Saturday, 10 March 2012

♥하루 42

Hi! It's time for my weekly update again! :) *cheers and applauses* I'm so, so, so glad that the first monthly test's over. Ok I've to admit I'm at the brink of suffocating from stress even if it's just the freaking first test, with only a one to two chapters for each subjects.

I don't know whether I'm being paranoid or not but I definitely have to blame it on my last minute-ness (basically start studying the day before exam starts). well.. I've been doing this for the past 8 years. every single exam. never fails. LOL. hahahaha. and now I realized I'm commiting suicide this way in form 4.

I cannot tembak answer now cause everything's in subjective and they just love asking really detailed stuff (esp the 'access maklumat' always situated in the teeeeny corner of our text book ugh). I'm still not exactly fully adapted to everything now but I can live through it :P so anyway. where were we?

YES. exam's oveeeer! (AND THE MARCH HOLIDAY IS HERE.) no words can describe how happy I feel now *floats* I shall put all my fear of failing add maths (which is.. confirmed) behind and enjoy this week before I get back to school and suffer the mental agony for my results hehehehe. ☺

anyway, I wanna wish Miki a happy belated birthday! (8/3) we celebrated for her at Saachien curry house (the one I told you guys about the yummy banana leaf dish?) cause for those who don't know, miki's a japanese transfer student who is currently studying in m'sia for a year! (and she's my classmate!) weeeeee.

We decided on something very malaysian and obviously mamak popped out on our minds. roti canai, curry ikan, mee mamak, thosei, roti tisu etc *drools* The restaurant is a very good choice too cause its clean and there's aircond for those puteri lilins. apart from the hamsap looking waiters overall the night was grrreat.

(photo credits: ching yi)

Miki does not like spicy flavoured food so she just had little bit of the tandoori and all wherelse she shared a absolutely heavenly cheese naan with joanne. and she liked it! hope she really did! btw I'm thinking of getting her the giordano shirt that says "I ♥ MY" hahahaha. still considering thou. might get it when we go ice-skating on wednesday! yaaaay. 

okay. had a inner healing seminar from 9am to 6pm today, then a sudden 6:30 worship practice, leaving me so worn out *yawns* the seminar was really good anyway, I learned alot ☺ except for the being extremely sleepy part eeeargh. pretty much enjoyed, passing messages with sukkie (WHILE LISTENING OK) hahaha! music practice ended at 7.30pm and we had dinner at Breadbasket's. nasi kerabu's darn filling *-*

okiee sunday tomorrow! planned to sleep in until the very last minute lols. *yaaaawn*. also happy 1st year anniversary to big bro and big less  I love you guys! 

p/s craving for matcha sundae ☹

goodnight xx

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