Thursday, 19 January 2012

♥하루 26

Hey, what's up. "ceiling's up"-quote sukkie. so.. Page 19 of 366. At first I constantly complain about how slow is time going but now its like the chinese new year already. is it just me, or xin nian's kind of early this year. we're not really settled in school and all but we're getting holidays already. I don't mind much tho, heeheeee. but I'm not getting the chinese new year excitement somehow. I'm kind of desperate to get the angpows (like always, like everyone) cause now I'm so bankrupt I can't speak. Eunice's gonna slaughter me anytime ady. ):

so, "How's your class?" is a very frequent question nowadays. I'd say great. I know most of the people there already, (most of them being my primary classmates, so I guess it's something like advanced version of 6k). I thank God for being the first class of students to get an air-conditioned classroom. but apparently according to Pn chan (the best teacher one can get. except for the part she gave us essay before CNY holiday eeesh *dies) someone has turned into a "green eyed monster" and complained like crazy about our class. about us being "noisy, freaking noisy and very noisy." -quote maegan. and we're limited to the usage of a/c. I think its better la, CFC ma. eco friendly right everyone.

I had alot "fun" staying back at school for three days in a row. tuesday for chinese class (k I'm VERY proud of this), wednesday for persatuan meeting and thursday for volleyball. Its okay now, since I so bersemangat at the start of the year, but I bet it would be suffocating for days to come. I must be optimistic tho. MUST. BE. OPTIMISTIC. and have I told you we've like 10 homework in two days? and three of them being essays. I did most of them la, but ten? No joke. kylie has 11 btw, she didn't finish her last essay HAHAHA.

and guess what? Chatime &BaskinRobbin'S IN KK ALREADY. (ohkayyy its not like most of you guys didn't know already) but I'm so proud of kota kemuning. *flipshair. but I hope the traffic does not get even more congested. noooo. May kota kemuning stay green and harmony. and not be like ss15, go there find parking can become mental serious  :s

ALRIGHT. thats all for today. hahaha thanks for reading till here, and not skipping till the end (stares at sukkie) I know this post's boring.. oh well. I'll upload pictures when I upload the pictures. HAHAHA. I'm not promising anything! I love y'all! God bless!


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