Thursday, 27 February 2014

♥하루 121 - I chopped off my hair

*momoke passing by*

"what lah you cut hair also want to announce to the whole world"


I didn't break my promise! Anyway, if you talk to my mom there's a zillion of advantages of having short hair (which I see eye to eye too) 

compiled by: Grace Koh
  1. You only need a drop of shampoo to get an XL-size of afro bubbles during shower
  2. No need to comb hair 
  3. No need to tie hair = Can sleep in 3 extra minutes in the morning
  4. No need to tie hair = Less hair fall + No bald spot
  5. Less hair fall = ( < Parents nagging ) + ( < Time taken to sweep floor)
  6. Save conditioner 
  7. When robber come they got no hair to grab (!!!!!)
  8. Sure win in cat fights!! (refer no. 7) 
  9. No need to be so self conscious of misbehaving hair
  10. Preserve longevity of expensive serum 
  11. Look badass

Actually I feel oddly calm about this lo. But my feminine subconscious mind keeps telling me that I should be horrified because this is a horrifying thing / something I have been telling myself I will never do; hence it's horrifying that I've done it, and even more horrifying that I'm not feeling that horrified.


One day last week, I was very excited cause Joyceet will be picking me up from work and we'll be doing all sorts of fun things together (I don't know la but it's always exciting to spend time with my sister!). The night before, an idea popped into my head - why not get a haircut tomorrow? It's rare that Joyce will be home to drive me (other days only my mom is available and haircut with her always very disastrous one -.-) plus I've been meaning to get a haircut for so long already.

And so we did! We also did some grocery shopping at Hero market where Joyceet got a box of Camembert cheese (Soft white moulded cheese 24%) which she has been going bananas over since her company's annual buffet dinner at Trader's hotel, where she fell in love at first sight taste with this.. cheese. Joyceet is The Hero Market's Cheese Aisle #1 diehard fan, despite the amount of dilemma and torturous longing it has given her. Now you know what to get for Joyceet's birthday (it's on the 2nd of July fyi hahahah)

Ok so afterwards we went home and I cooked a big pot of tomyam soup - was craving for it reaaal badly. I threw everything I can find into the pot (including 18 ultra spicy chilli padi straight from momoke's garden and a couple spoonfuls of black pepper) fulamak! No time to enjoy it though cause..

"Oi are you getting to the point yet"

I have an appointment with Joel from Hairven at 2pm.

btw Hairven is stongly recommended by many of my friends around, especially my colleague at daycare, Elaine (we talked alot about bald spots and frizzy hair). I heard so much about the salon, and am pretty convinced to go try it out lah cause the hairstylists there are not only professional and friendly, the service is at its best AND it's only rm 18 for a student price cut! (normal price rm30). More about this later! 

Hehehe. I told Joel about my hair's pathetic situation and she was very optimistic about it when I said I can accept the thought of getting my hair short. I mean, I want to get rid of my disgusting frizzy long hair and by getting rid of it the only way is to chop it right. I also mentioned that I don't want to look like triplets with my sisters and that I don't want to look fat without hair concealing my face

"Then it has to go real short! But I know you are teacher lah so I won't give you too extreme one!"

"Short like my sister's?"

"No, even shorter!"

So anyway I told her, "I trust you lah go ahead."

Hahahaha yes, I've been meaning to drag the story as long as I can cause I'm quite reluctant to show you any photos. I don't look too horrible - not like I imagined, though my neck felt really exposed; but I don't look nice in photos. This is an asymmetrical cut "will make your face look longer!" and IT'S THE FIRST TIME I EVER USED A SHAVER ON MY HEAD. The back of my hair is sooo prickly (glares at sukkie choo) and spiky ooo! 

Ok here comes the moment of truth.

sorry la I really don't know what angle works I've not familiarized myself with this hair yet!!

Here's a photo with the same face from chinese new year - photo is taken RIGHT after I woke up. Literally!!

Dinner at Gao Ren Guan, ss 15 on sunday with ze relatives from the mother side! Listening to snippets of my uncle and aunties' stories from the neighbouring table, reminiscing their childhood and the old school stuff ☺

Momoke has been striving for me to get short hair since I got long hair (which was standard 6 - I had a mushroom head for the first 2/3 of my life cause my mom doesn't approve of long hair) so when I came home after the haircut and asked her to turn around and look at me, she literally clapped and said "sui ah! 很美 leh! 去哪里剪的?"

Hairven Studio (Near McDonald's, above Brew&Bread)
28G, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla M 31/M
40460, Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam
Selangor D.E
Contact: Joel (016-2029597/ 03-51311078)

No lah obviously that wasn't what I replied momoke HAHAHAHA. But this salon is definitely a recommended place to go for a haircut! The hairstylists there are very professional, they not only could provide you helpful and applicable advice regarding your haircare and suitable hairstyles for your features (and career), they are also very friendly and stalks your facebook to make sure you pin your hair rightly to prevent further hair loss and if you don't Joel is going to call you Hahaha it's hilarious when Elaine mentioned this! However it shows how much they care for their customers. Their prices are decidedly affordable too! Hairven will unquestionably be my choice of salon now, always make sure to make an appointment beforehand though, they have a lot of regulars and might not have slots for walk-ins.

p/s I must always make sure to take selfies from my left now onwards! If not I will look like a boy. :(

Ok gotta go, sitting for my undang test tomorrow - I'm still on question 386! (update: FINISHED ALL 500 QUESTIONS!!! I feel kinda brain dead now.)

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