Sunday, 19 February 2012

♥하루 38

"oi grace koh please don't start treating your blog like tumblr k??!!"

*okay face (I was just planning to do so hehehehehe) but now I decided not to! ☺ cause I'm that  nice *ahem.

so. on this fateful sunday night, I finally got my chance to visit that famous korean village at KL I kept hearing about. Being a die hard k-pop fan, I just can't hide my enthusiasm for korean food. or anything korean (Tags maisara and fartla-hia). Anyway, I guess I wouldn' call that place a 'village' cause it is really not village-y. But that part of KL is entirely KOREAN (korean people, korean marts, korean restaurants, korean boutiques, korean houses, korean condominums, korean accents, korean billboards, korean advertisments, korean breath etc) Just heavenly.

We went there for dinner. Planned to have korean bbq but then decided on ala-carte after. oooh *rubs hands in glee* I instantly fell in love with the korean speciality beef soup. I also crave for beef ALL the time besides cabonara (esp the korean and vietnam ones omgeeee). 

Everyone there is korean and there's this korean lady boss who is extremely friendly. She kept greeting/talking to us in korean which we all go "uh.. I don't exactly understand you" but oh wells. I like listening to korean. Anyway, I can't seem to bring myself to read the english-translated korean words in the menu because.. I'd look so stupid (face problem) so we just pointed and "this one this one." *awkward grin*

ok ok enough of the talk lets move on to the foood! don't drool k.

First we got in total of 15 complimentary side dishes for free (also free refill) SO MANY YOU KNOW. I was like :O But the portion of our individual meals are so huge (pricing: RM17++) we only refilled three dishes and we didn't even finish quarter of them. And there's like five of us. *pats bloated tummy*

My beeeeeef soup! This is highly recommended! The beef's so tender and juicy and the soup is seriously.. words defy it. But it is also really filling so you can actually share a pot of soup between two people and ask for another rice. so yummmy!

Wai yin's kimchi soup! also recommended. Somehow this soup is not at all spicy and taste really tomato-ish. It's tastes something like the reddish soup at Kim gary. VERY appetizing. I can't help but kept taking spoonfuls of it, its so delicious.

This also has beef but I can't say anything about it cause I didnt try it. Smells good tho!

Some kind of soup bro ordered. It look extremely spicy but actually its quite tasteless. I've no idea about this but it sure does look appetizing.

Can the night get any more perfect?? 

hehehe. then we sent wai yin back to her hostel and went for to try a bubble tea which apparently is even better and cheaper than chatime according to wai yin. Yeap the price is stunning, only Rm 3 (can buy two cups of chatime lols) and the milk tea is really milky , but we ordered pearl milk tea, me in high expectations to chew on pearls yet the guy didn't inform us beforehand that they ran out of pearls. not even after. we left and realized that there's no pearls. so we asked about it then only they clarified. seriously? oh well. I still enjoyed drinking teh ais hahaha.

ok, I'm so tired. Till then,
goodnight! xx

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