Monday, 13 February 2012

♥하루 35- I VANT TRAVEL!

I had lots of fun shopping with joyceet yesterday! Btw to the fans of F21, theres currently a very shocking sale going on, so grab your precious chance while you still can! Anyway, Today was quite an interesting day. hmmm, kenapa?

#1 We had to skip mod maths and add maths due to the majlis pelantikan badan disiplin/ pengawas and php! THREE WHOLE PERIODS. can anything be morrrrrre perfect? and Pn. Hew taught about experiment reports AGAIN during bio *BIG SIGH. spent the entire double period day-dreaming cause I forgot to bring my bio fail. hehehehe.

#2 During the very enjoyable majlis pelantikan, I managed to come across this Star newspaper of my friend's, which they bought and I randomly saw this firefly promotion (I love reading adverts esp from airline/ tech gadgets companies! btw this promotion I immediately search on google after school) :


for only RM NINETEEN? darn cheap. This is perfect for the trips we've been drooling and drooling on for the past holidays. I miss penang so much! I'm so glad it would have the chance to happen in near future. Then out of curiousity, I searched for this: 

only RM ONE-TWO-FOUR to go to bangkok! Being entirely drowned in my sister's compliments about how absolutely awesome is shopping in bangkok since their trip there last year (and coming back with their poor luggage near exploding), bangkok has always been on the top of my 'To go list', right next to South Korea!  If only I'm old enough to go travel on my own ): This sounds near impossible as both my sisters so extremely bankrupt and penniless. Guess I'll annoy pap and bro about this instead. WAHAHAHA.

Anyway, after being so turned on about travelling and vacations, I made an image search on my MOOOST almost dying to go to vacation spot again---- Maldives. Apparently it's an island in the middle of indian ocean and also JUST the most beautiful island in the whole, freaking, wide world. ok, it IS the most beautiful island for me! I'm so sure I'll go there for honeymoon or whatever when I grow older. ITS. A. MUST.

Literally half in mind to edit myself into all these amazing pictures just for my own entertainment. too bad I've no photoshoot in this laptop! Sorry about the picture quality :s Try google it yourself and you'd be amazed at how miraculous and words-defying can God's creation be. Words freaking cannot describe how beyond beautiful is this place!

k there would be alot of beautiful places I may not have seen, but till now maldives would still be my dream (omg I feel like a poet) Now lets see,

This is generally about Maldives island, (I don't specially enjoyed the weird sea creatures & star fish part *shudders) wherelse

This, is about most interiors of the Laamu Resort. aaaah.

Wait for me Maldives! meanwhile dear popularity of human beings, I'd be dreadfully glad if you guys stop all the agonizing pollution so when I've enough money I can go to the beautiful maldives instead of the rotten and completely eco-ly destroyed one. thanks.

ok nao I'll resume dreaming about going there with the one I love ngehehehehe. bye! 

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