Friday, 27 July 2012

♥하루 81 - King of Preschool & Murni, SS2

Ni hao! How's your Friday going? I cannot believe it's the last week of July already. It seemed like yesterday since I greeted July "Hello" and hoped for a "Great month ahead". Now it's already at the end, moving on with 18 days to my second monthly test. *grabs hair* Dear daddy God father please bless me with self-discipline and wisdom, thank you. Anyway, as I've promised to post about the most recent exciting youth event, King of Preschool, here is it! Ta-daaaaa! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Honestly saying, I didn't regret choosing youth over Justin Bieber or Jay Park but the only missing piece is my friends. ☹ Well I really wish they'll come along and have fun together next time too! (゚´▽`゚)  I'm pretty sure the fun is still compatible to MTV world stage. Wahahaha. Ok at least, for me it is. ㅎㅅㅎ

Quite reluctant to tie pig tails at first cause I think it's disgusting and I'll look like a freak but fineeee since all the female gideonites is doing so. ( ̄^ ̄) 

Euniceet made that King of Preschool's banner! Ba-na-na-ba-na-na-na. ♪♬ Anw supposed to have my tough balloons at the side but it flew off into the surau and we've to go rescue it. (Super windy day! Thank God!) Tied it on after the photo was taken hahahaha.

Leng lui dan leng zai sekalian ~

Gideon & Shamgar's group photos! FTW both groups!

Game #1: 100m ping pong ball with a spoon.
Men's category *fuyoh* I find this photo very fascinating. (Also partly because I joined this and I look horrible in the photos -.-)

Game #2: 200m Bean bag on your head!
HAHAHAHAHA. Cute bean bags are made from my old (clean) socks. 


Game #3: 400m gunny sack race!
 It looks easy but actually if you're the one to jump an entire 40,000cm you'd probably die already.

Preschool game masters and mentors hard at work! (´・ω・`)

And introducing the beeest dressed: 

Andrew's telly tubby is kind of creepy but I really salute his sporting-ness and cooperating his best. He even has a red bow-tie on! Wherelse Li ren, she's the cutest doraemon eveeer. She has the doraemon bell necklace on. And her doraemon-in-red mascot! And she actually brought a enormous sun glasses too but we didn't get a picture. So adorable!! ლ(́ಢ.◞౪◟ಢ‵ლ)

Also, I'm very glad to see everyone in their respective kid uniforms they look so cute wahahaha.

Game #4: Build a human tank belt ("what you saying?? ಠ_ಠ " ok I'm not sure about the name. Just read on LOL)

Hello there! 

Test-drive attempt: success!
First gideon team! Huat aaaah!

First shamgar team! Shamgar go shamgar fight shamgar win. LOL 
Anyway incase you haven't guess already it's a game where each group gets newspapers and a roll of tape to make that belt thingy and move in it with 4 people per team. 800m! Marks are given by the more perfect newspaper belt at the end of the game. 

Game #5: Tug of War. 
Anyway I realized the photos above look like I've blanked alot of lines but actually no, that's the sky colour. :-o Btw tug of war was kind of epic for gideon cause we've alot of girls but it was a good game! (˘⌣˘)

Spot gideon's G. ╭(╯ε╰)╮

Result announcing time! Shamgar is still leading on the overall but Gideon won the marks for King of Preschool! Yayyyy! ヾ(゚∀゚*)ノ彡

Huge thanks to Euniceet, who is the game planner for this event! She prepared everything and also drew the super cute banner. 

Also not to forget even more huge thanks to all our game masters and mentors who spent time planning, preparing and making sure we all had fun! They're also the ones who cleaned up and packed everything. Hahaha thank you! (゚´▽`゚)  

Here's a picture of gideon's pretty girls,

And another gideon pretty girl. HAHAHAHAHA JK LOLOL ಠ_ಠ oh with shamgar's mentor too! 

Next up, dinner at Murni, ss 2. You guys have probably read my previous food review about Murni, subang right? (But in case you hadn't, please click here)  So now I'm super excited to go their main branch at PJ! Their tables and seats extends throughout the entire row of shops (except for public bank, who didn't like it lol).

My cabonara and keat hin as a very enthusiastic ambassador. I'm quite disappointed with their cabonara thou cause the sauce tasted more like mushroom and sausage sauce than cream sauce. ☹

Maggie goreng and their famous roti hawaii. Didn't get much of the food photos because the place we're sitting is pitch black except for a pathetic fluorescent light and street lights. Next to us is an abandoned shop that echos whatever we're saying. Lol

I don't remember much about what we talked about because I'm kind of sleepy but I remember something about maggie pie and wash hair. Or something. 

Hahahah alright I'll end here banyak sleepy already. 
Goodbye y'all! (◕ ◡ ◕)

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