Tuesday, 5 June 2012

♥하루 67 - Photoshoot #1

with Areecca Tan & Nicole Lee
Camera credits: Areecca Tan

First time doing a serious photoshoot. It's for nicole's photo blog! Had a wonderful time. Do stay tuned, gonna post up Nicole's link when everything is done. Shh, Here's a short sneak peek! hee (´・ω・`)


Ok I really want to share more but it's nicole photos so you just have got to view at her blog! She's probably updating in awhile, so let's look forward together k! wee wang wang ☺

p/s off to M4J tomorrow! Then I'll only be free five days from now. Hope I could poke some free time in to update! May God to prepare my heart and health for the annual conference and drop the problems I'm facing for now. May we gain more spiritual fruits & strive for God's messages and blessings together.
p/p/s I know the pictures are very pretty. HAHAHAHA
p/p/p/s was in love with this song recently. ♡^▽^♡


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