy rice noodles. oh and ofcourse, don't forget the fresh rolls too! (already drooling now ack)

Joyce got a haircut! I've been calling her match stick since then wahaha she's so long and thin and her head is so small now wahahahaha - but she's still pretty! /narrowly escapes death punch/

Fresh Summer Rolls (New Saigon) | Rm 9.9
choice of prawn/ chicken/ beef/ vegetarian 

First up! arrived in 5 minutes, a plus plus point to the experience! Light and healthy summer rolls wrapped with shrimps, rice noodles, a dash of lime and plenty of fresh herbs and vegetables for flavour and crunch. These are served with a side of peanut sauce. The rice paper was chewy and the fillings incredibly fresh and generous but just right for a mouthful. Peanut sauce and fresh summer rolls are made for each other, macam pinang dibelah dua! yumms!

Hue-Style Beef Noodles (Central Vietnamese) "Bun Bo Hue" | Rm 14.9
Imported tenderloin beef fillet and stewed beef brisket in mildly spicy soup, served with vermicelli and banana blossom garnishing

"What's banana blossom ah?"
(if you don't know, 
A. continue reading 
B. is also A)

This too arrived when we have not even gotten halfway through the rolls. "good things comes to those who wait" well this does not apply when it comes to a hungry person. and Vietnamese food. also, super glad that the staff at o'viet provides maximum efficient service! 

Ok anyway back to this bowl of goodness - bursting with the amazing aroma of beef broth and cilantro leaves, which some also call by coriander, 香菜, Yim sai; or to some, 臭菜. Do request to leave that out if you could not stand the flavour of that amaaaazing herb I love soooo  much. It always add a sparkle to whichever dish it is in, may it be steamed fish, congee or soups. 

Served with a side of basil leaves, bean sprouts, mint, lime, fried banana flower shreds and sambal. The soup on its own is not as spicy as expected but all in all, warm and heartily piquant. After getting an original taste I threw them all in without hesitation! (pluck mint leaves off its stem first). It was fantastic. Bean sprouts adds the bit of raw crunch and helps to fend off the spiciness. Every single mouthful is an explosion of potent flavours coming off herbs, beef simmered with lemongrass broth and a shot of warmth to my heart.

did I mention that the beef slices with thin layer of fats melts completely in your mouth. there were chewing-gum ones too but let's focus on those that melts. completely. in. my. mouth. yumm!

Traditional Mixed Beef Noodles (Pho Bo Dac Biet) | Rm 15.9
Imported tenderloin beef fillet, stewed beef brisket, balls and tripe in clear beef soup

Bun bo Hue and Pho bo are two completely different Vietnamese cuisines, though many people tend to relate them some way or other, most of the time as "Vietnamese beef noodle soup". Their differences range from origins, spices used, stock for broth, meats used until dipping sauces. The most significant dissimilarity are the noodles, Bun bo Hue using Bun (vietnamese round rice noodles) whereas Pho bo using Banh Pho (vietnamese flat rice noodles).   

"aiyo mee hoon and kuay teow la"

I wanted to get this initially but got distracted by Bun Bo Hue "Mildly Spicy Soup" and "Banana Blossom Garnishing". I asked Joyce what's a banana blossom so she said,

I see. This makes sense. Hahahahahaha


gosh this is confusing.
may it be onions or banana flowers it still tastes good!

First words coming out from Shing Yi after the first taste was, “哇, 汤真的是很甜!” then “YIM SAIIII!!!!” and from Joyce “mhmm this is comfort food”. Nevertheless, Pho Bo was much calmer than the Bun bo Hue, served at the side with a different chilli and no onions. However, being less tangy with a clear broth, it is special in its own way - very aromatic and pleasant to taste. MHHM.

Vietnamese cendol | Rm 8.9
Cendol, jelly, mung beans and jack fruit with coconut milk and gula melaka

Shing Yi thought this was similiar to an unforgettable dessert she had at Vietnam not long ago, so we ordered and gave it a try! Alas, it wasn't close to the one she had but still there was a few points to be given a thumbs up! The presentation was pretty unappealing, I prefer cendol in a bowl. However, I was surprised to taste cempedak amongst the classic cendol items. I thought it was strange but astonished that they blended quite well. The fusion was very satisfying, as gula melaka taste good with almost anything.

full and happy kids! 

RATINGS (out of 5)
Pricing:   ★  

Verdict: Can't believe I have been so blind all these years, never noticing this splendid place that serve such to-die-for food. It is not only delicious but healthy and light (and affordable! +1) too! definitely an enjoyable experience. ;)

O'Viet by Du Viet (03- 7492 0018)
Address: Lot G1.45,Ground Floor,
Sunway Pyramid,
No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway,
46150, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Fax: 03- 7492 0019

chi yan is probably "what??? I still don't know why lo!" now hahahahaha

Afterwards when we went shopping for new flats and I saw this pig sticker omgggg so adorable but I didn't want to splurge on this with my hard earned angpao money gah humans are so ironic and anyhoo I can always hand-draw pigs why should I pay this sum to have this piece of sticker I'm unwilling to use cause its too cute. Ok. At least I got a pair of pretty flats (not without a dilemma ugh).

Oooh drama time!

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  1. My wife and I ate dinner yesterday evening at Du Viet. Your review is from a few years ago, but the food there is still just as delicious, the service just as rapid. I love your pictures and all the details in your story. Thank you!!