Thursday, 21 November 2013

♥하루 111 - Hey, why not?

Please take 6 minutes to watch this! 
(2 minutes 7 sec est. to buffer included)

"Hahahahaha. You cannot do this in Malaysia!
Jump in only then boom suddenly someone jump out. Money or life?!"
- Qao shaun

Alamak. It's true lah. But then again, it's great to imagine if such thing was done in Malaysia! I really, really want to do it! Maybe not a ball pit, maybe something else. This is undoubtedly inspiring, and it is a milestone to change for the better in our community! The hostile (plus judgemental - in a package including head-to-toe scanning) veil we've wrapped strangers up in the city is too pathetic. Certain levels of awareness has got to be maintained but chatting with someone you've never met in a ball pit? wow! Ah, the possibilities are endless and exciting!

It got my brain whizzing and ideas sparking!

However, time is obviously needed - it might take years before I'm capable. This will be on my "Things to do before I die" list, (definitely NOT next to bungee jumping) Ok in only three measly consecutive posts I already have like two check lists HAHAHAHA. There you go spm moral, "mengamalkan nilai berdikari, kebolehan dan kesanggupan mengaturkan tugas-tugas dengan sistematik!" jk. 

Ok before that - things to settle: (here goes the third! LOL)
1. Get driving license, gah
2. Get a team!

c'mon, who's with me?

Hi, bio!
dang, please please please don't let me regret these blog posts next week T_T

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