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♥하루 75 - Food Review: The Giraffe, Klang


But before that, we know well that every story has got it's literature sequence of a plot, or a narrative structure, where we start with the exposition phase, moving on the with rising action/conflict etc etc. The exposition phase is where readers gets to know the protagonists and supporting roles in a certain story! In which this case we have guest starring Euniceet and Kanglim! YAYYYYY! Ok now you shall bear with all my stories until we reach the climax which is le interesting food review. Hehehehe

So it was a beautiful friday morning I get to stay home from school cause of sports day on thursday. I thought I could sleep in late but I'm already up at 7:30AM cause of bladder alarm (HAHAHA) then I went to bed but only to be woke up an hour later by Euniceet cause she has plans for the day! Did some alot of house chores (was very busy with school the past weeks and neglected my responsiblities, momoke wasn't exactly happy oops) and headed out ~

Breakfast at a mamak next to kanglim's work place at klang cause euniceet needs to buy things for youth activities from the hardware store next to it. Jadi shun bian loh. Roti kosong and curry cravings satisfied. ♡^▽^♡ I've discovered my love for mamak restaurants recently. cheap and yummy ok! HAHAHA. Anw germany lost to italy for euro cup semi finals??! Aiyoh what is this. (╯._.)╯ ┻━┻

This was a big cheerful part of my day where I found a cute litter of dozing kittens (and their big cat mom) in a corner of hanging rubber *?* (does anyone know what is the name of that thing in the top right of the picture) outside the hardware store! THEY ARE SO ADORABLE OK! SO. ADORABLE. 

Headed to Aeon bukit tinggi afterwards cause euniceet needs something from Daiso. I think these life-sized toy soldiers have been there for quite some time but I just realized their cute-ness today when euniceet and kanglim abandoned me for toilets. ☹ So I decided to take a picture of them whilst two guys pushing a trolley filled with bags of ice passed by.

REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT THE PIGGY CONTAINER (got free chopsticks leh! and got removable compartment separators also!! and so comel!!!) but I only got the set of cutleries in the end cause I think it is very rude to bring a piggy container around in Malaysia. ಠ_ಠ But anw now I got my own set of adorable sky-blue cutleries I can bring everywhere it's more hygenic and enviromental friendly right! (bet sukkie is going to comment something like "HYGENIC MEH YOU SO LAZY TO WASH") hahahaha I admit that but it's still enviroment friendly okaaaay. :-p

#2 Craving satisfied. AND IT'S 50 CENTS CHEAPER THAN 7-11'S OK. Shared with euniceet and joyceet too (I finished them in the end hahaaha) this is the besttttt waffle in the entire world galaxy! (I always thought the Muzik chocolate waffles rocked when I was younger hahahahaha -.-)

And here comes the climaaaax! *JENG JENG JENGGGG!*

Lunch at The Giraffe @ Jalan Meru! It's at the shop lots nearby Klang parade. Euniceet went there once with kang lim and she promised to bring me there too. AND HERE WE AREEEEE. omg so exciting cause it sounds like a really nice restaurant and I can't wait to write a food review about them cause they gave a response slip when we paid our bill and I wrote my blog link on it. LOL. 

Details of The Giraffe: click here (Basic Info: food styles, working hours, specialities, services etc)

"Did we mention to you that Porkie is one of The Giraffe's best friends? Yes! You can find almost all of our food range has a pork choice for your delight." 

The Giraffe's Menu: click here

All themes are based on giraffes/creative things. Hahaha and here we have two menu's that look like a colourful kindergarten storybook hahahaha.

First impression when I stepped in the restaurant was very attracted by this bunch of colourful giraffes in the middle of the restaurant. There's also loads of wooden carvings of giraffes everywhere. (◕ ◡ ◕) The ambience is very comfortable too with old classic music playing and the background noise of euro cup semi finals airing on tv.

*Joyce koh I deleted your intermission* (inside joke)

Outdoor area! It really does look very comfortable, the interior/exterior settings are very nice ~

Seriously wondering where they got all these colourful wooden giraffe carvings.

Euniceet and kanglim ordered fish and chips lunch set. The set comes with main course, fruits and bottomless soft drink. Lunch sets starts with Rm 7.90. Set main courses don't have a wide range of food but it includes the general western or asian cuisines. ♬

Meatball cabonara (Rm 13.50)
Creamy herbs white sauce with pork meatball and permigiano cheese.

 My order! #3 craving satisfied. Hahaha. The portion is just right for a cream sauce spaghetti. The meatball has minced pork and vegetable in it. I wouldn't prefer that (cause beef ftw) but I guess it's up to personal preferences. Love the white sauce thou!

Fish and chips (Rm 11.90)  

"Tartar sauce fail! but the fish is very fresh." -Euniceet
"It's tasty, fresh fish." -Kanglim

Brownie sundae (Rm 5.80) -
Hot dark chocolate brownie topped with chocolate icecream and toppings.

Was craving for something chocolatey so we ordered this for dessert! The chocolate is veeeery rich and whatever chocolatey is yummy. #failfoodreview T___T Anw the brownie is very moist and well-baked. Some brownie is so hard and tough in the end become like cookies. ಠ_ಠ I like this brownie!

Ratings (out of 5)
Friendly service! (Y)

Rushed to promise home after that! Kids are incredibly good today, not running around and dancing and making me piggyback them and stuff. HAHAHA. we did ejaan and karangan! They looove ejaan and most of them can actually get > 5/10! Proud teacher is proud. Hmm and now they can spell "bertanggungjawab" efficiently w/out any hint. Maybe I should give them terribly long words next time hohoho. I googled "long bm word" and google gave me info on normal bowel movement and pooping. ಠ_ಠ LOL

Wokay got to go prepare for Joyceet's 21st birthday advanced dinner now! Yes, twenty one! HAHAHA she's old! Happy birthday smelly! Return my money! HAHAHAHA. Ok bye.

great week ahead.

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