Sunday, 12 February 2012

♥하루 34

ni hao! Recently I'm in an exceptionally good mood. We had the annual cross-country run on saturday. Unlike majority of the female students who prefers taking it as a 7km walk, I ran. Since.. I've always jogged and I liked it! hahaha but I slack daooo after pmr.

I was aiming for top 10 and I'm super anxious + nervous the night before I couldn sleep. (or maybe its cause I've slept from 4pm to 7pm thats why hahaha) so I only slept for 1-2 hours, haunted by nightmares the entire time. I've never experienced being so sleepless, as I'm the kind who falls asleep easily anytime anywhere. :s

Jolted awake at 5.20am. went downstairs and freaked momoke out hahaha. but somehow time flies and it was 7am in a blink of an eye! :o then everything else was just typically happened and we started to run ady. I was the first female runner to reach school during marathon practice, which I'm very surprised of. But this year very less competitor so somehow everyone got more incentive lor.

and.. on the actual run, I got stitches on my right abdomen (I seriously dread these) and got very exhausted after. but with God's double blessing, I got second for the under 18 female category! I'm so excited and happy! BUT the surprise does not end here. Rumah kuning got first! finally! after four freaking years! *WAHHHHHH* 

My leg was literally shaking and smiled like a moron during the entire gift-giving ceremony :s Number 1-20 gets medals and certificates whilst number 1-3 get an extra trophy hehehehe. all in all, I'm glad!

Congratulations to Mun Yee (1st), Areecca (11th) and Kylie (12th) too! we did great! Thanks for all the cheering and support and congratulations everyone! I really cherished it! Thanks again for making my day! :)

off to sunway to shop before joyce goes back :( byebye! 

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