Friday, 18 May 2012

♥하루 58 - Fun amidst hardship (hahaha)


whassssup everybody. do you get the title of my post?? HAHAHA no?  fun is fun & hardship = midterms! (#insidejoke for current form 4 government syllabus students) heh. so it's areeecca's birthday on saturrrrrdaaaaay! (12/5) we felt really terrible not being able to have a big surprise party for her (sweet 16th!) cause of stinky mid-terms but we (Nicole, Jesslyn and me) managed to plan out a nice surprise! cooperated with her sister, aliscia via facebook message. 

Hahaha areecca is watching Avengers on saturday. So the plan is that we'll arrive at a restaurant (turned out to be espress they open the earliest) and then later on her family will bring her for breakfast before the movie. then we'll surprise her! :-D yeah we had plain japanese cheese cake which I decorated with oreos and Lotte's hello pandas \☺/ 

A is for Alien  

stay tuned, I'll update the photos from areecca's DSLR (I swear her family is darrrrrn adorable when we're taking pictures and all hahah) when she mail all of em' to me after the mid-terms. which is in approx. THREE days time excluding the weekend! wee wang wang ♬ I'm so excited!

Anyway after areecca's surprise and they left for the movie leaving us extremely bloated after our super heavy breakfast (._. three of us shared two "super double cheezy burger") and the cake (which is extremely noms) our buttons almost popping already, hahahah. went to Aeon with Joyceet and Euniceet selepas itu to get nicholas's birthday present.

-> Do you realise ALOT of people have their birthdays on may 12th!! There's like 5 already in my friend circle ಠ_ಠ which is really banyakkkkk

Aaron and kanglim came over and we had lunch together at black canyon! hehehe. yeah I had the american fried rice AGAIN idk why everytime I go there also eat the same thing -.-

the social game Joyceet is very enthusiastic about where during gatherings/meals everyone must stack their cell phones/tech gadgets at the middle of the table and whoever who touches their phones first got to pay for the meal. hahaha. does not affect me so yay 

a wolf feeding on bones!! couldn't finish my lunch due to the enormous breakfast I had e__o

don't judge! hahahah cheap and adorable boxers hohoho #cheapskate #kiamsiap. Joyceet also bought two charity charm bracelets from cotton on for me euniceet! euniceet gave me one. mine is the dark pretty shade of pink! but I took it off already cause it's too annoying lol

TGIF! brain's half malfunctioning already been sleeping at past midnight and waking up at (before) dawn to study continuously for a week++. Brain died today and I'm probably failing chemistry which I'm trying hard not to think about. sore in the head and nasal region! bad bad bad nose and throat. nose block, have to breath via mouth for several days and it's so sad cause when I shower I think I swallow alot of water/substances I'm not supposed to swallow T___T also, flu made me the noisiest person in class during exam T____T ok. #dejected 

So I'll go to sleep now and make full use of this weekend to study physics! and chem paper 3! :-D I feel like giving up already I will not. it's only three more days. ONLY. THREE. MORE. DAYS. God please strengthen my body physically and mentally and get ride of those stupid and nasty bacterias! heheh

p/s notice the new facebook "like" button under every post anot!! go make use of it hahahaha /thick-skinned level 10000/ and current nuffnang account has RM32.50! thanks to all readers, I love you guys   (*⌒∇⌒*)


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