Monday, 11 June 2012


HELLO! I missed everyone of you! yes I'm serious! I felt terrible for not blogging for such a long time. It has already been a week or more? ☹ I apologize for the lack of update but my last week of holiday was completely fully packed with the M4J conference (IT WAS GREAT! yes I'm going to talk about that soon too) and ice-skating with the bunch (oops so much to update, so little time!) but I guess I'll update constantly now as we're back to the reality. T____T I want the holidays again!

I kind of have the "HUH we're supposed to go to a school??!" feeling after this holiday. I also feel very unimpressed by how fast time is flying. ಠ_ಠ Anyway, yesterday we went to watch MADAGASCAR 3 at one u! *hyperventilates* I'm a VERY BIG fan of madagascar and rewatched Madagascar 1 millions and billions of times (my madagascar 2 DVD's quality sucked) so I actually look forward to madagascar 3 for months already! ♡^▽^♡ After lunch at Pak Li's, Joyceet and me went for a haircut. (desperately) but it seemed like everyone was also in need of a haircut that afternoon too so all the usual saloons we go is packed with people! >:( Resolved to one of momoke's friend's place. 

My hair is 3 inches short now! super short when I let it down. and also in a super awkward length. ( ̄^ ̄) Eeeeeeee. The aunty was really friendly thou, she taught us how to take care of our hair. Her assistant look like she's going to bite our heads off. >:(  (@ Tris Hair Saloon)

Joyceet likes drawing things on bananas. ㅎㅅㅎ

I couldn't judge which is nicer and sukkie's on msn with her phone so I just put both lah! HAHA

Euniceet's last year's birthday present from Joyceet and me, credits to kanglim! HOHOHO. only late six months still ok lah hor. HAHAHAHAHA. It's a multi functional phone pouch + wallet but her phone is too fat to fit perfectly! ☹ and oh we sang birthday song to her on the escalator! Ok. 

Cravings for sushi but knowing that sushi zanmai will be jammed pack with people we went to pasta zanmai instead! apart from that I wasn't feeling very well from morning and painkillers are not working, dinner was alright! Loads of fun and laughter. \☺/

Joyceet bought this from shojikiya. She has this enthusiasm about Japanese lemonade beverage. O.o and she's very sad cause C.c Lemon is not selling anymore hahahaha. 

cravings satisfied! (´・ω・`) extremely filling!

ooooh omg it's euniceet! ♬

Then we headed off to meet up with uncle joe & family for the 8:50pm movie! Hahahaha had high expectations to have loads tummy-clutching-laughter LOL. Btw one u's cinema is actually very famous for their professional sound system and comfortable seats but I've never been there before. True the seats are very comfortable and I even had free massage cause there's a kid behind me and he kept kicking my chair accidentally. At first Jacky and me thought it was a malay lady cause he's wearing some sort of beanie then sukkie was all "It's a kid lah!" only we realized. Oh and not to forget the "you know the whole cinema can hear you??" thing. >:( I'm sorry everyone in the cinema but how to stay calm with the excessive cuteness and suspense??

 I love melman! he's very most favourite character in the movie! the others are my favourites too but he's the most! anyway I find it kind of weird that he's married to gloria and they even danced together on a tight rope. Even if it's a litttttle bit romantic. BUT STILL! ಠ_ಠ *spoiler*

Amazed by the beautiful circus! Ok I'll stop giving spoilers and go watch for yourself! It'll probably be still on the cinema for sometime cause everybody loves madagascar! ヾ(゚∀゚*)ノ彡 HOHOHO. totally made my day! Suffered to wakeup the next morning thou. geeeee. ☹ We're gonna help pn.sukunah exhibit simple science experiments this two days so we're skipping all the classes! Is that a good thing or a bad thing. Hmm. Probably a good, teacher will be only giving out the papers anyway (suspense level 10000). Also, Praise the Lord for a wonderful holiday! 

Have you guys ever wondered what animal are these actually? HAHAHAHA they're a big funny part in the movie esp that little adorable thing which everybody even kanglim can't help but go "aww" when they see it. They're mouse lemurs and are native to Madagascar (an island country in the Indian ocean off the southeastern coast of Africa). They're omnivorous, their weight fluctuates in response to daylight duration. nah, national geography class for y'all! oh and they actually look like this: 

Pastries from Sun Moulin! <3

A great night overall! Kanglim sent us home after that cause he's going to watch the euro cup at poh kin's house, Hahaha. Btw, the Malaysia For Jesus conference was so awesome and motivating! Strive to spread God's revival upon this land, even to the midst of our neighbours. His anointing has already fall upon Malaysia and the amazing miracles we've witnessed at the four days of healing crusade was definitely God's work and a point of change in this land. I may be tired physically but filled with the spiritual food mentally. More about that in a coming post! I thank God for everything I have. (*⌒∇⌒*)


p/s: Nah picture of you guys dedicated sincerely from me to Joanne, Caryn, Shen Quan, Zebedee, Mun Yee and Sue Qing. HAHAHAHAHAHA

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