Sunday, 17 June 2012

♥하루 71 - Our (slippery) Tradition

NI HAO! Aaah finally poking out some free time to blog. ☹ I'm trying hard to blog as frequently as I can , but being back to school and also having more extra-curricular activities coming in, I foresee that I'm unable to do so. *emo* HAHAHA. Anw I'm very sad and sorry cause I know how it feels to read a blog who only updates once in a longgg time. e__o Promise to update when I'm done with my responsiblities and work ok. *disciplined kid* Hohoho. 

Btw thank God I got into the sports day finalist for all categories I joined! Regret being so malas the past months again now. -.- HAHAHAH. And sports day's on 28th of June! Eeeeee stress maximum. My only comfort is that Isabel, wen ray and poh imm is in yellow house! They're really good runners! so if I lose right (which is probably confirmed) at least they'll get marks for us. Ok loh. HAHAHAHAHA. 

So we went ice-skating on one fateful day during the mid-year holiday! Like alwaaays. hahahaha we never fail to go skating once every holiday. It's something like a tradition or ritual for us, which explains the reason for my title of this post. I'm always looking forward to one of these skating trips cause I love skating! Having already learned how to skate when I'm younger does give me alot of benefits now, I (kind of) can teach friends who never skated before. Ok la at least they can hold on me k. T_T The imba feeling very scary!

Waiting for resurfacing and stuff. HAHAHA I love those blur photos of people (#3) HAHAHA. 

LOL An ankle blister broke in my skating shoes and some flesh came off at another wound. Sukkie and qian yu the first-aid queens came to the rescue. But they kept insisting on pouring water on my wounds but it's so scary and painful eeeeeeeeee. Been a long time since I got injuries from skating and it's darn sakittttt!

Lunch at nando's! Yayyy! Had lunch at the same place the last time we came for skating too. LOL Always had a hard time deciding where to have lunch after skating so aiyoh just stick with the old place lah.

Everyone's (ok maybe only I was) starving and dehydrated hence tempted to order every single thing on the menu.  ヾ(゚∀゚*)ノ彡

NOM NOM NOM NOM NOMMMM. Shared a kebab with Qianyu but accidentally poured too much sauce and it's too spicy so I filled up by drinking sprite. *noob* -.- And also by eating everyone's side dishes. Heh

hello there daniel choo who just grew a moustache ♬

Should make these into life-sized flags and stick it ontop of our heads. FUYOH EXTRA PANASSSSS. Anyway the nando's staff had some malfunction or something that day. Most terrible thing is they ran out of POTATO SALAD! how could they. I LOVE POTATO SALAD. ☹ Also Sukkie and chi yan's order came super late (they served other table's orders first whilst we came earlier). They also mixed up their sidedishes and stuff. Then when the bill came out sukkie found out they added an extra order that came out from nowhere (that's additional RM17!!). Late for movie but waited for them to sort out the problem. Anw they forgot to deduct the extra tax but ok lah. Rushed to cinema for MIB 3, luckily we made it on time ~ 

MIB 3 WAS SUPER FUNNY! Didn't look forward at all initially (starting got some disgusting scary alien man fighting violent scenes eeee!) but at the end of the movie I didn't regret watching that movie at all! It's amazing and fully grabbed my emotions by making me laugh this minute and sad the next and also making alot of noise in between. (At least, according to sukkie. :-p) 

Sent Chiyan off in a taxi aft the movie cause she has a wedding dinner to rush to. OMG super scary cause since young we were taught that riding in a taxi alone is dangerous! so we were all "eh should've wore high heels la you", "BECAREFUL OK!! "*suspicious look at taxi driver* before she left. Turned out that the plump taxi driver's really friendly and played fruit ninja otw.  HAHAH

It's a tradition to have matcha ice-cream too! HAHAHA the best matcha ice-cream in the world. (´・ω・`) The guys left with Aunty irene while we waited for Euniceet outside starbucks with Mei en, Qianyu and Sukkie. Sunset's really beautiful! (゚´▽`゚)  

#1 picture is (almost) my favourite picture of the day! Almost cause I think alot of the others are very pretty too! *dilemma* The focusing is really nice kann. And it also looked like a matcha sunflower. In a way. I like sunflowers! ✿ 

Went for Junior musician afterwards. Super exhausted but it's such a satisfying day. Hmm I would not recommend ice-skating on normal basis cause the ticket is not cheap, but once in a while and > 5 hours each time would be worthed the price. HAHAHAHA. #kiamsiap. And sometimes you still have to bring some injuries home sobs. LOL Always enjoyed trips like these with the bunch, they brighten my day!  ♡^▽^♡

Alright, it's monday agaaain! Facing a new week with full optimism! \☺/ May God be with y'all throughout the week. Nah don't get depressed and all cause the weekends will be back again in no time. Have a great week ahead! Btw EXCITED LEVEL INFINITE FOR KYLIE'S SWEET SIXTEEN GLAM PARTY!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


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