Wednesday, 25 December 2013

♥하루 113 - Counting my blessings

Hi everyone! As I promised, I will start updating! I'm here to talk about one of the most important, most special, most loved, most beautiful, most considerate and the smartest, person in my life. 

Along these few days in the last month of the year, I've been so overcome by thankfulness when I look back at everything I have, the people, my family, friends that stayed with me through challenges and share the happiest moments 12 months down the road and it doesn't end here.

25 unknown number!!! years ago on the 22nd of December, my eldest sister arrive in this world on a lily (that's how they say for babies are borned with their legs crossed and head after! ouch) ---




sorry wrong picture hahah


no, no let me show you something more decent

oh wells hahahah

come I present you,


大姐,Eunice Koh Yan Ci! 
(in conjunction to the 大, which means Big in chinese and 姐,sister - the fonts are LARGE!)

Her photos are sooo entertaining I swear, could not stop laughing when I browse through her albums. She has the same birthday as my grandpa, they're born on the winter solstice. (yes, you remember tang yuen, homemade ones with ginger soup is classic!) Well, her birthday is 4 days (and 8 years) apart from mine - altho her physique is so much younger than me omg -.- However, despite the age gap, I'm so glad we're like friends to each other (and also wardrobe share-rs ahem) Just so you know, I have two sisters, Eunice & Joyce,  and they're one two in a million T_T sniff sniff

She always tries her best to bring joy to everybody else around her, trust me, I know. 

"I feel like an idiot!"

It was my 17th birthday last tuesday, she and a bunch of my favourite people launched "Mission Under The Sun"  with a tad bit leakage from mummy koh (hee hee hee) and that was the quote of the day!

She tried so hard to make sure I'm not suspicious of any plans (laughs) but fact is I kind of already guessed but the efforts made are definitely not wasted! I had the time of my life!!!! More about that next time!

On my 16th birthday last year,

 She and kang lim organized a surprise trip to genting for me! I must be the luckiest person on earth, really. These two places I have not been before, and they finally made me a true malaysian! "oi! that's not the definition of a true malaysian ok what talking you" Hahahah "well.. you probably would never find any malaysians who stays in KL their entire life not having been to genting or sunway lagoon before!"

She's always one to plan ahead down to every immaculate detail, like whether I would need a conditioner (the answer is yes) and to bring my favourite flavoured cup noodles (that's not too hard cause I love to eat everything of every flavour) and to marinate the meat before we could bbq them and to bring an ice box and to bring two swimsuits for me to choose from and to wake up early enough to cook up an awesome big breakfast of heart shaped sunny side up's and beef patties for everybody and to bring nail clippers and plasters of all sizes and all shapes just so if anyone has an injury to be treated (which is me) LOLOL. 


She has super powers too!

Batwoman with my other super power sister (or is it brother in this case), Captain Jack Sparrow and her boyfriend Power Ranger!

Otherwise, Neytiri from Avatar with a very beautiful Wonderwoman who happened to drop by for the toilet (inside joke)

See, I never bluff you one!

But speaking about super powers.. there's really much more of that stuff she has

yup, kung fu powers too, yup.


My sister is a very intelligent person, and this I've always told the entire world about how smart is she in add maths and how horrible am I T^T (and it's true!) I'm very proud of her for all her accomplishments and believe that God will always lead her through the her current journey for masters in psychology. 

Well there's just too many things we have went through together to even summarize in this limited space. It's not possible. Nevertheless, I thank God for blessing me with 

 someone to sit on. HAHAHAHAHA.

a very beautiful sister! (Joyce is super gorgeous too - anyway, have you heard that praising your sister is just like directly praising yourself hee hee)(pardon my face, this is a very old picture)

Someone that shares my love for food 

I'm not kidding! the similarities of our photo is epic x_x (we didn't eat all of those by ourselves ok but we still love japanese food. alot.)

And someone to take unlimited selfies with: 

"brace yourselves!"

and more. I'm afraid I'd piss you off but we're so cute so I guess not? HAHAHAHAHA.

I'm always really, really happy that my sister Eunice found the love of her life, the One given and gifted from God, her soulmate and who is also equally super nice,

they always have moments like these, HAHAHAHAHA. ♥♥♥♥

Someone that hates onions and garlic and butter (my honour to help her finish her food!), someone that
would spend the night listening to me complain and provide me advices and someone that is willing to spend money, time and energy for everybody around her just so they're happy. 

I still have so much to thank you for, sister, for everything you've done for me. Happy Birthday, praise the Lord for all we have and went through hand in hand. 

p/s In fact, I feel like the worst sister in the world cause I could only afford a blog post (and a present: which is on it's way, but it's not much considering my financial situation LOL) to her while she has spent and given so much to me just to make me feel special despite the circumstances. Thank you again, eunice koh! :'(
p/p/s Sorry for the super old throwback photos well at least it shows progress! HAHAHA.
p/p/p/s I don't know why are the photos so blurred too, I'll send a report to blogger regarding this :( 

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