Saturday, 3 March 2012

♥하루 41: Happy B'day Big Less!

Yellow, yellow! ooh its someone special's birthday again! yaaaay! and she's one of the nicest person in the entire world and and also one of the funniest too. I'm soo grateful that she's my sister-in-law and also one of my best friends for the lifetime. I thank God for this blessing and such a pretty wife for the bro~ V(.__.)V

hope you're gonna like the tiramisu cake  yumm! 

This picture is one of my personal favourite lol hahahaha. we were at penang for the wedding. dimsum for breakfast ftw! she's the reason I get to go back to penang again and realize how heavenly is that place. The food (you don't say?), beautiful lush trees everywhere, contemporary architectural designs of authentic 60's and the 21st century urban areas like the gurney drive omg I love that place and there's just this home-ey feeling about being in penang.

There goes the bro! HUAT AH! hahaha.

 They look so darn cute together aww

yes my brother plays the saxophone. hahaha and quite well actually. my siblings were all in the hin hua school orchestra band and I remember my perspective is how heroic they seemed to me when I was younger. I still do now but I really regret for refusing the offer for private school four years ago ☹ (part of me not really cause they've to study on saturdays too! oh no) 

Anyway, happy happy birthday again! Have a blaaaaast! Thanks for everything these years. for being such a cool sister-in-law. for being so considerate and nice as an elder sister. for being there for me when I need help. for being such a great listener and friend.☺

I did this myself! hahaha! so nice leh! hor? hahaha! 

Enjoy! xx

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