Monday, 7 May 2012

♥하루 56 - That day before mid-term

(post specially for sukkie choo wahaha)

 yay got my cert! but not my pingat yet. wonder who's the teacher in charge, geez I forgot who Pn. Iam told me. she even repeated thrice. ☹ 

and yes, went to subway with sue to fulfill our cravings from school. and no, it's not a slack cause we did some komsas and peribahasa and tatabahasa :-p mid-term starts tomorrow! I'm quite scared of the second week thou. That is went all the bombs break loose (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . )\ 

 ok resuming my prosa tradisional frustration.

"Tuan Puteri Dayang Seri Jawa menyuruh Kembang Cina memberikan limau selipat pagar dan sabun wangi kepada Awang Sulung. Apabila mandi terjelmalah rupa Awang Sulung yang sebenar. Awang Sulung keluar and menyeru kepada lanun menyebabkan lanun ketakutan dan lari lintang-pukang." 

typical to shower with lemons and soap and you'll scare angry pirates away ಠ_ಠ

"Apabila geliung melalui Pulau Salah Nama maka kapal mereka terserempak dengan lanun"

I can't even.

and don't get me started with the english literature. fruitcake special? seriously? makes too much sense! QWERTYUIOP? drown spirits with correction fluid? I cannot accept how shallow the standard is and how offensive it is to us, who is forced to remember all this and sit for our SPM paper in two years time. but at least the good thing is that it's so stupid it's easier to remember -__-

hahahah. ok bye REALLY resume studying now! #fighting

goodbye. xx

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