Sunday, 6 May 2012

♥하루 55 - Pictures of food and me

Hey! OK. From the title of this post, you already know lah what you'll see. hahahaha! I will not deny the fact that I like taking pictures of myself (or we call it camwhore I'm too kiasu to use the word now) ಠ_ಠ so bear with me. and I'm also very into Creativity with edible material, in which you'll have an idea of in the previous post.

I love playing having fun with food. (edible material. geddddit. hahahah I think I'm very funny) Mixing and matching and also experimenting with the wonders of the yummy possibilities you're bound to create.  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ who doesn't? I believe alot of us have done this when you're younger (and gets nag at from our parents afterwards):

In fact, I'm pretty sure most of us still do it now! but of course lah. since we're older we get more creative and professional kan (fuyohhh) we have more sources and stuff so we start making cooler serious food (fuyohhhhhhh) like:

Some of the edible materials (hahaha) I did last year. Too lazy already lah this year. LOL. and yes, I made the cake. I'm so surprised of the outcome! so nice hor! I know! /flips hair/ hahahaha. anyway Joyceet was at home for term break on wednesday and we made this to share after lunch.

 The Famous Cappuccino Milo Blend. We were so bloated after lunch. Only took a sip and a few mouthfuls then immediately stuffed it back into the freezer decided to make it ice-cream. 

 It actually lasted for a few days hahaha I kept taking it out in a few hours intervals to cream it, hoping that it'll become ice-cream (no such luck) but turned out quite yummy it's like iced milo lol  ♡^▽^♡

 I'll make sure it becomes ice-cream next time. ahahaha!

I've been having fringe for a frightening period of 5 years. It's the same combing/tying direction everyday and I'm terrified that one day I'll have a botak spot on my head T__T so I decided to do something new and change sides for my fringe! yay! It took a period of adjustments and lol noone actually realized there's any difference. ok that is probably a good thing. sukkie even said I look prettier leh  (゚´▽`゚)  /thick-skinned/

 first time trimming my fringe! HAHAHA. very skeptical about it at first then suddenly one fateful morning I so enthusiastic hehehe followed instructions from Joyceet's japanese magazine. Anyway yeah I know I darn kia si trimmed so little even myself cannot see got any difference you say fail or not. HAHAHA.

Lunch at asia cafe with euniceet, kanglim and keathin on saturday. Salmon pizza! salmon tasted like salted fish. /sad/ (╯._.)╯ ┻━┻

 and steamboat for dinner right after amazing race. A beautiful windy full-moon night! ☺

 I love this Lala meehoon. and I'm also starting to appreciate the beauty of flash nowadays :-p

 Sunday breakfast at Delifrance (FINALLY dining at that place after dunno how many billion years) Their breakfast set is really nice (according to the siblings) and cheap. Probably going there again for breakfast next sunday lol.

They all had nice food except for me, which is not feeling well this morning and only had a painkiller after a mouthful of croissant ☹ so depressing.

 On friday afternoon a random guy came to my house and passed me a Jemputan from YB to the Anugerah Pelajar Cemerlang on sunday, which is today. So apparently God knows I've no money /cries/ and still has His blessings for me in heart! hahaha I got some moneyヾ(゚∀゚*)ノ彡 and a lame bag which I've decided to give out.

 pearl milk tea + aloe vera after the anugerah thingy. cravings once more satisfied wee wang wang! ♬  

OK. here ends the happy days of mine. Exam week starts tomorrow and I know I cannot afford to go online and slack around anymore. I'm thankful it's only the language and mod math paper next week if not I die. gee. hehehehe. btw my thigh muscles hurt dreadfully from the amazing race yesterday. even a simple action like standing up cause me an agonizing wave of pain. sukkie said I walk like an aunty now. cries. ☹

Alright. Hello mid-term, bye bye laptop. Hello monday, hello books, hello revision 24/7.
I sound a tad bit hopeless. ☹ ☹ ☹
All unto God's hands ok!

goodnight. xx

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