Wednesday, 30 May 2012

♥하루 62 - 29/5/2012

I'm homeeeee! church camp was awesome. I'm waiting for pictures from aunty Irene so I guess I'll blog about it sometime later. hahaha! I love our campsite (EL sanctuary, Malacca) because it's such a cosy little place with six adorableee & friendly dogs (2 golden retrievers! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧), nice campsite family host and delicious foooood. not to forget the 65 (?) staircases we've to climb everyday to get to our dorm. -.- hahaha, anyway overall I enjoyed very much. more about these in the upcoming camp post! 

I also get to tour around malacca town after camp with those china visitors! have I mentioned how much I love heritage sites and cute colourful vintage buildings and small cosy shops and all? I loveeeee jonker street. have been wanting to go there for a long time! so I went and is all happy. \☺/ hahaha! home at around 11:30am after a late dinner/supper with pastor & family, uncle joe & family and the china missionary team. They're so friendly (I like them! there's one pretty girl with the name grace too!) and also in awe with Joyceet's legs and bass-playing ability. LOL

woke up at 12pm the very next day with a horrible headache. T__T but I gradually forgot about headache cause euniceet's bringing me out for brunch! (momoke went for seminarrr) hahahaha head to ss15 for kanglim's favourite chili pan mee! I thought it'll only be us & I can look all ugly but suddenly kanglim & keathin arrived at subang for no apparent reason. LOL *blush* 

big purple bangkok pants from bangkok. super comfy (´・ω・`)

 was craving for face to face curry pan mee so I ordered this. and the portion is freakingggg enormoussss. curry soup is not very much to my liking. couldn't finish it ☹ ("you know ah those african kids no food to eat you still waste food!!") ☹ ☹ ☹

 dilemma-ed whether to go for taiwanese dessert or RT cake house after. (realized that sounds like retweet cake house hahahahaha #lame) ok finally went to RT instead hoping for some yummy crepe cakes Joyceet mentioned before. BUT THEY NO HAVE SELL! *emo* bought hokkaido cake instead (heard it was heavenly & saw a woman buying a few boxes) and the cake bread momoke loves. (*⌒∇⌒*) 

 I haven't tried it! I think it's abit like cream puff. oooh! hahahaha gave one to sue qing for her belated sweet sixteen birthday! ran like a mad woman to her house in my white whale boxers on the street. e___o I hope no one saw me. lol. and she super nice made a thankyou note: 

SO NAISE LEH THE PICTURE. This beautiful girl of ours is growing up to be an honourable and impressive photographer I tell youuuuu. I'm glad to have her as my friend/classmate/transporter-waiting-partner-with-areecca/neighbour/food-hunting-team-mate! hohoho

alright I'll end this post heree and consider going jogging again. (IT HAS BEEN WEEKS & I GOT FREAKING SPORTS DAY COMING UP HOWWWWW?!) but I feel super lazy. ಠ_ಠ Charmaine's not free today too! I guess I'll just go tomorrow. hahahahahah. signing off now!

Thanks for those who stayed with me when I struggled through rocky patches of life.
Thanks for the words of comfort you've no idea how much encouragement it was.
Thanks for walking me through the disappointments & tears.
Thanks for being here when I need you.
I'm blessed & grateful. 


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