Sunday, 4 December 2011

♥하루 19: Welcome back!

Haai. Uncle Victor and family is back in town! After migrated to Canada for good long seven years. Met them at church and dinner just now. Can't bring myself to talk to the kids. We've all grown up and is very awkward hahaha. Stared at each other like lemons. Well, I'm very glad to see them again tho. Can't believe we had been "kung-fu" fighting, building forts in the baby room, sneaking out to 7-11 for slurpee and getting caught, travelling together and playing numerous times of catching-catching. Huge part of my childhood, I say. Welcome back! Enjoy your stay here yeaa. 

Anyway, let me introduce you guys one su pah fun (and loud) card game which had been taking up most of my Sunday afternoons. and got kanglim very addicted to.

YES. I believe most of you guys had heard about it. I might be abit complicated at first but when you got used to it then it could be the most brain racking game ever. Had so many hilarious scenes and laughter playing. RECOMMENDED (Y) 

ok, got to go. have a good week! 

p/s Sorry jess, areecca and nicole! :(


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