Sunday, 15 April 2012

♥하루 49

ni hao! I feel so idyllic now! so lazy and bloated from lunch too. Anyway, church today was great! hahaha esp praise and worship omg we had a two-hour practice the night before. Totally remember all the patterns without any difficulties at all hahahaha. Had lunch at McD's and chi yan told me they add rubber band into the patty!! /dies/ (I was just eating the exact burger. and she's also eating it too. LOL)

Speaking about how rottenly nasty fast food are, take a look at this:

An experiment I did with mcD's french fries at 26th of October 2011. Until now. Still looking quite crunchy and smells like fries too. No insects went near it.. seriously (╯._.)╯ ┻━┻

Anyway, I'm going to update about one fateful friday afternoon where dengshan and nafieq come disturb my promise home routine hahahaha. So apparently deng shan had actually been talking about coming since last year and only recently they decided to "do some good stuff" so they came.

 Had to walk cause Joyceet's not going to be back this week. and it's freaking hot  so I had to bring this stupid  umbrella which embarrassed me like that luckily no one was around to see this and laugh at how idiotic I look like.  ಠ_ಠ

I didn't get any pictures of them teaching. hahaha. They played monkey, football, eagle & chicken (?) and frisbee.  Hilarious. The kids enjoyed  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

 The ball/frisbee kept flying outside several times and dengshan have to go out and get it lol hahahah

 "ke-ris minum air! tangkap gambar!" (yes they call me keris lol)

Watching nafieq perform cartwheels!

 "Hadiah! Hadiah!" for the guys when they're gonna leave. hahaha.

Me: "Suka abang nafieq tak?"
Nafieq: "The heck ಠ_ಠ  HAHAHAHAHA Whatt?!"

On my way home. Gonna throw the stupid umbrella in the dustbin lol.

 Jogged and swam with best partner Charmaine on saturday morning! Felt so healthy ヾ(゚∀゚*)ノ彡and I even swam 12 laps (with loads of rest in between lol). Eh don't laugh k big improvment ady I don't even know how to swim for the last 15 years, considering being in a family who's all good swimmers. (except for momoke, she hates the pool).

Started drinking choya umeshu (--A japanese plum liqueur) frequently after dinner this week.  It has a kind of sweet, sour taste and an alcohol content of around 15%-20%. Besides, Umeshu is also 100% natural without additives or preservatives! Despite the alcohol content I only got a slight alcohol rash (JOYCEET AND ME IS ALLERGIC TO ALCOHOL LOL) but I think the allergy is wearing off for both of us already. so happy. If not I'd be as swollen as a teletubby when I drink alcoholic drinks (which I don't really like but umeshu darn nice)

HAHAHA. Praise the Lord for this! eventho the amount of money they give is kind of unfair. LOL. But it's okay, at least there's still the blessing. (゚´▽`゚)

 Can you spot my name? ♡^▽^♡ 

Alrights. Swimming with Sukkie, Chiyan and Daniel later. Pray that it does not rain, soft rumbling of thunder heard constantly now ☹ Must not rain! 

Have a great week ahead. 
goodbye! ♬

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