Saturday, 25 February 2012

♥하루 39

heeyyy. so it was one fine saturday morning. clear, baby blue sky. and me waking up at 7.30 due to stomach ache. and to the aftereffects of my cramp the day before. Argh hurts like asdfghjkl. apparently stomach ache was a false alarm *trolled. and so I had to proceed to mop the floor (as I had promised momoke the night before) since we're gonna be out the entire day. I started at 7:45 and was done in record time 8am. hahahaha cause eunice's coming to get us at 8:15 for famous bah kut teh at Klang!

Joyce's logic: you come at 8:15, I wake up at 8:20 LOL. so we left at 8.30 to fetch rachel and aaron then off we go! Bro, big less, keat hin and kang lim's already there. I'm not being ungrateful but my tummy's not up for bah kut teh at 9 in the morning :( It's very frustrating to get tummy ache for the rest of the day. but it's a very rare chance so I ate lor.

btw today is bah kut teh day! when we reached chi yan called me to have bah kut teh with her parents. then sukkie's family and pap had bah kut teh for brunch. and apparently billy's gonna have bah kut teh too for some meal in the day. wah.. so creepy.

It was really delicious and so filling.but one plate is more than enough for my early morning appetite :s the guys samor refilled so many plates of rice omg. the food is good overall and its around RM14 per person w/o the rice refilling part hahahaha. and btw they serve pig fallopian tubes.. I can't even.

Then I realized I don't have to worry about being too full cause we're gonna do so much walking afterwards. we are going shopping!  apparently sunway cause I wanna go f21. heh. rach tagged along and thereeee we goo! loads of jokes and laughters going around otw. and being there at 10.45, the parking challenge is exceptionally easy too! (proves that malaysians are late wakers) actually took  our time to choose the nicest parking #likeaboss.

Tried on some nice shoes!  we went maxis center afterwards cause euniceet had to reload her forever financial critical phone. while waiting we did this:

nice hor this picture! hahaha. there's four iphones there so we planned so camwhored in all of em' and set the pictures as wallpaper! but too kia si so we didn't hahaha! did I mention that I like iphone 4s'? so pretty and the camera function is naise :( but maxis data plan so expensive I wouldn even want to think of it lols

MOVING ON TO F21! ngek. but otw there we saw this small photography exhibition. SO CUTE TTM. x3461527816.

Anyway everyone please go to f21 before the bargain sale ends. Don't say you haven't been warned lols.

the satisfaction,

aaah the favourite matcha ice cream! do go try it out. I promise you won't regret it. I'm serious.

papparich for lunch after 2pm practice with ze sukkie and chi yan. so hungry initially but right after the food come not anymore. Zzz but must finish la omg this cost alot k! *kiam siap. 

then 4pm youth service! Praise and worship is exceptionally good today. btw its kang lim's first time song leading! hahaha we're so proud of him. LOL "eh why you look so constipated ah the first and second song hahahaha"

dinner at the new mk stall. apparently jia chien's shop. hahahaha. definitely going back again cause they've this banana leaf thing. and their service is really good. the food's okay too! I like the enviroment there lols. Great dinner, so much fun chit chats and stupid jokes lols

ooool' right. time to hit the sack omg such a tiring day! tomorrow rise and shine at 7.15am for dawn prayer meeting. I love weekends. gives me the fun I needed so much during school days -.- 

p/s I've come to know that one of my mooost favourite old uncle passed away on 12.35am, Thursday due to a fall that caused a serious head injury. He's one of the healthiest and nicest uncle I've come by, also one whom is God-fearing. I don't think there's enough words to describe what a nice person he is. I've only visited him for chinese new year a month ago and the news is so earth shattering. He makes good puns and is one good friend of pap's. He likes speaking teo chew to me knowing I don't understand. I really like him. Yet I'm glad now, for that I know he is safe and even happier now being with our Heavenly Father. May God's comfort and love be with his family and friends. With condolences. Xx


Sunday, 19 February 2012

♥하루 38

"oi grace koh please don't start treating your blog like tumblr k??!!"

*okay face (I was just planning to do so hehehehehe) but now I decided not to! ☺ cause I'm that  nice *ahem.

so. on this fateful sunday night, I finally got my chance to visit that famous korean village at KL I kept hearing about. Being a die hard k-pop fan, I just can't hide my enthusiasm for korean food. or anything korean (Tags maisara and fartla-hia). Anyway, I guess I wouldn' call that place a 'village' cause it is really not village-y. But that part of KL is entirely KOREAN (korean people, korean marts, korean restaurants, korean boutiques, korean houses, korean condominums, korean accents, korean billboards, korean advertisments, korean breath etc) Just heavenly.

We went there for dinner. Planned to have korean bbq but then decided on ala-carte after. oooh *rubs hands in glee* I instantly fell in love with the korean speciality beef soup. I also crave for beef ALL the time besides cabonara (esp the korean and vietnam ones omgeeee). 

Everyone there is korean and there's this korean lady boss who is extremely friendly. She kept greeting/talking to us in korean which we all go "uh.. I don't exactly understand you" but oh wells. I like listening to korean. Anyway, I can't seem to bring myself to read the english-translated korean words in the menu because.. I'd look so stupid (face problem) so we just pointed and "this one this one." *awkward grin*

ok ok enough of the talk lets move on to the foood! don't drool k.

First we got in total of 15 complimentary side dishes for free (also free refill) SO MANY YOU KNOW. I was like :O But the portion of our individual meals are so huge (pricing: RM17++) we only refilled three dishes and we didn't even finish quarter of them. And there's like five of us. *pats bloated tummy*

My beeeeeef soup! This is highly recommended! The beef's so tender and juicy and the soup is seriously.. words defy it. But it is also really filling so you can actually share a pot of soup between two people and ask for another rice. so yummmy!

Wai yin's kimchi soup! also recommended. Somehow this soup is not at all spicy and taste really tomato-ish. It's tastes something like the reddish soup at Kim gary. VERY appetizing. I can't help but kept taking spoonfuls of it, its so delicious.

This also has beef but I can't say anything about it cause I didnt try it. Smells good tho!

Some kind of soup bro ordered. It look extremely spicy but actually its quite tasteless. I've no idea about this but it sure does look appetizing.

Can the night get any more perfect?? 

hehehe. then we sent wai yin back to her hostel and went for to try a bubble tea which apparently is even better and cheaper than chatime according to wai yin. Yeap the price is stunning, only Rm 3 (can buy two cups of chatime lols) and the milk tea is really milky , but we ordered pearl milk tea, me in high expectations to chew on pearls yet the guy didn't inform us beforehand that they ran out of pearls. not even after. we left and realized that there's no pearls. so we asked about it then only they clarified. seriously? oh well. I still enjoyed drinking teh ais hahaha.

ok, I'm so tired. Till then,
goodnight! xx

♥하루 37; At least


Friday, 17 February 2012

♥하루 36

HI! how's life? I'm good. I'll post up some pictures we took during the shopping trip with joyceet last week (I know I know, I'm very slow but ok la hahaha). There's so many happenings during this week. It was Valentine's on tuesday, and obviously its has no whatsoever significance for me. Apparently our pengetua made us call it 'Hari Persahabatan'. Fine with me, but funny in a way hahahaha!

fresh carnations! so pretty. 

I also want to thankyou for those little gifts and chocolates (YOU WANT TO MAKE ME FATTER THAN EVER???) , and esp the muffins kylie so sweetly baked for us. She's such a star! The muffins was REALLY x100 yummy we couldn' help but stare in case there's leftovers. sadly, there were none *okay face.

Had to buy an red artificial plant with prickly stems (you bet what is it.) from the science 2 students. Jess and areecca looking so cute and annoying, promoting to us during recess everyday -.- Its nice tho, since its hand-made. ;)

but I'd like to SPECIALLY mention this valentine gift from one of my bessssst-esssst friend. I found it in my stupid Rm3-8A-notebook-from-school after recess signed 'from your secret admirer' but obviously la it is not from a guy except if whoever is she is some lesbian, the handwriting's so cute! how can right. 

I practically hyperventilated when i saw what's in it. 

I LOOK SO PRETTY  *faints* IT IS SO SINCERELY MADE! I know its not easy, depending I always tried making collages like this using PHOTOSHOP, which I always get the sizes wrong, what to say printing (WHAT HAPPENS IF THE SIZE IS NOT RIGHT??), cutting and pasting. btw I really think I look pretty leh but "eh grace your face and body colour really big contrast hor" -Kylie Tee. *Laughs* Anyway, It's so pretty I've to frame it up wei! 

Thanks Nicoleeeee! 
Epilogue from momoke: "EEEEEEEH WHAT IS THIS???"

Valentine's dinner #Togetheralone. None of us has any valentine so we'd as well make use of the celebration and spend it together right! Also reunion with Her Majesty, Ching, who shifted to homeschool ): I miss her so much! Too bad Jane was unable to attend that night. If not it'd be perfect. Guess what did I had? 


 cheeeeeeeeeze ♥

 HAHAHA menakutkan! :s

good times. Pizza hut was almost full and therefore people were looking at us one kind for camwhoring like this, setting timers, posing and all (AND making so much noise *shameless*) But its all worthed it. Hope to meet up again someday! 


That night started out great. Found a parking right after the parking ticket entrance in SECONDS on a sunday night (how rare is that?? time to buy lottery!!) so our mood were exceptionally good. which is a great thing.

Was planning to eat at Pasta zanmai, as I'm terribly craving for Cabonara (Nicole: when are you not?) but its not in the menu, and the restaurant's full ): so we had dinner at MOF (Ministry Of Food) cause Joyceet's been spamming on how nice is the deserts and so.. we decided to try it out! 

 LOVEEEEEE THIS. guys I've new matcha deserts to introduuuuuce! so milky and matcha-ish (not the best description in the world but still yummmmm) 

My salmon with teriyaki sauce bento. Very disappointing tho, the salmon's over-fried and the sauce is too salty :( Had to drink gallons of water after.

Shopping at Forever 21! I love that shop, eventho its extremely overpriced. and surprisingly theres a 'absolute bargain' sale going on that day. First time ever in my life forever 21 is being so generous! go check it out! you might would find something you like ;) Planning to go again, if theres a chance. Which is probably tomorrow, with Areecca, jess and kyyyylie. 

k time to go off for dinner and junior musician practice with the euniceet. AND the second cup of chatime in a day (last day to use the maxis voucher. hahaha trust them to be so last minute) getting abit sick of it already. but being very kiam siap and kia su.. MUST USE BEFORE EXPIRY DATE. hahaha!

nom nom nom. love chewing the pearls.

p/s the orang asli kids loved my The Grouch tee-shirt from Sukkie and Jacky! :))

k goodbye and goodnight! 

Monday, 13 February 2012

♥하루 35- I VANT TRAVEL!

I had lots of fun shopping with joyceet yesterday! Btw to the fans of F21, theres currently a very shocking sale going on, so grab your precious chance while you still can! Anyway, Today was quite an interesting day. hmmm, kenapa?

#1 We had to skip mod maths and add maths due to the majlis pelantikan badan disiplin/ pengawas and php! THREE WHOLE PERIODS. can anything be morrrrrre perfect? and Pn. Hew taught about experiment reports AGAIN during bio *BIG SIGH. spent the entire double period day-dreaming cause I forgot to bring my bio fail. hehehehe.

#2 During the very enjoyable majlis pelantikan, I managed to come across this Star newspaper of my friend's, which they bought and I randomly saw this firefly promotion (I love reading adverts esp from airline/ tech gadgets companies! btw this promotion I immediately search on google after school) :


for only RM NINETEEN? darn cheap. This is perfect for the trips we've been drooling and drooling on for the past holidays. I miss penang so much! I'm so glad it would have the chance to happen in near future. Then out of curiousity, I searched for this: 

only RM ONE-TWO-FOUR to go to bangkok! Being entirely drowned in my sister's compliments about how absolutely awesome is shopping in bangkok since their trip there last year (and coming back with their poor luggage near exploding), bangkok has always been on the top of my 'To go list', right next to South Korea!  If only I'm old enough to go travel on my own ): This sounds near impossible as both my sisters so extremely bankrupt and penniless. Guess I'll annoy pap and bro about this instead. WAHAHAHA.

Anyway, after being so turned on about travelling and vacations, I made an image search on my MOOOST almost dying to go to vacation spot again---- Maldives. Apparently it's an island in the middle of indian ocean and also JUST the most beautiful island in the whole, freaking, wide world. ok, it IS the most beautiful island for me! I'm so sure I'll go there for honeymoon or whatever when I grow older. ITS. A. MUST.

Literally half in mind to edit myself into all these amazing pictures just for my own entertainment. too bad I've no photoshoot in this laptop! Sorry about the picture quality :s Try google it yourself and you'd be amazed at how miraculous and words-defying can God's creation be. Words freaking cannot describe how beyond beautiful is this place!

k there would be alot of beautiful places I may not have seen, but till now maldives would still be my dream (omg I feel like a poet) Now lets see,

This is generally about Maldives island, (I don't specially enjoyed the weird sea creatures & star fish part *shudders) wherelse

This, is about most interiors of the Laamu Resort. aaaah.

Wait for me Maldives! meanwhile dear popularity of human beings, I'd be dreadfully glad if you guys stop all the agonizing pollution so when I've enough money I can go to the beautiful maldives instead of the rotten and completely eco-ly destroyed one. thanks.

ok nao I'll resume dreaming about going there with the one I love ngehehehehe. bye!