Sunday, 8 April 2012

♥하루 48


Hello, hello! Here we come to the end of yet another exciting week. I've so much to say but considering it's monday tomorrow and I promised sukkie not to sleep in bio class again I'd just summarize all the excitement into one short post. ahahah. I'll just sleep during php tomorrow. omg boring daooo all the speeches. /yawning in advance/

ok so we (Uncle joe and family, Euniceet and Leehan) went to CHCKL on thursday to testify the long-awaited drama production ---- Chromeheart revelation part II! I've come to known (in envy) this by amy who had been skipping school for several days for practice and stuff. Furthermore by descriptions the crew sounds very professional, eventho I never really heard this production before.

In my opinion it wasn't exactly as good as I imagined but based on the effort the team put in, I must say it was really good. esp along with all the stunts and optical illusions and costumes and all, I'd give them an 8 of out 10! hahahaha I can't stop myself from laughing at amy cause she look so funny in her green puffy-sleeved dress. LOL.

CHCKL even invited hawker stalls with a wide variety of food for gluttony people like me but I'm so sad that the tawiwanese chicken nuggets I bought was all squashed up in my bag, being unable to eat in the hall  CHC also very sweetly placed a box of easter egg (with a message inside! but mine was a horrible one -.-) on everyone's car (except for sukkie's) hahahahah.


Thanks for everything, You're the coolest aunty on earth! ♥

We had dinner together with uncle kwan and uncle joe's family at my house after we played watched the leaders play paintball. hahaha sorry sukkie for making us fail to see them play. They only took 1 hour to play a game of 2 hours LOL. Was satisfied thou for getting such a surprisingly nice present HAHA.

okay, off to hit the sack. Hello monday! God bless y'all!
goodbye ~

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