Wednesday, 13 June 2012

♥하루 70 - a random wednesday ☂

Hello! In the particular mood to blog now, as I find today quite interesting. Actually just a usual Wednesday for grace koh but I guess there's also special bits and pieces in the past 15 hours in which I guess worthed mentioning in case we have some sort of apocalypse. Or I get alzhemiers (choooi) and wants to know what happened in this certain day so I can make it a cool bedtime story for my grandchildren. Ok. HAHAHAHA please do excuse my wonderful imaginations. ㅎㅅㅎ

So! I woke up in the usual drag, every bodily cell of mine struggling (and dreading) to bangun once my alarm clock came to live (5 times) in a extremely unappealing way. ಠ_ಠ I hate going through this phase of the day! Then I decided on wearing PE clothes again cause I'm too lazy to iron my uniform. Hehehehehe. Went to school in a blur and had to sit next to the stupid ant nest at the pondok again with areecca. There's so many of the ants and it's really freaky. Yuckkkk. Areecca let me choose the souvenir sweets she bought from s'pore! And I choosed this: (tried to figure out what on earth it is and Jesslyn said it looked like a piranha)

I'm super grateful for a friend like Areecca to get us piranha jelly candy (It's the only one left! the others are chocolates, which melted due to crazy M'sia weather) and I really thankyou but the candy made me feel nauseous for the rest of the day cause the taste is a tad bit scary. HAHAHA. and porvin squashed a leg of kylie's starfish chocolate and it's hilarious cause kylie got really upset. ☹ Anw the chocolate melted into a lump by the end of school so it's kind of sad for everyone who got chocolates, esp that the chocolates are REALLY cute. (kylie's starfish has a red & white belt in the middle and a funny face!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧)

 Btw, we also photobombed the kraft tangan club's AJK picture! hohohoho! I love taking pictures! so exciting! skipped BM for awhile. But I felt horrible for Areecca cause they're at bio lab and she didn't get in the picture while she IS really an AJK. 囧 Btw emo nemo for my chemistry results! must work harder already but so demotivated recently. Haiyoh! time to huat! (ok might as well rest awhile because right .. *conjures alasan*)

Momoke cooked bak kut teh for the day! She's not really satisfied with the bak kut teh outcome hahahaha! but I think it's delicious thou. (even if I think everything is tasty I still have certain standards ok) but there's too many fu chuk (this spelling always look so very wrong -.-) and chinese mushrooms. Nom noms overall. (´・ω・`)

These pictures are in B&W cause black and white always stands for mourning and cheerless occasions. ☹ This tree (I do not have a name for it) has been infront of my house since the day we moved in, I cannot recall the countless of times I played around it and wished to build a tree-house on it. ( I even drew a floor plan! potential engineer leh) I also remember there used to be loads of hibiscus plants beneath it but they couldn't grow well cause of the big massive green tree absorbing all the nutrients available. (selfish tree hahahaha) I also will never forget the times when my grandmother came to stay over and she always pointed at the tree and said it's same sort of tree she has 30 years ago at her China house. (I think she said peach tree). I've also always dreamed of hanging a rubber tyre swing on it but pap ignored my idea every single time. #fail ☹ There's just so many memories relevant to this big tree, I see it everyday I wake up and go to bed. It's always there. But things changed a year ago. 

One (not very) fateful day, some stupid bunch termite made the beautiful tree their home. Momoke realized that almost immediately and tried to find all sorts of ways to solve the problem cause if the termites got into our house, it'd be terrifying. Momoke said the termites might even eat up our house. ☹ (no, my house is not made from wooden materials) but it's terrifying all the same. And some people said diesel might help. And diesel it is.We didn't know until the leaves started falling off and the tree got botak-er and botak-er day by day. Yes, the diesel killed the termites but it also killed the beautiful big tree. *pause for effect* If you read my blog often, you might see that I've made this as a daily habit awhile ago: 

 Wah look like scene for romantic scary movie during autumn anot! 

It has been looking verrry sick like that for quite some time until momoke couldn't take it anymore and called the MBSA people several times so they can come and chop it off. And today they came. >:( When I was gonna eat my bak kut teh lunch. I can feel that momoke felt very sad that the tree is chopped off too but we might be planting a new tree soon! How about a durian tree? (*⌒∇⌒*) HAHAHA. Anw rest in peace tree! I'll always remember you. No other tree can replace you in my heart. No, not even a durian tree.

p/s Charmaine's tree also got chopped off too due to big scary bees making nest in it. omg bet that's even more worst compared to termites, I don't really see them anyway. RIP too charmaine's tree!

p/p/s  BABY JUNIOR KOH'S A BOYYYYYY. and he's 8cm from head to butt. tiny baby! Eeeee can't wait to see him in another 7 months time! I gonna make him ze perfect prince charming HAHAHA ok.

p/p/s Please do support my sister, Joyce koh by viewing her video (click here) It's a competition and she might win RM 5,000! Fuyoh! It's a very nice video and yes, she drew everything herself. Not much, but just so you know my sister is very talented art and language-wise (*⌒∇⌒*) *proud*

p/p/p/s Good gracious finalist tryouts for sports day tomorrow! Didn't go running for more than a month already! Tried jogging just now and even half of my usual routine already wore me out maximum. HOW?? *kiasu* 

ok dinner now, see y'all soon!

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