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♥하루 45: March holiday/ Happy B'day Sukkie (Part 2)

heeey yo!

Yes, the blog title says is all! I'm going to talk about my march holiday here #slowpoke. It was one of my happppiest week, hahaha. Mainly cause we've so many plans going on and especially sukkie's birthday preparations. True, there's moments when we're so desperate and stressed from the deadline and all but I'm really glad everything turned out (kinda) successful HAHAHA.

Ran alot on monday and tuesday with best jogging partner charmine! hahaha. On tuesday night chi yan and me stayed over at sukkie's for ice-skating tomorrow. I forgot what we did that night LOL but the next day we had to wake up at 7am and otw at 8am :/ Sunway wasn't nearly open yet during that time so we hung out at coffee bean (Closed) and watch the trainee figure skaters in the rink.

We're one of the earliest skaters to arrive and waited for some 'commoners' to enter the rink before us (at 9:15am! we didn't dare to go in cause everyone so pro hahahaha *kia su*). hahaha the ice was smooth and hard due to how early we are. Daniel was with us! He's kind of wobbly at first but under the professional guidance of Jacky he learned darn fast. Skating round and round and round without us after that -.-

around 10.30am Keith, Leehan, Nicholas, Jiaquan and Leesong arrived. We were starving so asked them to buy us mcD for breakfast. yum yum yum! never tasted anything so delicious in my life lol. Only keith and lee han joined us for skating. During that we initially planned to watch lorax so we asked the others to buy the tickets for the 6.30pm show. BUT,

Gan jeong moment: Apparently according to them the tickets was sold out so they bought the 12:30pm one. omg seriously. We were all darn shocked cause when they called us it was around 12:15pm already. And they bought TEN tickets. omg you tell me what to do la! we're practically cracking our heads already. Keith and Leehan just started skating and the tickets costed rm 23!! First we asked them to refund. If cannot then sell the tickets. I prayed hard. Believe it or not, at the end around 12:45pm Nicholas sold every single one of the tickets. Thank God!

Trial moment #1: There will be a seminar at night, which aunty ida strongly recommended us to join them. We didn't thought to do so you know, cause like no transport and all. But around 2pm our moms called us and told us to join them and will be fetching everyone of us at 7pm. I'm like oh shit. cause we're still planning to watch lorax at 6pm ++ We hadn't buy the tickets yet and we can't lie to them about this. Dilemma ttm omg. At the end we decided to go to the seminar cause clearly in mind that's what is the better choice for God and His ministry. I'm proud we made that decision :')

After skating we went for lunch/dinner at Nando's!

 The empty space beside Nicholas is Jacky's. We went off in a hurry ("I GO TOILET AH KBYE" and "I GO TA PAO FOOD FOR DADDY") to buy sukkie's birthday present. Took up an hour in the toilet to choose a perfect jersey! Were planning to print her name at the back. 

 HAHA point is at where we stucked the 'extra hot' indication on the bones. I find it funny LOL after everyone's belly is full and happy we played the "hah" and "what" game hahaha! Punishment is to eat a weird and freaking spicy mixture by Nicholas :/

 Then we had my favourite matcha ice-cream! YAY! so yummmmy!

Waiting for momoke at starbucks. I bought a pair of adorable glove at daiso's so while waiting I tried it on a realized that it's really small. Then we ran back to daiso only knowing that it's for children! so heart broken *cries* resolved in exchanging a pack of rice crackers. :/

Trial moment #2: Momoke was in a really thunderous mood when she arrived cause we're still otw out from daiso and from the traffic jam. The seminar starts at 8pm and we're still stucked at the summit jam at 7:30pm. She's already half in mind to go back home and called aunty Ida about her decision. I was in aghast cause omg are you serious we were supposed to go for a movie and now home?? Then we prayed for the traffic to go smoothly so momoke will change her mind. Suddenly she turned in the alam mega entrance at kesas and she said hope it does not jam on the way lah. *relieved* hahaha. Arrived at IOI Marriott hotel on time. Experienced a new level of praise and worship. (and also embarrassed from getting on the big screen twice cause we're sitting at the first row in the middle ugh *blush*) 


The night before the aunties asked us to join the morning session too cause their praise and worship is really powerful and hope that we could bring our dance to another level. hahaha ok lor. but omg wake up at 6:30am ? Have to reach there before 8am! *yawns* fetched Chiyan and Jacky and there we go! When we reached there the place is darn kosong. So we sat at the lobby and made friends with an aunty from Indonesia hahaha. Then we played draw something while waiting for sukkie to arrive :)

I've to admit their worship team is very cool (Y) all old aunties yet they're so freaking talented. hahaha their dancing team is kind of funny and creative but euniceet and me followed along, finally causing us agonizing arm aches lol! After the session we went for lunch at sunway. 

ngeee aunty Ida. hahaha realized that she's really humourous LOL.

and guess what? The aunties want to stay abit longer so we actually get to watch lorax! in 3D! *cheeeers* hahahaha! I'm so happy. The movie is freaking adorable. Almost cried watching the part where the last trufella tree is chopped off :( I love that lorax creature and its funny moustache hehehe. After the movie we followed aunty Ida and the pretty aunty to jusco to get some groceries before heading back to KK. 

how cute is all these! a must watch movie. go go go faster buy a dvd (not pirated one please lol). Even the metal/iron/titanium/bronze etc heart could melt at such cuteness and harmony. 


Friday is a big, big day! Gonna exercise in the morning! Waited for them at lakeside for an hour *-* Then Chiyan and me took a walk around while the guys play basketball. Got bored so we watched them play. Hahaha I'm still not appreciating the excitement of basketball -.- But it seemed really for them and its nice to watch them run freaking swiftly and laugh at those stupid funny moments. LOL. 

Walked to Sri melur for breakfast after. Met Eileen and Ethel! We're planning to walk to carrefour afterwards to buy the ingredients for sukkie's cake. But very awesomely Eileen said she's free and agreed to send us. (such luck that we met eileen cause I'm in no mood to walk hahahaha) Had some problem getting sour cream samor so she had to send us here and there. She's so nice! :) 

Successfully got everything. Headed back to Chiyan's place, showered and waited for Leehan, Keith and Leesong to come so we can start baking. fuyoh tell you we stink like mad omg hahaha. Baking was.. TIRING. Didn't stop until 5.30pm when I remembered had a dinner date with jonie, chuan ping and jaga! Called joyceet. Rushed home, packed stuff and leave straightaway. I was late by an HOUR. I suck :/ After that was junior musician practice.

SATURDAY IS SUKKIE'S B'DAY! stayed over on friday night. WE HAVE PLANS. HAHAHA.


Reached sukkie's at 11:30pm ++ We've initially made a plan to scare/surprise her at midnight. I'm not going to elaborate here cause it's a fail (but so funny) and this blog post is freaking long already if anyone of you realize (probably not, nobody's gonna read this long LOL) sigh I'm okay if you don't I'll just read it to my grandchildren as bedtime stories when I grow old. 

Tried hard to make sukkie sleep early cause we need to decorate the unfinished cake. But in the meantime of waiting for her to sleep, I slept instead -.- Then Jacky's supposed to wake Chiyan and me up at 2am but we're such pigs so he had a hard time LOL. sorry yeah. HAHAHA. ok so we finally woke up BUT also woke sukkie up shit -.- What suspense. Waited and tiptoed out before I can fall asleep myself again :x

We're going to the hot air balloon fiesta the very next day! Ticket booth starts selling at 7.30am and I'm just getting ready by then lol so sleepy I can't help it :/ So exciting! I love merry and busy places! so happy. Saw many creative hot air balloons otw. hehehe. There's already SO many people and we just walked around trying hard to find the ticket booth and keep the ray of hope in our hearts. 

k the tickets is sold out already hahahaha and so we left for breakfast :') then Sukkie's place again and watched totoro! yayyyy. I love cute movies like these. hehehe. had a nap after that. barely slept the night before *o* Got music practice at 2pm thou and I had such a hard time being woken up by sukkie :B

We went to youth and Gideon lamely surprised sukkie hahahaha with the cake we baked. It's a snare drum! yes, look closely. there's the screws and the brand and its round. closeenough.jpg


geee so pretty! :B

Played captain ball that day! It was a great game for me cause I'm actually REALLY playing lol Sweat dao like bathed liddat. Showered at sukkie's before going out for her B'day dinner! :') Whichhhhh is at my favourite place ever! (in all the thousands of places lol) , KUALA LUMPUR! I love the city and I know that is very patriotic of me k. hahaha!

Dinner at El Cerdo, a foreign pork-specialized restaurant at changkat bintang. hahaha I like the atmosphere there eventhough then we'll have to bear with the blinding flash when we take photos T_T and that day it's in coincidence with the St. Patick's Day! In case anyone of you don't know apa tu, google it. A day of celebration lol. So merry! hehehe. 

 Starters! Garlic toasts and the spread something like tuna/minced meat.

 ze aunty irene's fruity red sangria ~

 fell in love with their mushroom soup in the first spoonful :')

yummy, big, fat, round, rice and prawns and scallops and some kind of sea creature in shells hahaha!

 Sukkie's birthday "cake"! HAHAHA they even sang their version of pig birthday song for her. cool! *Laughs*

 St. Patrick's day fireworks! :)

strolled squeeze ourselves through the BIG crowd. Saw so many funny people in funny costumes. Everyone's having fun! :')

OK. That's it for this long x10237487266355463 post. hahaha! I'm kind of in the writing mood today so I think this is good cause I'd know what exactly I've done on this day fifty years from now. :D hehehe. 

k I'll shut up now. HAHAHAHA. thanks for reading!

bye! :)

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