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♥하루 123 - A momentous event: SPM result day

SPM result day was one of the most anxious day of my life. It feels even more surreal than SPM exam month itself  "walaoeh I thought this day will never come". Hahaha. My heart was beating like a drum, like how a drum will sound if you put sukkie near it with a pair of drum sticks in her hands (trust me, the noise is incessant!! T_T) and my hands shaking cold. (Thank you for jess's hands - heat equilibrium pls ok I didn't get A for physics blergh)

Why you so drama one ish

The night before we had a 'WELCOME HOME AREECCA' yumcha session with the girls' at Papparich, which we coincidently met up with the ASSAM's. It feels nice to see them again after so long, their super wide smiles and super loud laughter wahaha. Anyway they helped us out with the banner surprise too "What banner surprise?" I have gotten help from the children at daycare to assist me in completing this mission under the disguise of CREATIVITY CHALLENGE - to colour eleven huge alphabets with their limitless creative power. It is a challenge cause usually 8 year olds' are not capable of colouring such complex cut outs without tearing the corners or getting bored. 

They were rather enthusiastic about this!
basically cause "There's a mysterious present for the most creative child ngek"

 And turned out exceptionally good! I drew the pattern on the alphabets for them and they drew add-on's (some extra polka dot and complimentary happy faces for your meal, sir?)

Well I coloured most of the alphabets, (I love colouring!) but these kids are notably talented so I got them packs of spongebob milk chocolates as their reward. As for the surprise, we shamelessly shouted "WELCOME BACK AREECCA" in the middle of the cosy ambience at Papparich when she arrived (late, as usual) and had a wonderful time catching up with one another, hearing Areecca's fascinating stories from ns camp and Jess's college life, and Nicole's developing mushroom farmville. LOL. 

Fyi the banner is currently hanging contentedly at my house - I feel really invited every time I enter the door! Kekeke. *syok sendiri*

When I got home afterwards, I talked to my parents about how restless and jittery I felt about the next day. And I moaned about it constantly the next morning, while I waited for areecca to pick me up, despite "I WILL GO AS LATE AS POSSIBLE" My parents were very positive (and realistic) about the matter and told me that "Aiya, don't worry! You have already done your best, now leave the rest to God. Plus this is a fixed fact and it's already there and there's nothing you can do to change it now." in which I replied, "But mom, I didn't do my best, I was soo lazy T_T" so she was like, "你知道就好" gah!

Okay right now I do feel like the biggest noob in the world cause this is such a minuscule matter but it is significant cause once again that day reminded me of how blessed I am with a pair of level headed and wise parents, and a bunch of encouraging (and stinky) siblings. 

Ok let me continue my story.

I stepped into school with Jess after getting our gardenia buns for breakfast, strawberry for her (ew) and corn for me! and a very punk sue came running towards us hahaha! I tell you this girl super cool now one side of her hair is shaved off she will be the coolest optician you can ever find (plus there's no chance of hair getting into her sight) I just feel so thrilled to see everybody again, there's so many warm hugs (the weather is freaking hot) and screams and "GRACE WHAT HAPPEN TO YOUR HAIR" or "GRACE WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR" and I just never realized how much I missed everyone. 

A selfie with chuan phing, one of the niceeeest friend you can ever find! Fate brought us together from form 2, when I rescued her and the bunch from their terrible transfer class. Hahaha! I really miss the whole bunch when we're juniors and have no care for anything else except if is there food to eat during class. LOL. 

A picture of Pn Hiew, my former class teacher and the ultimate bio teacher, "Don't want take picture lah I look so sweaty now" hahaha she's my most favourite teacher! Jess, Areecca and Nic would roll their eyes to the moon and back if they see this. Pn Hiew is so cute and I love it when she calls everybody "My dear" and when she refers to all sorts of organelles/ bacteria/ virus/ body cells as "This fella". She's also the most dedicated teacher you can ever, ever find. The irony is that I slept and trash talked through her class my entire form 4 year. Ack. However. It's less conscience-stricken to know I didn't fail her expectations! wooohoooo

I always have this habit to write down quotes when I heard one, and here's Pn Hiews collection (those I still can find)


Hard tough stuff
I think today must buy lottery already. It is the second time in the history of this class that everyone is present!
So I heard pengetua came into your class today.” 
Ya, we told her bio is the toughest
What la you!

You know! The presence of the nipples! The nipples!

The erythrocytes, it look like a donut. But in the test paper they ask 'what shape is the erythrocyte? you don't go and answer 'donut' ah. Then you only donut lah.

Don't blame the potato ah!

This girl.. I predicted you can get A. Show me!

When some of the us grumbled about the crazy amount of things to memorize for Sejarah,
 Minum, makan sejarah.. mati dengan sejarah. I hate this the most! What a stupid slogan! So ridiculous! This is a democratic country! Frankly speaking ah, I hate sejarah the most. I hate it when they test us how much we can remember. So during my time ah, I pick geography over sejarah.

 The minion must have occur this jaundice lah

I cried like a moron after I revealed my results.. in private, ofcourse. I stood by the corner of the world (inside joke) Everybody was either too busy being happy or feeling disappointed at their own results. I sobbed like a freakkkk but it was so nice of Ee Ling to stay and pat me on the shoulders and comfort me whilst she could have went and celebrate or something. Ok la my results wasn't exactly horrible I know I should be thankful but I just feel upset cause I didn't accomplish my target. But I know God has given me this outcome and it's for the best! Yay! (plus SPM only ma cheh. roll eyes. LOL.)

Though I wasn't this optimistic that day. Heh. So I tried to sulk throughout the day but failed cause we headed for lunch and movie with Brian & friends, plus Jess, Areecca and me. We had ss15 chili pan mee! My cravings for weeks are finally satisfied but it left my stomach a burning pit after. Eeek. It's impossible to sulk around this bunch of people cause they're friends and friends make each other happy. Thank you guys! I'm also wholesomely proud of you guys for obtaining such glorious straight A's and I know you guys deserved it. ;) "Ok crossing the world now" (inside joke) #BFFOREVER

After watching Divergent (It's an awesome movie! I just finish reading the book ah so good) and had dinner at Kim Gary's (celebratory french toast with jess) I head home and find my sister eunice slaving over something in the kitchen while I cried (again) when I see momoke sigh why am I so pathetic T_T  gosh momoke was so happy when she sees the slip and keeps analysing each subject and telling me how great she thinks everything is. I love my mom.

What is the big sister eunice slaving over in the kitchen?

These monster slimes! HAHAHA. She's so sweet lah. She made some ultimate chewy sweet potato balls too! She knew I'm upset and tried to cheer me up using the most obvious solution LOL. Fooood ftw!

I think the monster slimes are supposed to look like this. Genetic misconduct, probably. Hehehe.

Then I showered and Joyce came home and showered and we sat around the dining table gnawing, grinding and working our molar tooth off with those sweet potato balls. HAHAHA.

There was this phone call I had with my mom earlier that day I can never forget, which here I quote her,


我们一定要去庆祝,就算你没有拿到 A 我都打算要庆祝的。明天我们一起去吃晚餐,我请!

There are many things which are impossible to put into words, those overwhelming emotions and fondness for these precious relationships and bonds that will never come apart, seperti air dicincang tidak akan putus. Heh. This is a  momentous day and here I'm going to remember it forever on my blog! 

By the way, thanks for not giving up on this mouldy blogger *sniff *


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