Tuesday, 31 December 2013

♥하루 115 - romantic scene: stares longingly into 2013's eyes

Just like how the title puts it:

I feel so reluctant to let you go.. 2013. 

*holds hands*

So many things this year has given me, the experiences, the feelings, the lessons learned, the love given, the love received, the values acknowledged, God's miracles upon my life and everybody else's lives around me.  


I NEED TO GO BACK TO MY AWESOME CHEWY ON THE INSIDES CRISPY ON THE OUTSIDE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES *wahhhh* (nothing like some amazing delicious yummy cookies to start the new year right?! YAAAAA!!)

"walao chewy 还是要crispy ?!"

SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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