Friday, 17 February 2012

♥하루 36

HI! how's life? I'm good. I'll post up some pictures we took during the shopping trip with joyceet last week (I know I know, I'm very slow but ok la hahaha). There's so many happenings during this week. It was Valentine's on tuesday, and obviously its has no whatsoever significance for me. Apparently our pengetua made us call it 'Hari Persahabatan'. Fine with me, but funny in a way hahahaha!

fresh carnations! so pretty. 

I also want to thankyou for those little gifts and chocolates (YOU WANT TO MAKE ME FATTER THAN EVER???) , and esp the muffins kylie so sweetly baked for us. She's such a star! The muffins was REALLY x100 yummy we couldn' help but stare in case there's leftovers. sadly, there were none *okay face.

Had to buy an red artificial plant with prickly stems (you bet what is it.) from the science 2 students. Jess and areecca looking so cute and annoying, promoting to us during recess everyday -.- Its nice tho, since its hand-made. ;)

but I'd like to SPECIALLY mention this valentine gift from one of my bessssst-esssst friend. I found it in my stupid Rm3-8A-notebook-from-school after recess signed 'from your secret admirer' but obviously la it is not from a guy except if whoever is she is some lesbian, the handwriting's so cute! how can right. 

I practically hyperventilated when i saw what's in it. 

I LOOK SO PRETTY  *faints* IT IS SO SINCERELY MADE! I know its not easy, depending I always tried making collages like this using PHOTOSHOP, which I always get the sizes wrong, what to say printing (WHAT HAPPENS IF THE SIZE IS NOT RIGHT??), cutting and pasting. btw I really think I look pretty leh but "eh grace your face and body colour really big contrast hor" -Kylie Tee. *Laughs* Anyway, It's so pretty I've to frame it up wei! 

Thanks Nicoleeeee! 
Epilogue from momoke: "EEEEEEEH WHAT IS THIS???"

Valentine's dinner #Togetheralone. None of us has any valentine so we'd as well make use of the celebration and spend it together right! Also reunion with Her Majesty, Ching, who shifted to homeschool ): I miss her so much! Too bad Jane was unable to attend that night. If not it'd be perfect. Guess what did I had? 


 cheeeeeeeeeze ♥

 HAHAHA menakutkan! :s

good times. Pizza hut was almost full and therefore people were looking at us one kind for camwhoring like this, setting timers, posing and all (AND making so much noise *shameless*) But its all worthed it. Hope to meet up again someday! 


That night started out great. Found a parking right after the parking ticket entrance in SECONDS on a sunday night (how rare is that?? time to buy lottery!!) so our mood were exceptionally good. which is a great thing.

Was planning to eat at Pasta zanmai, as I'm terribly craving for Cabonara (Nicole: when are you not?) but its not in the menu, and the restaurant's full ): so we had dinner at MOF (Ministry Of Food) cause Joyceet's been spamming on how nice is the deserts and so.. we decided to try it out! 

 LOVEEEEEE THIS. guys I've new matcha deserts to introduuuuuce! so milky and matcha-ish (not the best description in the world but still yummmmm) 

My salmon with teriyaki sauce bento. Very disappointing tho, the salmon's over-fried and the sauce is too salty :( Had to drink gallons of water after.

Shopping at Forever 21! I love that shop, eventho its extremely overpriced. and surprisingly theres a 'absolute bargain' sale going on that day. First time ever in my life forever 21 is being so generous! go check it out! you might would find something you like ;) Planning to go again, if theres a chance. Which is probably tomorrow, with Areecca, jess and kyyyylie. 

k time to go off for dinner and junior musician practice with the euniceet. AND the second cup of chatime in a day (last day to use the maxis voucher. hahaha trust them to be so last minute) getting abit sick of it already. but being very kiam siap and kia su.. MUST USE BEFORE EXPIRY DATE. hahaha!

nom nom nom. love chewing the pearls.

p/s the orang asli kids loved my The Grouch tee-shirt from Sukkie and Jacky! :))

k goodbye and goodnight! 

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