Sunday, 29 January 2012

♥하루 31

Helloo ): "Why the long face?" Chinese new year's over! = Holiday over, Angpow money hunting over, Idyllic days over, Excuses for excessive eating over. *BIG SIGH* but on the other hand, I'm actually like 10% glad, not because that Chinese new year's over (oh CNY's definitely one of my most favourite celebrations!) but that when school starts, I can start settling myself and insert some discipline and self-control into my life. I realized I got so used to the holiday rhythm (food, fun, sleep, fun, fun, fun, food, sleep, sleep etc) that I'm even starting to convert this lazy attidude into my daily routine.

which, is not good. why?
1) I've reached the level of procrastination level 9999 

2) well. I gained alot of weight since PMR. LOL. yess I'm pretty sure when people close to me  read this they'd roll their eyes and go "not again" cause I've been ranting/complaining/buat bising about this for a long time. Then I realized that besides complaining, I'm not exactly making an effort to redeem my stamina (ok I tried. just.."aiyo, next week la") and well, get rid of my habit of eating when I don't need to.

3) Having 10 wajib subjects, 3(or more) of them involving maths (hey. three is alot ok!), exam syllabus being entirely different from the lower forms (completely subjective formed *inserts vulgar*) I have GOT to be more hardworking. since my hardworking level's like 1% in form 3. so noww, aiya. at least 0.5% also can la!must improve. MUST. academically, things are more challenging already. I can't afford to sit down and shake my legs like before. maybe yes after the first term and I grab hold of all the exam structures but to be honest I feel quite stress now. not only that it seemed very competitive in science 1, but just. I can't seem to get my butt to my homework already. I guess I'll just do my best, and leave the rest to God k.

4)I know how proud of myself I would feel after I've achieved self-disciplinary and ofc, get my freaking stamina back. I'd be literally shining with pride. and no doubt, I would be happier! esp when I think of myself.. physically. HAHAHA OK, OK.


enjoy! hehehe. 


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