Wednesday, 25 January 2012

♥하루 29: chai-neese new yeear @ Johor

HI! sooo, how's your chinese new year going? mine's fine. angpow money's like always. I kind of forgot how much I got last year (but I know I spent all in few week's time Zzz) hahaha but this year is pathetic. I've to return eunice RM150. she is such a furious loan shark boohoohoo. but one thing I've glad for is scholarship money! Thank God, at the brink of bankruptcy but saved by my results. heee! so, I'll update about my xing nian at Yong peng, Johor (Pap's hometown!) basically a small town which is quite unknown to alot of people. but apparently, the world's really small. joyceet has alot of uni mates staying there. (even one whom grandma's house is next to our uncle's house, which all these years we've been staying during CNY o.o) we only go back once a year to guo nian so all my relatives there and me are practically strangers. btw all my dad's side niece and nephews are a few years elder than me. and pap's family is HUMONGOUS. almost a few hundred people, and I don't even know the names of a quarter *sigh. hahaha k, nuff' said. now, lets move on to the pictures!

 Lunch bought at some petrol station. No time to waste, pap says. 

First day of CNY is torturing. I had to take two pain killers to end seven hours of excruciating pain and cramps. Never thought feeling well is so amazing. Thank God. and also I'm so grateful to have bro and big less, who got these for me. If not I don't know how long I have to stand the agonizing pain. 
After I felt better, we went bowling at batu pahat before dinner! we did this last year too. Pap abandoned us and keluar yum cha with his buddies so.. like this lor. entertain ourselves. hahaha! and these rented shoes really stinky and ugly. eeeee :s


focusing. heh
 The bro always hide behind that pillar after he made his throw hahaha! btw this time masuk longkang wan. wahahaha!

 Fuyohhh eunice won! I'm so proud of her! and joyceet got the lowest hahahahahahahahahahahaha.
 Second day of CNY! had a session of very fail photoshoot.

 weeee wang wang. Joyceet's friends brought her to some local firecrackers store. and she got these serious tofu noob ones. keep no response wan idk why. but okay la, still can play. had so much fun!

 and my nephew haz these colourful pop pop's, which he ran around attacking people with, scaryyy. #childhood 

 HIGHLIGHT OF THE TRIP. His name is Ah Pui. Pui means fat in the hokkien dialect(thanks for teaching me that word lee song! Not.) and he's really fat actually. and I've something for big dogs. They're so adorable. Anyway, Ah pui's really afraid of loud noises firecrackers/ fireworks makes but chinese new year every night also you-know-how wan right. then he kept running around the windows of the house, trying to get in. super sam tong you know cause he's so scared but he is not allowed in the house. then suddenly we heard momoke shrieking in the room. so she was jolted awake by ah pui, who successfully found an open window. Which unfortunately,  in our room! then samor got curtains so the entire image very creepy. we kept laughing and Ah pui stucked his head in like this and totally refuse to leave. then our cousin came and managed to push his big head out. Ah pui even drooled on the mattress and floor, causing momoke to sigh in disgust. Then we had to change the sheets so momoke can sleep in peace again. hahahaha!

 The famous duck noodles! (Picture taken purely to make the bro jealous. he left for penang the day before heee) but apparently according to my aunt the duck meat getting lesser and lesser and thinner and thinner until 'wind blow also can fly away'. Inflation! *sigh.
 And this, Pap's always craving for the hometown smell of coffee. Its like a signature icon of this place. very traditional.
 snacks from singapore! yum yum yumm.
 needless to say. hehehehehe.

 'Chinese new year present' from eunice. so nom nom!
 Joyce always fail to open this umbrella wan. hahahaha retard! hahahaha!
 enormous chocolate rolls. heee.
AND THIS. I cannot not share about this. do you see my dad? HAHAHA bet you can't. quality suck too bad. the clearer one's at the bro's iphone. so bear with this first ah ok. So we accompanied pap to his friends house. then they took out the old pictures. the guy at the right is MY DAD. I know he's very handsome in his adolscence age but what we didn't know is.. he is a percussionist for his school band! SERIOUS. he said actually he plays the flute wan. then he said 'mou hei ah! drum is easier' . hahaha! so cute. and his friends has packs. wowowowow. now we see these guys, retired and very friendly and white haired, theres so many funny and epic stories when they're young. we had a good time listening to em'. hahaha. 

Learned that one of my niece got straight 10 A1's and 4 top ten's in the country for her form 6 UEC. wow! I'm so impressed like srsly. but I aint no kia su like that so I don't care. hahahaha! hopes all the best for her! heh. k. so late ady ah! tomorrow must continue the angpow hunt on momoke side relatives yeeeeay. for the sake of the furious loan shark ): 


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