Sunday, 5 February 2012

♥하루 33

I'm going to talk about something that happened quite sometime ago. I watched the most expensive movie in my life (well.. it IS! I'm not being too kiam siap!) with sukkie and her family but surprisingly its worthed all the money!

I'll admit its my first 3D movie (I'm not a barbarian that lives in a cave with spiders ok! I just don't see whats the point to spend so much on these graphics). this happened on a certain long story, but I'm glad it happened. I'm pretty sure it won't be my last time. highly recommended by me, altho some of my friends thinks that its boring, which I've no idea why.

so I had reunion dinner with the relatives from momoke side on sunday night. the kids ate at sheet yeen's  house, whilst the adults is at my aunt's place (just next door!) and it was great night. the children is extra hyper that night. (esp chloe and lucas, who kept asking to take pictures hahaha!) so much laughter and so many toys to play with!
 Lucas says HI
 nom nom nom! 

 what kind of childhood is this! I'm dying of jealousy ):
 snare drum from lucas's pink drumset. (he lost his drumsticks) hahaha!

 lucas's favourite toy! tomtom #1 and tomtom#2

playing the 'toll' game hahaha!

 whenever eugenie plays the piano the two little ones goes up immediately to kacao LOLS
 everyone rushed out to watch the fireworks display!
 *Laughs* just testing out the fisheye lens.


always loved family dinners! Can't wait for the next one! :))

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