Friday, 2 March 2012

♥하루 40

Hello. So I'm typing away at 3 am in this beautiful saturday.. morning? hahaha. Guess you'd realize there's quite alot of changes done here! hmm. you didn't? I advise you to get an eye sight check up, perhaps the surface of your retina is irregularized. or your eye lens is too thick. or too thin. HAHAHA. k I'm really really sleepy, I'd snore away like a giant elephant right now. but for you beloved ones, I told myself I'd update. /*conjuring imaginary readers*

anyway, great bunch of thanks to dearest sister, Joyce koh for helping me with the blog header. and did you guys realise some ads (abbrev: advertisments) around? yes. I'm officially a nuffie! and no, this is definitely not an ad-free blog, depending on what a money-lover the blog owner is *ahem. please do kindly do me a favour to click of em'! I'm not sure how am I supposed to make money but yeah.. you're to click on them or something. Some are quite interesting anyway so just pay some attention to the ads when you visit, thanks hehehe. I very quite generous wan you know I might share my income 50-50 with you. (I'll consider. but you must click them ok) *showing off all persuading skills*

Alright. I'm still in a dilemma! boardgame depot or sunway tomorrow? oh, argh. ok time to hit the sack. The decision will eventually come tomorrow, depending on which is planned in the way I've more time to sleep lol. Hope I don't get night mares from the scary Lord of the ring movie I watched just now :s

goooodnight! ;)

I'm hungry! and still craving for starbucks! yeap. I'm always hungry in the middle of the night. ok sleep before I start invading the kitchen. hahaha.

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