Thursday, 26 January 2012

♥하루 30

Hey hey heeey! so. fourth day of chinese new year! after Johor then we come back KL to momoke side relatives.  went sam's house in the afternoon for lunch. had a game of funny cho dai ti hahaha, yen ming's house with kang lim, visit jessica's dad, who was really sick recently but got better already, thank God. Then we had dinner at Uncle peter and his wife's (we call her pretty aunty! she's really pretty. and nice too! *in awe) new condo. apparently has a view of a 5 star, top 3 golf courses in the country. and also can see Najib's house. LOL. no bad right. Uncle peter cooked for us. Really yummy! didn't expect that he could cook that well. and he told us stories about how he realized his business potential. serious amazing! Well, dinner was great and we played card games along. fun night!

Every block has their own swimming pool, playground and gym. btw alot of foreigners stays there. saw some adorable korean(!!!) kids riding their bicycle with their dads. and a girl who has a yellow(!!!) parrot who sits on her shoulder with some pom pom puppy with super short legs that follows her everywhere. Its like the fusion of cap'ain hook. and a pom pom. o: comical sight! hahaha! 

photobomb level: 1000
She started lying liddat once we reached the playground. "wahhh so relaxing ahhh"
swing! headache after that LOL

Enoch and joyceet playing tic-tac-toe! It was a tie hahaha.
then enoch spoilt the swing in the matter of minutes hahaha then he had to ask euniceet to help him fix it (thats when she had to get up LOL)
Uncle kwan playing see-saw with sum sum. "sum you want to go second floor anot?"
then enoch the spoiler appeared. hahahaha!

well.. I know. there's alot of teeth. LOL.


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