Monday, 4 June 2012

♥하루 66 - Midvalley's Uniqlo grand opening!

Oh haaaai! Ok I'm super excited to update again! Sorry to keep you guys waiting. >:( Geeeez my deeeearest sister Joyceet koh finally sent me the right files. This post was supposed to be updated like last last week? hahahaha so I also kind of forgotten alot of the details already. you can view Joyceet's blog thou cause she already posted it a long time ago. ㅎㅅㅎ Ok alright, so on one fateful morning Joyceet finally concluded her dilemma and we decided to go to Mid valley's Uniqlo grand opening! why? because of this:


Joyceet's been craving for those colourful pants since a million years ago but they're always so expensive. And now her chance came. HAHAHA. 

Breakfast made by Joyceet! Yeap that's our favourite Macdota bread with olive groove and cheese slices (reason of the weight increase cause we kept eating them in the middle of the night) in which if pap buys five packs of them it'd be finished in the matter of a week. He always buys it too cause momoke loves them. (´・ω・`)

parked at The garden's mall! Saw some dude which drove straight into the premium parking area and did a super cool and slick back-parking. Which we both were like "wooooah" then Joyceet was all "I SHOULD HAVE DROVE INTO THE PREMIUM PARKING AREA TOO ASDFGHJKL"

We're only 55 minutes late and look at the crowd already! semangat malaysians.

Sorry for the blurry photos. hahaha but it's the crowd you know. and my camera is not a DSLR. yeah. HAHAHA.

This friendly guy usher kept saying some form of greeting which is supposed to be in Japanese with this super weird slang which sounds thailand-ese. Hmm. We took some time to figure out what is he saying but gave up cause it's too hard to decipher. LOL.

already super banyak people in the shop!

yeap they have alot of extra workers that day and all of them very organized and friendly. The cashier & changing room line was HORRENDOUS. SUPER LONG. twist and turn almost around the entire shop until you've to find this "end of queue" sign which is probably 5 km's away from your destination.

They've two celebrities in shop that day too! I know the girl's name's Carmen Soo but wasn't sure about the guy. And there's loads of people waiting to take picture with her. hahahahaha. Uniqlo is seriously exploding with queues that day. -.- 

Waited around an hour + for the cashier queue. HAHA in the midst of that a uniqlo worker came and apologize to everyone in the queue! Super nice cheered me up 100%. Joyceet and me also "selca"-ed (means self-capture! I read chuckei's blog LOL) but half-way Joyceet had a terrible tummy ache so I had to wait alone. >:(

They opened up an extra cashier section as you can see to take up the number of shoppers! All the uniqlo workers are very friendly and full of smiles too! They even ask everyone if you need to alter the new jeans too despite the amount of people there. *impressed*

We bought those jeans and a black cotton tee, which I like very much. Hahaha. The size for the red jeans is too large thou. (didn't bother to try it cause the line for changing rooms are too scary) Oops. LOL

There's still loads of people queuing up even when we're leaving (probably after around 2 hours due to all the queuing) 

Saw the mickey mouse exhibition going on but couldn't go take a look cause we're in a rush. ☹

Happy kid finally getting her colourful jeans.

otw home! :-)

Phone battery died shortly after we left Midvalley. ( ̄^ ̄) hahaha probably too much selca's. LOL. ok so we had lunch with eileen at BB's then headed off to church to prepare the stuff for church camp! and I also got my dental checkup appointment at 3.30pm. seriously finally checking my teeth since.. primary school? apart from those annual scary/smelly school teeth checkup lah. HAHAHA. my teeth is very important to me since.. well you can see I'm a very teeth-y person. ಠ_ಠ 

I had ALOT of fun at Josephine's sweet 16th yesterday! I'll probably update a special post just for her birthday party cause it's awesome that way. Hahaha! as for now I'm going to join Areecca & Nicole for her blog's photoshoot. Maybe help them hold umbrellas or something. hehehehe.


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