Saturday, 31 March 2012

♥하루 47

my face is kind of squarish here I wonder why. :/

Hai! omg I'm so sleepy now! It's been such a looong yet very enjoyable day. Ofcourse enjoyable la right, youth outing leh today weeeeee! Successfully invited some of my friends like jonie, jaga and shook ping to join us this time. Been a long time since we caught up on the gossips since the f4 year started ☹ 

The games was fun but terribly tiring. Aaron seemed to have adapted an interest in asking people to turn 15 rounds on the same spot and run else where in a slightly more than moderately speed. Ok I didn't play and admit that some people really looked so drunk and funny hahahahahaha I think it's extremely hilarious until I actually did it myself and totally stopped laughing about it. -.-

after the outing, we showered and went to sunway to watch THE HUNGER GAMES! /hyperventilates/ omg how long have I been waiting for this moment here. and I'm so glad to know from my friends that the movie is 2 and a half hour long! I love watching long movies esp the movie I've been so anticipated for.

okay in my opinion it turned out to be quite disappointing BUT there's also a few parts worthed the good comments. I can't expect to compare the book and a film right cause words can always defy the in-depth and meanings wherelese movies can only express via surface-ly :/ so okayface.jpg

I highly recommend whoever of you to read the book. The movie's nice but you can fill in yourself to all the parts that got cut (which is ALOT) and got changed (which is also ALOT) and cry at how realistic suzanne collins accelerated the engines of our imaginations. *o*

after the movie we went to popular to spend the Rm50 satu malaysia voucher to buy my stupid reference books/topical exercises. ok I'm kind of happy to get them finally but it's REFERENCE BOOKS. and I've to spend near rm40 on them even with the voucher. It's the first time I bought reference books T__T and I don't like how it feels T___T

I might as well kick myself awake now to start studying for the mid term before I regret for not doing so earlier *cries* I pray for the abundant wisdom from God. AND ALSO REMEMBER THE MONEY I SPENT ON ALL THESE DEAD TREES, GREATLY SACRIFICED FOR US.  I like trees! 

so I promise I'll do it. when I feel like doing it. on monday! CHIONG AH! k anyways. I can't wait to tell y'all about dinner! hehehehe we had thai food at Bandar Puteri, Puchong with bigbro & bigless, bao jian and joyceet. yum yum yum tomyum! HAHAHA PUNNY.

 unlimited flow of water! it's not the usual mineral water we drink. This has the tinge of the wonderful pandan aroma in it, I think thai people always drinks this. It smells REALLY nice and so reeee-freshing!

 bigbro and bao jian loved this dish. Its pork neck. They cut it into really slim slices, which is just right for the size and content. It does not look oily at all but its really chewy and the taste of pork fat is just right. 

 Pandan chicken! all-time favourite thai dish! :) This is abit dry but they serve it with the special sauce as you can see so it balances out perfectly. personally I loved this alot.

 hahaha honestly I've never seen this before! It's otak-otak with prawns and sotongs AND coconut flesh cooked together IN the coconut! but it tasted abit weird much to our excitement. baojian said there's a thai restaurant who serve this beyond heavenly at sungai petani, Penang which is 500km away.

 tomyam soup! so rich in spices and theirs have a special flavour in it that I can't name lol also really spicy, suitable for those who is always up for a chilli challenge. joyceet's lips expanded into the size of a sausage and the colour of my sneakers when it's new. hahahahaha

 after our belly is full and all the food is sapu-ed we chit chatted for awhile. The night was really windy and we talked about their experience at koh lipe. which is so hilarious and also made joyceet and me bnyk envious :( sounded so fun! except for the diving part. I hate deep water esp the sea. and the creatures inside. *shudders*

great day overall! so happy. will update about youth outing when I get the pictures from sukkie k? hehehe. alright, I better sleep now if not sonner of later I'd need toothpicks to keep my eye lids open *-*

p/s Have a great sunday ahead!

goodnight! ☺

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