Wednesday, 5 September 2012

♥하루 91 - General Knowledge Quiz, E-Youth (1/9)

Haaaai! I've good news! We made it into Talentime's semi finals! ヾ(゚∀゚*)ノ彡Deng deng denggg! Aaaaah it's really out of everyone's expectations cause we only started learning the choreograph a week ago and everything was not exactly synchronized yet. There's so many groups of amazing dancers but thank God we are chosen (A STEP NEARER TO RM 500!!) and the semi finals is this saturday, which is two days away omg (╬゚д゚)  However, we kept drilling ourselves that winning or losing is not our priority, as long as we have fun so.. ok! Will be cheering on for our friends who's joining the competitions too ヾ(。・ヮ・。)ノ Can't believe we learned the whole routine ourselves (huge thanks to Areecca!) and it was so much fun! 

So, e-youth's last saturday's activity was "General Knowledge Quiz" (which is obviously.. general knowledge quiz haha) But no, it is not as easy as you think! ಠ_ಠ Before I give further explanations about this very very interesting game, let's go with the floooow ~ 4pm is fellowship time! yay! (゚´▽`゚)


 And Lee Jin with his ultra cool hairstyle HAHAHA


and their mentor, Euniceet \☺/

Praise and worship time! ♪♬

Then message sharing by euniceet! And no, we're not learning about psy or gangnam style LOL

Had a wonderful time learning about God's love ♡^▽^♡

Then Bin wu updated us on our current scores,

Coins are tossed by both team leaders,

And the game quiz begins! ㅎㅅㅎ

There's two kinds of questions you can choose from, the first kind is MCQ/Multiple choice questions (10%) or Quiz /structured (20%). Marks will be deducted if you give the wrong answer between the time limit of 30 seconds. I forgot how much mark will be deducted is it for respective kind of questions so nevermind lah! HAHA. Here is a few examples of MCQ'S. Can you answer them? (*⌒∇⌒*) Structured questions coming up!

Very stress wan ok T_T Btw towards the middle of the quiz, one person from a certain age group will have to go out to answer whatever question given without help from team members. Eeeeee! 

Jacky: "Negaraku.. EEEEEH!!" .. "Err, merdeka?" HAHAHA *ultimate facepalm*

Lee Jin: "food?" LOL HAHAHAHA

It was a good game even if gideon lost by 235-115 points hahahahah! Hey at least now I know how many disco balls are there in the bus scene in Oppa gangnam style or which is the richest football club in the world ok! ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Join us next Saturday for captain ball from 4pm -> 7pm! Our church's located at first floor, opposite of mcD's and above hong leong bank. You're more than welcomed! (*⌒∇⌒*) Alright have to hold on for dancing practices until saturday. Happy enough that we got through the auditions, will leave the rest to God! And goodluck to everyone else who is participating in the talentime competitions. Ok yayyy swimming now with charmaine! (´・ω・`)

Posts to look forward to: 
  • TJ Haus, Subang
  • Raju, Jalan Gasing (The best roti canai in town!)




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