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♥하루 114 - The day after my 17th birthday: Mission Under The Sun!

"Eh what should I blog about next? "

"What are your choices?"

"Hmm, Sunway lagoon or food review lo"

"Sunway Lagoon la"

Ok so here goes! It's very dizzy exciting even when I think about it hohoho! This Mission is launched by Chief of Operation (COO) Eunice Koh (who's that? click here to know!) and Partners in Crime Action (PIA) which is a bunch of my best friends and family, a bunch of the most fantastic people in this whole, wide world - in which I'm super lucky to have them in my life! - Kang lim, Sukkie , Cha chi yan and Jo-ai! Hohoho

This is my first time going to Sunway Lagoon! 
(just like my 16th birthday surprise last year, that was my first trip to the Genting Theme park!)
 *slaps self* "Is this real?!!

Well actually my birthday week and the week before was crazy hectic! I had consecutive 12 hour prom dress shopping trips on thursday and friday at KL with sukkie, then One u with eunice, (not complaining) then Big bad wolf (yeeaaaayyy!) on saturday and the usual routine - youth, klang church etc then sunday I forgot what I did but I wasn't in, monday was prom and the entire time before monday I'm super stressed out cause I'm in charge of sooo many things that's why my most common tweet during that period was "So much to do, so little time!" or "blergh"

I will not bore you with details! The point is I did not get a single moment of rest (got la but you know what I mean) until every night when I get out of the car my feet literally hurts. woah. 

But on Tuesday, the official day of my birthday, I spent the entire day painting a house with eugene lee. Yes, a house - but it's on polystyrene! Apasai. Nevertheless, the house is beautiful /speaks like a proud parent/ and ok la day not wasted OCC kids church got super nice props. Ahem. (pictures are with Jo-ai, who's currently having the time of her life at Japan hahah)

What I was saying is that I feel like I've reached the point in life where the COO Eunice koh once put 
"Aiya when you old liao birthday you won't have any expectations liao one"

Oh man.

But it's true cause like years ago I don't know since when I'd cry ALOT when it's nearing my birthday cause I feel like some VIP but nobody's living up to my expectations hahahahaha. But now, I'm just like, "meh, its ok. cake veli fat." (NOT TRUE I STILL LOVE CAKE) I just don't really find it necessary anymore! plus I feel really bad that the awesome friends have to plan and do stuff and spend money and all and then feel guilty if they don't, I think that sucks ☹

However, planning surprises and baking birthday noms is still in my "Most Favourite Activity" list cause when you see them happy, it makes you happy too! Thank you, my friends for all the efforts you guys have made, and thank you all who wished me the best of luck and blessings I'm really full to the brim with the good stuff now. Hee hee hee

This entire post's photo credit goes to: Sukkie & her note 3!

Look, a GIF! When I uploaded the photos I was shocked to see lots of GIF (scroll down for more!) in between even got snow effects in some picture wow so I asked sukkie and then I asked Joyce but none of them knew anything about it. 

"Who is the mysterious GIF and snow effect maker?!"

Really creepy lo at first but after that we realized that it's actually the phone itself! I also don't know the gadget details don't ask me please but it's very cool leh I love GIF's!

Hahaha this is on the day itself, during prayer meeting! This is the day when I realized that...

"The only guy whom I could miss so much to the extent that is capable to make me cry when I see him is Javen!" 

seriously I couldn't stop tearing lol so embarrassing. well this is cause I've been so busy since youth camp is over and had not gotten any chance to watch him jump and have training sessions during dinner and also they visited malacca with dai sou's family sooo.. I REALLY MISS YOU JAVEN

 the PIA's in action when the COO dragged me around a half opened sunway pyramid literally Window Shopping and going around the department stores looking at expensive wallets and bags and chatting about my earholes and looking for new friends for them

"I feel like an idiot!"

I wasn't suspicious at all!

basically COO said she wanted to grab some brochures from lagoon cause kang lim wanted them "eh? just search online la" "no he want brochures" while the PIA's are spying on us from behind the huge christmas tree. Then they sneaked up behind me (ok I admit I was looking out for them hahaha) and I was really surprised!!!!! 

 I once witnessed this crazy ride on the canopy walk from Sunway college to the shopping mall. I swear to myself that I will never, ever, eveeeer get on the Pirate Ship Ride. Ever. 

 That was our first ride.

inserts three alphabets that starts with 'w' and ends with 'h'


no lah actually I didn't scream la. I just shut up and I did not open my eyes AT ALL the entire ride and my hands are clamped freaking tight to the safety bars and I can totally feel my brain and stomach rolling around and all I can think of is my mom. And also I'm 360 degrees head down from land. Ok.

Well naturally my "ear water" is all over the place (inside wherever it is la ofcourse) but our second ride turned out to be the TomaHawk. Which is the same thing just that it has a roof and we're in a cable. The safety bars are not even as tight as the pirate ship's and your butt is literally off the seat (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but I survived it by seriously hardcore flattening the metal bars with my arms and legs JUST SO MY BUTT DOES NOT LEAVE MY SEAT.

The COO and PIA's (except for sukkie- she didn't even go on the pirate ship!!) is all cool except for me, omggg genting themepark memories.. eeeeeek! *ear water continues to roll around* 

This must be one of my favourite photos from the trip! The GIF is so random I could not stop laughing at it whenever I see it. hehehe hehehe

"When I saw the donut, I knew I HAD TO get on it." 

See the phone even added snow effect to the photo you say geng anot?!

"EH 看哪一个洞的?!"

The COO and her prince charming, Kang lim (see I give you purple colour ^^) in a cowboy boot! omg hahahahahaha

I like this ride too! but still its very meng-dizzy-fyingkan (you get it? no?) cause the round is so small! -.- but I had fun in my cowboy boot with chi yan but I think I also flattened her butt cause I kept sliding towards her LOL sorry chiyan ☹ 

Then we went on the ferris wheel! I love the ferris wheel! The guy in charge of the ferris wheel even gave us an extra round cause we're so cute. v^_^v (just assuming. HAHA)

we took lots of selfie's before we had to keep the phones in the lockers and move on to the water park (WOOHOOOOOO!) but I shall not overwhelm you with our fantastic faces so here's one. Heh

Group photo with the blue duck in his prisoner swimsuit!

At the end of the day - I just had to insist on another group photo, it's my first trip to sunway lagoon after all! (kang lim is like 可以liao 可以liao HAHA - did you notice that he's not wearing his slippers? :( someone must've mistakenly wore his alamak my condolences to your lost T_T)

"Maybe someone too poor to buy slippers and have not wore one for years so you're technically blessing him" 

Despite that day being a school holiday, the place wasn't too packed and we got to go on the Vuvuzela several times (rolling sukkie in the middle of our float LOLOL), and we had magic carpet competitions for so many times I've lost tracked (the champion is tied between kang lim and sukkie!), and we watched the 5D movie which is epicccccc funnnyyyyyy and cooooold (HAHAHAHAHA). We didn't go on the merry-go-round but that's okay!

We also tried all three snake slides and I think I like the half-open-half-closed one the best! I love the vulture ride everybody look like explorers in their car and my steering has a bug but it's ok cause I'm kind of scared anyway. I hate the roller coaster and the tomahawk and ESPECIALLY the pirate ship blergh. I'm proud I went on the roller coaster, tomahawk and especially the pirate ship. But once is enough.

My favourite moment is when we all paddled in the fake beach pool like dogs and hippos and learned how to squirt water to other people's faces with our closed fists and when we piggy backed (or is it piggied back) each other in the pool and bounce around with only our heads outside the water (Chi yan issue #1) and when we made a circle around the bubbling thing in the pool by holding hands and going in rounds giggling hee hee and watching people do Flying Fox from above "走光liao!"

Oh and don't forget when we sat with the other groups of people in the shallow pool waiting for the BIG pail of water to fill up and pour on us then laugh and wait for another round of it or when we ran to and fro the "drive-thru shower" like retards cause there is no water spraying from the holes. 

I also love the times we carry our floats up the stairs to wait for our rides and stucked our heads into floats and spy on beautiful ang mo humans' and laugh at funny father and son swimming trunks hee hee hee. 

Before leaving, the COO treated all of us donuts (yayyyyy!) and then we left for chi yan's house happily! There's a BBQ potluck party that night and we're all looking forward to meet our friends, Bacon and.. Bacon. (which are supposedly in a good mood on wednesday: inside joke) Hee hee

On the way home, the King of Braids Jo-ai braided a fish tail for me (it's so impressive! she's super good oooo) while sukkie recorded interviews of me and the COO about my feelings of the day - I'm SUPER SUPER SUPER MEGAAAAA HAPPY. (I'll not show you the video cause I hate how I look and sound in recorded medias -.-)

Then suddenly.. 



fail la us too much sunlight hahahahahahahaha

Meanwhile after dropping the PIA's at chiyan's place, we went to grab some marshmallows and fruits for the potluck..

They were completing this -  it turned out to be my birthday cake! (part of, but not part of..confusing? read more to know!) When I arrived, I entered the kitchen and saw this so I thought it was cyndi and joelynn's cake and it's so beautiful but why is it like that?! 

"come come try some very nice one" Aunty ivy

"err.. supposed to smash them and make it into a new cake. hehe" Jo-ai 

Anyhoo guys, I just want to tell you that I really didn't know that's the leftover corpse of my cake T_T but it's epic la if you kept shoving me away from the direction of the kitchen!!! hahaha

LOOK! we've already graduated from baking amateurs and now already professionals. *fuyohhh* These very yummy fantastic good looking rainbow cakes are credited to The Baking Gang (modified heh) Izumi, Chi yan, and Sukkie! (It's okay li ying - and let's welcome jo-ai into the gang! /pops champagne/)

This is Yan ying! It's her birthday on that day! 

Honestly speaking, I'm quite afraid of her when we first met cause she seemed very cool. Heh. But this year, I'm so grateful that we've bond a friendship nothing can go against /sniff sniff/ We're team mates during youth camp, for the night-game, ball games, different matches and also group mates (Awesome, Amazing, WE ARE AMOS) There's so many things we did together like holding hands the entire night game (ended up not finding a single post-it sigh) and hiding behind big, old trees spying for monsters and making so many stupid jokes hahahah, too many memorable moments I can never put into words and building a very ultimate team spirit in all. She's an amazing basketball player, her sportsmanship is incomparable, and her helpfulness should be an example.

Oi gorilla, Thank you for being my friend! 

 It was a great party indeed! Never had so much fun building my own wrap with sizzling bacon and smoked salmon and lettuce with spiced chips and a variation of condiments with crunchy cherry tomatoes before ("I will pay for this mannnn!"says Jo-ai hehehe) Thank you Cha family for hosting and giving out your house to a big bunch of reckless youngsters. T_T 

p/s please notice the amazing flexibility of Chi yan's mouth in the above GIF wahahahahaha

 This is too cool to be true! You guys are the best (altho you all stole my colouring and vanilla essence when I was in prom & when I wanted to bake after - I realized they're all gone LOLOL) and thank you - cyndi and joelynn for the super yummy cupcakes! why their cupcakes so nice one when mine always like this

cupcakes, why are you always so crackly and.. shapeless?!

It's very depressing, really. but this was awhile ago this year for joyceet's birthday I hope my skills are much improved now. Hehehe. As the saying from aunty vera for the gang used to go, "When it looks horrible, it taste good; But when it looks good, it taste horrible." 

Not anymore! now it taste good and look good and it even smells good. yes!

 All in all, despite december being a really mad packed month, there's so so so much fun and a truckload I've learned. I'm also officially 17! (but turning 18 in a few days' time) Actually nowadays I'm freaking lifeless lo cause I've completely stopped jogging since charmaine - my ultimate motivator went to Japan for the student exchange program and all I do is sleep, eat, eat, sleep, eat. Literally. /smacks self/

The new year is starting soon, (so soon!) and I'm satisfied that I've achieved several new year resolutions for 2013. How about you?  Wait I'll leave this for another post hehehe. Anyway I've got a job already and I'll start paying back my debts (*Eunice and Joyce rubs hands in glee*) until march when I get my spm results (eeeeeeeeeeee!) and proceed to further studies. 

Also, huge thanks to the school mates for the fail surprise at the After-SPM party LOLOL, thank you for the wishes and presents esp my darlings Nicole, Jesslyn and Areecca we will be best friends forever! *big hugs* /areecca's signature frown/ HAHAHAHA. 

Praise the Lord I'm not lack of anything and so full of blessings. 
Thank you again!


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