Tuesday, 11 March 2014

♥하루 122 - The children & MH370: Let's pray together

"Kids, they have not found the plane yet."

Facts Time with the children these few days have been around the MH 370 issue, aeroplanes and control towers, emergency plans in a plane and possibilities of accidents happening in the air. We also talked about mummies and the reasons why mummies exists, which led to the reason why pyramids are built. 

"Teacher the sunway pyramid is fake one!!" 

Most of the kids in my class are worried for the passengers in the unfortunate incident, but they're also rather concerned about the mysterious disappearance of the Boeing-777 plane, "TEACHER IF THE PLANE DROP IN THE SEA THEN GOT SHARKS EAT THEM LO?!" and Dani was like, "Teacher they got pizza anot". (Dani loves pizza - he will be having his 8th birthday party at a pizza parlour this Sunday, which I'm really excited to attend! He's one of my most favourite kid ) However, despite their wild imaginations, the troubled expressions showed how anxious are they; as though they could comprehend the rocky path the families of the crew-on board MH 370 are walking on right now. Although most of them assuredly claimed that they know where is the plane.  (Spongebob's land - next to the pineapple under the sea) Aiks!  

Children, you don't underestimate them.

I told them that we're going to make good luck cards for the passengers and their family today. They weren't sure if their cards would reach the intended recipients but they enthusiastically went about it. 

There was one moment when Jun Yu couldn't find any pilots in the drawing book and he decided to draw his own version of a pilot, which turned out a bit fat at the hips so Cassidy said, "Aiyo you draw his butt so big later he see your card he come and scold you ah"

They even drew tanks, helicopters and planes from "Everywhere in the whole world" to help the search of MH 370 and to rescue all 239 people aboard.

 Jun Yu's pilot! (picture in the middle)

 Hay Yan's card. She expressed that her father is very upset too, cause it appears that her dad's friend is one of the missing passengers on board. After completing her good luck card, "Teacher my plane got eyes one so can see easier" she requested for another paper to make a card for her dad so that "He'd feel better".

It's difficult for me to understand how the family and close friends of the MH 370 passengers and crew feel right now, but I can bet their anxiety is beyond what we can think of. 

The only thing we're capable to do right now is to keep them in prayers, for God's comfort to be upon the family members involved and His protection upon the people in the missing plane. Let's hope for the best and may His mercy be among us. When bad things happen, it doesn't mean that God doesn't exist, or is "punishing" us. Trials happen for a reason - what matters is to have faith and peace in Him!

The situation right now may seem unfavourable, as the water rationing has started already and the haze getting worse day by day (my nose is having allergic reactions to the air *sniff sniff*) but I believe through these occurrences we may learn and experience new things that we will never ever get to learn in our comfort zone.

compiled by: Grace Koh
  1. How to shower with only 4 scoops of water 
  2. How does the water supply system function in detail
  3. Learning to be grateful of the things we always take for granted (flushing toilets)
  4. We're only human, weak and incapable - most of us complain until die when no water to brush teeth

And we have to always remember to look on the brighter side during adverse conditions!


compiled by: Grace Koh

  1. No need to wash hair for days with a valid excuse
  2. No need to brush teeth for days with a valid excuse
  3. No need to wash, dry, fold, iron clothes for days with a valid excuse.

Ok. Just kidding. Hehehe I brush my teeth everyday but I love the skipping hair wash part. Hehehe.

Anyway if you are wondering how many kids I have in my class, there are 6 in total! Only 4 of them are allowed to make their good luck cards today though cause Marcus and Rong Jun have been naughty and dawdling badly (not doing homework) so I got mad. I wanted to let them do their cards afterwards but there isn't any time left plus Marcus still have not finished his math practice! 


Please #PrayForMH370. It's great to see people with all sorts of differences coming together, comforting each other and praying hand in hand. Let's have trust in God for we know that nothing is impossible with Him. 

Getting a present for Dani's birthday. (゚´▽`゚)