Tuesday, 12 June 2012

♥하루 69 - Timesquare & Invisible Ink!

Annyeong! A partially sad day today. Why? cause I heard that the Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 at Stadium Merdeka this 27th of October's ticket pricing for VIP zone will be RM 600! ENAM KOSONG² . and the cheapest ticket is RM 198! I mean seriously. I'm almost self-declared bankcruptcy in a way but I really want to go to the concert! T_T Does anyone want to sponsor me? Pretty please? (◕ ◡ ◕) *enlarge pupil by x1000 to create innocent puppy dog eyes effect* Ok. Today's also a happy day too! but I'd say it's more to happy cause besides eating loads of mee suah/ long life noodles and red eggs on birthdays, staying happy extends our life span efficiently too! I still want to live long long!

I'm very happy cause we did these today using the invisible ink! you ask "woah! what invisible ink?". Ngek I'm not going to reveal this big mysterious secret cause big mysterious secret is big and mysterious. Thou shall not know. Had fun doing it like a sorcerer or wizard, making cool words and pictures appear on blank paper by flame and lemons!! even if the paper DID get in fire countless of times but it's still cool. Thou shall not judge. 

NICE LEH. I esp loved #4 and #5 hohoho! I, ze wizard also became ze proffesionel fireman and stayed veli calmed when ze magik papers caught on bright flames by conjuring ze magik papers into the laboratory sink.

Ok moving on to my firrrrst trip to timesquare! On one fine friday afternoon, we had a KK churches combined prayer meeting for our area. It was a great prayer meeting and the China missionary and visitors came too! After that yumcha-ed with the bunch for awhile and initially talked about going to the paradigm mall (anyone went beforee? review pleease? hahaha) But plan failed cause everybody was too lazy and eunice had to go to work. ☹ Joyceet and me drove to sri muda to buy props for euniceet's shanghai night outfit and I begged her to bring me somewhere.

Right at that moment her friend was considering going to a mall too! so I totally pulled the dilating pupil and manja-memanja stunt at Joyceet and ofcourse she's defeated in the end and agreed to bring me along! SUPER HAPPY! and guess whatttt, we're going to timesquare!! I've been wanting to go to that place a long time ago as nicole and charmaine always tell me about how nice and fantastic timesquare is. and my dreams came true! literally. HAHAHA

Slept the entire way in the car. the way there took like about a million years! When I woke up we passed by this historical feature, which was once a jail and the government is actually planning to remove it. It also has really nice murals around it in which Joyceet's friend told us the story behind it, which is interesting!

"hah! sure anot?" HAHAHAHA

Starbucks's friday happy hour! Yay to frappuccino! Yay to Joyce who treated us! \☺/

okay.. my travelling starbucks cup. #lame ☹

Timesquare has a total of alot of floors! (I forgot how many already we actually counted) so impressed and in each floors there's more floors. FLOOR-CEPTION. ಠ_ಠ We also met up with Joyceet's two other friends after that and they're all really friendly people. :')

This pair of black rubber disgusting "shoe" in which they have the feet and toe shape and makes your feet look like a gorilla's. Eeeeeee!

Beautiful beach volleyball. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Dinner at BBQ Plaza ~

Korean dish! yumm yummm. Hungry now! ㅎㅅㅎ

became kimchi soup in the end but dare not drink it cause threw a piece of provided chicken organ in and we wasn't sure if it's edible or not. (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . )\

Otw home! Traffic jammed for awhile but cleared up once we reached the exit! 

I had an awesomeee time! and I really want to go back there again but Joyceet is very lazy to drive. HOW? was all "I'd definitely drive there myself when I can drive" but the traffic seemed terrifying and I'm very clueless in recognizing directions. Sigh I'll just dilate my pupil more at Joyceet or Euniceet or maybe we can take the LRT and switch to monorails in between. SUPPORT PUBLIC TRANSPORT! Mother earth is sick and sad. ☹ I also really like Joyceet's friends (Ok I know I very thick skinned want to tag along and beg Joyceet and all hahaha) because they're so nice and funny! Yay to new friends! ♡^▽^♡  Thank God for the wonderful day ~

A selca to end this post! TEEHEE


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