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♥하루 64 - Food review: Food Foundry & Pitstop, PJ

Hey! It's my first time doing a food review here. Alot of people may say "GRACE KOH DO FOOD REVIEW?? SURE EVERYTHING ALSO NICE WAN LOR" that's pretty true but I usually ask for other's comments too so the reviews are more balanced. btw mmg whattt everything is yummy. ☹ you guys are so mean. Hahahaha. My first review will be on Food Foundry & Pitstop, section 17 Petaling Jaya. (super close to each other, walking distance)

Food Foundry facebook page: click here (all needed info will be listed there)
Food Foundry is famous for its mille crepes & western cuisines. (that's what I heard) hahahaha. At first when kanglim drove to a very closed up/terpencil-ed apartment area Joyceet was "huh I don't see any shops with the potential of selling crepe cakes!" To be honest I'm quite disappointed too cause all I see is some run-down dobi and car service shops so Joyceet & me decided to close our eyes until we reach. -.- LOL. 

What is mille crepe? Click here

But have no fear everyone! Food foundry would be one of the best restaurants I've went with the most creative and beautiful settings. I'm not kidding. hahahaha. You'll see it later on. There, Food foundry is situated at the shoplots beneath some apartments. There is also alot of good, recommended food around too! I must say that the apartment's residents have the best life ever.  ㅎㅅㅎ


Sorry the pictures are kind of blur. You've got to go there to see for yourself! There's a impressive mural of a fluffy squirrel on the wall & the atmosphere there is super cosy and nice. Definitely craving to go back there again. The service's not bad too. Ordered bread pudding and initially got kind of annoyed because they took a long time but after that only knew they heated it up for us! yay to warm bread pudding! \☺/

found this picture online. yeeeeap that's the squirrel mural in progress~

They're very environmental/cost-friendly. Everything is reused from recyclable items. For example, their menu as you can see from above. hahahaha it's a clipboard.

Joyceet & her favourite game. LOL her phone is with me thou I'm taking photos! :'D


 our mille crepes! ordered two slices of different flavour (mango, strawberry), bread pudding and cappucino. The price range of the cakes are around RM9->13/slice. They also sell durian flavoured crepe cakes too! (RM12.5/slice) Btw, you can buy whole cakes (7 inch- RM85/8.5inch- RM108) probably depending on the flavour. All whole cakes orders needs to be placed at least 2 days in advance, before the pick-up date. 

Cappucino (RM5.5) came with this super cute spoon I made a joke of myself of. :'( (Refer to 2nd picture) hahahaha smelly kanglim couldn't stop laughing. LOL. -.- 

Mango mille crepe

Strawberry mille crepe 

 The top right is our bread pudding. hahahaha I snapped a photo but idk where it went. Will upload it if I found it. Probably somewhere in Joyceet's laptop. ಠ_ಠ 

Ratings (out of 5)
Food: ★ ★ ★ ★
Pricing:  ★ ★
Service: ★ ★ ★
Atmosphere:  ★ ★ ★ ★
I heard the cabonara/ mutton there taste awesomeeee too. I love cabonara! (゚´▽`゚) but it's fattening. :'( Aiyoh don't care lah one day must go again. hohoho. 
I also found a very detailed blog post about food foundry (this comes with the menu too!/ refer to the main course pricing here)click here
Credits to kanglim for driving, Euniceet for leading the way & Joyceet for making a nuisance ~

Next, we went to Pitstop (walking distance from Food foundry). It's restaurant similiar to boardgame depot where you can eat and play games there.  At that night we went it is completely packed with partying/happy/noisy people (I think they're coursemates graduating) so.. we kind of have to bear with the ringing of our eardrums after. 

shelf full of board games (some of them taken away) and everybody's favourite card games too!

“系旦” Anything LOL lmaoed when I saw this on the menu. Anyone up for it?

we're playing catan! It's my first time playing this game. LOL and the others are all pro already wan. no fair. >:(

Cheezy frenchfries is cheezy. (´・ω・`)

somewhere near the end of the game. hahahaha we took such a long time. I almost died, LOL. and obviously I lost hahahahaha. and Euniceet won! yayyy! 

OK. sorry that you'll need to scroll to click on my adverts. (glancing at sukkie) HAHAHAHA!  I hope you enjoyed my first review! If you need to know more, do follow me on twitter (@grrracekoh) or comment below. I would very willingly answer your questions, whether I know or not. LOL. Thanks for reading! ☺


Food foundry specials: Rainbow fusilli arabiatta with beef bacon/ shredded parmesan OR spicy oglio pasta with turkey bacon. (both Rm18)

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