Friday, 11 November 2011

♥하루 11: 11-11-11

สวัสดี! all my condolences and prayers to thai.
Well yeah, it was one fateful public holiday monday when joyseet and me were supposed to head to one u for yet another day spent in the shopping mall. but mom demotivated us since we shopped the night before. yes, its abit disappointing for me as I'm looking forward to watch a movie. but on the other hand the public scent of shopping malls are wearing me out as I've been on a spam of shopping trips. so my sister and I went to old town for a yum cha session with her pretty high school classmate. 

this picture so naise ok like advertisment image*self-complimentary*

then we took a walk at the lakeside. Pretty fine day, I say. all breezy with families on towels out for a picnic. Laughters of children and the nature odour floating in the air. Kites sailing in the blue sky with puffs of clouds scattered artistically, the art of God.  beautiful day summarized. and theres one fail yellow kite who looked drunk wahahaha. 

Then, steamboat buffet dinner! YAY FOOD *euphoric*

Summer BBQ&Steamboat Restaurant @ Bandar sunway
The lime juice tastes like dish washing liquid but its ok overall. I love the balcony location! 

From upstairs.


The scenary looked abit congested macam but..

super beautiful when the sun sets.


Had to retake the group shoot several times cause' I think we're to enthusiastic to eat. 

Great night, defies descriptions. Ended that day with a good game of saboteur at bro's. Laughed ttm and played till we have practically zero energy left! *_* Anyways, 

Yes this does meant something to me, I've always been one of such things. Momoke is very merry by the date also, as she droned on over breakfast this morning that it only happens once in a century. But when I was pestering joyseet to tweet about it 

she said: "please don't post that crap! what does the date and numbers meant. They say it comes around every 100 year. so its special?Hello! Yesterday just came and went, and you won't be getting yesterday again even if you lived for another million years. Today is here and it's gonna be over in hours time and you won't be getting it again. if you need something to celebrate, celebrate the fact that you're alive today, if anything is special is that!" (quoted Jason Fernandez)

well. I felt very inferior for a moment. thats why I added the later part of my tweet. I can't say how much I agree to this statement, as the spams of wishes and posts on the internet is irritating me. no offence for I'm also one of them *grins sheepishly* but well. 

 Live everyday like 
its a special day! 


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