Thursday, 24 January 2013

♥하루 102 - Happy birthday bby elisa!

Heylooo! We meet again! (I know, it's been a long time) ㅎㅅㅎ Anyway, I'm going to update about this one fateful sunday night where the MEKLAG's finally reunited again! Also huge thanks to my sister, Joyceet for her 10-times-ah-mat-service-to-wherever-I-like (you don't have to know how I earned it hahahah). So we went for dinner at empire to celebrate elisa's birthday in advance. Yess the ah mat service includes sending my friends to and fro too!! HAHAHAHA. *I know, I love my sister! * Glad that everyone could make it (even if the surprised kind of failed *stares at kylie* trololol) and we had such a great time gossiping rebonding with good food, good ambience and most importantly, good company. ;)

spot the blue and yellow balloons! it's for the birthday girl! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

Bought a slice of signature red velvet with cream cheese frosting (!!) from Whisk. Heard so many compliments about this well known slice of goodness. Can't wait to back to whisk and try their other noms  (゚´▽`゚) /glutton/

While waiting for kylie to bring elisa here.. (there was a miscommunication and they went in a wrong restaurant LOL "oh I don't feel like eating here anymore.." *walks out awkwardly* hahahah) hi jess and areecca!

aand then they came! hello there michelle and kylie (*⌒∇⌒*)

That gorgeous birthday girl! ♡^▽^♡


Love this picture! Idk why some photos would look abit blurrish when uploaded via blogger ☹ So I'm uploading them on facebook too!

Jess helping elisa to put on her birthday headpiece. HAHAHAHA



but I love her even more! *awwwww*

say hi to areecca tan and her signature frown hahaha

Look at the sky, it was in such a pretty shade of baby blue and cotton candy pink! (◉◞౪◟◉)

Jess, elisa and areecca!


look at everybody with their respective smartphones! ( ̄^ ̄) 

/cheers to life!/  ヾ(゚∀゚*)ノ彡  

Jess lyn and her watermelon smile  ╭(╯ε╰)╮ 

elisa's potential super model face 8D

we spent the entire night taking photos, 

taking more photos,

and more photos, 

and more photos. hahaha! The people at the table next to us kept looking with this very amused face when we shifted places here and there to take pictures and acted like a bunch of sampat young girls T_T 

cannot resist inserting another potential super model face photo. hahahah!

I can't wait to find another excuse to come here again! super deeply in love with the soothing ambience and the FOOD. IT'S SO YUMMY. ╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭

you don't have to guess to know what we did next HAHAHA. SHOPPING!! cotton on was in crazy sales (like rm 5 for a piece) so everybody went all out and grabbed anything we see LOL. why do we sound  like so jakun-ish hahahahaha (p/s spot kylie!)

And when we're at it, we took MORE photos. heh

Group photo in a rush before elisa has to go. hahah I look horrible hence the three-scoop ice-cream ಠ_ಠ

michelle the bunny with colourful-braces-that-look-like-veggie-stucked-in-the-teeth ಠ_ಠ HAHAHAHA

with michelle chok! ;)

It was a great night! Got home kind of late and went to school the next day like a zombie. (́≖◞౪◟≖‵) Gah, monday blues. However I'm very very thankful to have this bunch of crazy people to brighten up my weekdays (AND weekends! yay) HAHAHAHA. Anyway, who's birthday is next?! / tries to ignore areecca/ And oh, chinese new year's here soon! I'M SO SO SO MEGA EXCITED. weeee! ヾ(゚∀゚*)ノ彡


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

♥하루 101 - Off you go, 2012!

I'm so sorry! yes I know I was all "end-of-the-year post tomorrow!" since 10 days ago hahahaha I guess the time in my world goes slower? but I'm too busy to sit down and blog properly T_T and yes, I also know that's not an excuse. *punches chest with guilt* It took me awhile to filter the best pictures and memories of 2012 but I just realized that some pictures are not copied..  ( ̄^ ̄) 

Anyone heard of "let's make the best out of what we have"? yup that's what we gonna do. HAHA

This is the yummiest pau EVER. and well.. out of my indecisiveness I decided to make the  pau photo as the start of my post. But this is no random pau! It's officially my faavooourite with bits of corn and salted egg yolk in its creamy custard filling! from the famous pau store at taman rashna, klang. (same row as famous bak kut teh *sorry for my incapability to provide any helpful names..*)

THE END OF MY FINAL EXAM. (need me to say more? ヾ(゚∀゚*)ノ彡)

went to the very very anticipated big bad wolf book sale! So friggin cheap I can't evenn

The books chosen by me are only the cook books and baby picture books (for javen!) and sophie kinsella's (for big less who was in confinement). *useless* the others are joyceet's. ಠ_ಠ

what lovely sushi face! 


Spent on sundae cones for the sunday school kids! walked to and fro mcD's SO many times with the trays for 19 sundaes. ice-cream makes everybody happy! (゚´▽`゚) 

baked chocolate chip cookies for gideon disband day with ethel. turned out really chewy and chocolatey, yumm!

super sweet valentine card from bby nicole! I know, aww look it's taeyang and my wedding day ㅎㅅㅎ *slaps self*  note: "update your blog now, RAWR" 

*ahem* HAHAHA

Attended 2013 Beyond Limits Youth Camp! *woooo* Gideon gideon GO FIGHT WIN!

Joyceet treating me TGI and ice-cream after a horrible day ;( So happy to have her! 

Uniqlo @ Midvalley's grand opening ✌

camwhoring with my leader the bobo man! HAHA ignore my face tq focus on his HAHAHA.

My super grandpa's amazing 100th birthday (!!!) and all his great-grand/ grandkids blowing his candles for him hahahah! 

Fun fun fun at ikea with the siew yok! ;)

31/10/12 (◕ ◡ ◕)

some pig rejecting her lovely birthday breakfast.. ☹

Sunday school teachers training class team game, couldn't stop laughing when I see these!

awesome time spent with shing yi who came back for christmas! hahaha heard many disgusting stories about her and her lab mice. LOL. she's super super super nice and fun to be with! too bad she has to go back to Sabah 

Japan AFS transfer student miki yamashita! she's always so gentle and cute! A year passed so quickly, she returned to Japan yesterday ☹ All the best over there miki! And don't forget us! hee

Amazing noms at food foundry, PJ! (food review please click here

my super adorable orang asli students, safina and ema. HAHA. Btw, guess who's in the 1st of october star newspaper??

*queen wave* oh, and and guess who's on izumi's wallpaper?!

HAHAHA. AAH and who's beautiful face is sukkie's wallpaper?!!╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭  

p/s wallpaper is upside down cause the enormous clock covered my face T_T p/p/s pardon my narcissism, I seem to have found my interest in improving everyone's wallpapers... 

Make use of resources! ♡^▽^♡

A day out with them after midterms! ♪♬

And one of the happiest and most blessed happening of 2012,


hello there baby javen koh zhi jian! (´・ω・`) hello hello!

time passed in a blink of an eye and he's already 40 days old now, getting stronger everyday! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

.. I also got a very funny future brother-in-law! HAHAHA

Found a bird in the TV cabinet one day.. 

My adorable nameless best friend of a best friend that accompanied through the thick and thins of 2012 *teary*

ice-skating with the bunch! 

Jie yi's birthday at treat's and us paparazzi-ing the whole time LOL

Car wash 2012! Sacrificed on getting tanned and all worthed it!

King of preschool 2012~ hahah first time in pig tails in public ಠ_ಠ eek!

Siew yok's chor dai di cards hahah don't worry I won't finish my sentence HAHAHAHA. (inside joke)

Finally got my 1 mil for temple run T_T 

Caryn's sweet 16th at aunty juliet's ♡^▽^♡ Being my primary school playmate and considering her super adorable personality, she's one of my most favourite people in the world! probably top 10 hahah!

Polaroid photo I stole from Josephine hehehe

Miss kylie pee's wonderful 16th birthday at her castle! Need me to say more? I love her to bitsssss. This girl's the princess in everyone's heart, the amazingly beautiful, cinderella type. *awww*

Another polaroid I stole from Josephine! *sorry!* This was at Haziq's BBQ party where my love for lamb membara-bara sekali lagi <3

Aaaand Your Highness Josephine Foong's partaaaaay! First time dining at brew & bread thanks to her, realized how nice is that place! Josephine's definitely one of the few born super talented people, esp when it comes to her photography skills. She's also forever humorous and full of ideas! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

Looking back, I'm still in disbelief that I agreed to enter the dancing category for my school's anniversary talentime competition. C'mon, we choreographed ourselves and self-learned from youtube like retards! hahah so thankful that we made it to the finals and it was such a wonderful experience ;)

Speaking about wonderful people and experiences, this is one of my most memorable time of the year!ヾ(゚∀゚*)ノ彡  Finally went to genting for the first time! Ok I'll save this for a special post hehehe
I'm so blessed to have all these people here! you guys are the beeest! (Y) muah extra love for euniceet and kanglim who planned all these! ;)

Say "graaaaaace!" ♪♬ I also have to thank these people tremendously (the baking gang has new members!) for baking my favourite cake (actually I love all kinds of cake but this is so hard to make!) I love love love y'all! 

That pandan layer caakeee. (◕ ◡ ◕) (paiseh decoration and almond pieces all licked off by a hungry birthday girl  and her friends HAHA)

Lovely siew yok for accompanying me on my birthday! We have no where to go so we walked to kokoro bento for lunch and treated ourselves baskin robbins  (゚´▽`゚) then we got junk food and watched HK dramas at home.. hohoho.

Toefu's reunited! I know, they're so adorable teeheehee. Guys, thanks for spending time and "surprising" me for my birthday! LOL I'm so touched by the enormous string of balloons I've to drag home.. (́ಢ.◞౪◟ಢ‵ლ)  It's still in my bedroom! hahah

With the greatest man in my life ;)

hahah camouflaging heart-shaped fries 

31st with Joey chan who came back for a visit after moving to Canada 7 years ago!  Coincidentally it was also her birthday so we celebrated for her the malaysian style, hahah. Hope it wasn't too embarassing.. ಠ_ಠ Hehe see you again soon! ;)

So many things more to share yet so little space! This must be the most photo-ful post everrrr o_o Anyway, I cannot deny that 2012 must be one of the best years of my life. There's just too many memories that could make me smile and laugh like an idiot when I reminisce the precious moments. Typing and posting all these up you see, as I can always dig it out from my blog (blogspot please survive forever at least 70 more years!!) when my hair is white and all my teeth has fallen out.  ╭(╯ε╰)╮

Time to resume modern math homework, eek!