Sunday, 23 February 2014

♥하루 120 - Little things #1

Friday was my grandpa's committal service. It goes without saying, everybody's emotion was at the lowest point as this ceremony marks the end of the funeral, and of grandpa's time here with us. It was certainly heartbreaking to see my mother wailing in pain, and my relatives sobbing when the cremation occurred, as that represented a final farewell to grandpa. 

Here I quote my mother's words during the service yesterday, 
When your dear ones are still here, treat them with your best before regretting when they are gone. 

Most of the time we tend to take our family and friends for granted. We take their words, their actions and their sacrifice for granted. Always, we are also prone to not notice that as time goes by, the chances of appreciating these people gets lesser and lesser, till the day when we come into realization that we might not even be able to appreciate them any more. That would be dreadful, wouldn't it?

Another thing I felt like it's noteworthy and needed to be properly mentioned is the gratitude towards everyone who attended the funeral, especially brothers and sisters in Christ who isn't even related to our family but offered so much help within this period. Your attendance has simply given our family so much strength and encouragement. Thank you very, very much. ☺

After the ceremony, we had lunch with all the relatives and headed to SS2 with big bro, momoke and joyceet to buy the bookshelf we have been meaning to purchase since last year! (after a series of moaning, whining and persuading ofcourse). This is definitely a highlight of my week, cause getting a huge bookshelf and stuffing it full of books has always been on my list of Things To-Do

Well yes, we got the bookshelf (it is HUUUGEEE and only cost Rm 350! Free delivery! So much win) Buying beautiful things (that is cheap) is unfailingly a satisfaction in life. So upon having the bookshelf (it will be delivered on Monday! I can't wait!!) I came home and started cleaning my desk which I never even use anyway, where I have this drawer (mainly cause it could be locked but after awhile it got so full I couldn't even close it anymore) I keep all my memories in the form of all kind of things. (like homemade soap. a ton of papers. safety-pin necklaces and letters and bottles. etc etc)

Ya, seriously. And these are only 50% of the stuff, those that I still want to keep. hahahaha!

I'm taking a break now for a bowl of cereal (honey gold flakes from hero market yesterday! Free 150G honey stars leh so worth it!) while typing this up.

 I have got quite a number of notebooks and diaries written from age 11-17. I particularly like sticking food wrappers in my book for some reason (err not sure if I washed the wrappers or not) Anyway, gosh it gave me shudders when I went through what I actually wrote. It is SO childish I cannot believe I used to be so disgusting. What was I even thinking?!

 There's also a lot of letters, cards and messages for different occasions along the years. Most of them made me feel very nostalgic and some very funny to read - it is comforting to know my friend is much more childish than me back then. HAHAHA. This letter from "your secret admirer" (nicole lee) is one of the cutest card I've received just look at that beautiful picture from my wedding. Hehehe.

 Ragged concert tickets 

More notebooks - notice purikura with 6K classmates! Choco banana pocky cardboard has my form one timetable drawn on the other side.

 Bet you remember this! Primary school that time very "heng" one lah hahaha unfortunately mine very horrible one full of disney princesses but I used to like it alot! My sticker comes in pink and baby blue which were the nicest colours in the world to me back then.

A small mountain of movie tickets (another mountain in my wallet), ice-skating rink entrance tickets and lots of other tickets that marks my visit to different places! (love the genting express pass, so much happy recollection! )

 Some post-it notes I also don't know why I keep for.

 10 cent paper bag that made my day

 So many letters, messages and cards from years ago that made me grin widely again. These things never get old.

p/s Only took photos of things that is near me and convenient to take or things that needs to be shown to the world. For example,

A murderabilia from Jess Lyn.

You didn't know she was that kind of person right?!
I told you don't judge a book by it's cover.

Nah she's actually very nice - only that she prefers planning her schedule in detail 20 years beforehand.. T_T

A very nice love letter (in pink!!!) from Pn Revathy. (I kind of miss her now - striding across the dataran every morning and shouting at students. Don't we all?)

And a song we wrote for our best friend for her sweet 16th party, which cost her quite an amount of tears. And smeared make up. Hee hee hee. 

Kylie Pee we love you!

 There is also a piece of Hui Ching's 15th birthday celebration evidence! (It is pizza. Literally. From the free Star newspaper and everybody got a slice of it!)

Here's a photo from my beauty campaign at Italy.

Haha, just kidding.

There are also alot of photos, purikuras (which I tried to take photos of but my face in it is really too ugly to reveal on this blog). I think how we don't get thick hard-cover albums filled with printed photos any more is pretty depressing.

Technology is very good and all that but it's no fun when it's taking over the physical and traditional methods of preserving memories .. this is so sad. So I try printing as much epic photos as I can when there is a discount for photo-printing cause the service is actually NOT cheap. 

My barbie's old wardrobe! I sew these myself but unfortunately they are too small for their disproportionate Barbie bodies. hmmph.

My old tambourine ring! Haha I have a few of these, they fell off one by one noisily during worship and that is a very amusing memory. Not to mention embarrassing. Well unfortunately our desperate attempts to rescue the tambourine didn't work so I ended up bringing those disappointing rings home into my memory drawer.

So far after going through the stuff I'm overcome with 80% disgust and only 20% nostalgia. I read through the things I wrote in my notebooks and ok. It is decided that those pages of words will be forever only between the notebooks and me. Don't even try. 

Anyway I've an awful news to announce soon! Stay tuned to this blog keh.
(It's not that awful, just that it's still quite unacceptable. To me. - Eeeeek.)

And it's Monday tomorrow! I get to see the children at daycare, and the kids at Promise Home again! I'm pretty eager cause I've been off for days and I miss giving them Facts Time and Drawing Time and yelling at little girls playing with bubbles in the bathroom. Great week to y'all too!


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